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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Yule Errands and Bounty Hunts

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Oliver needs a more powerful Mornstar to defeat Shadar, and to get it he needs three magical stones that will boost the wand back to its original strength. One of the stones is situated squarely in the Winter Wonderlands of the northwest—and in such a frigid climate, it pays to have a base of operations. That base is Yule.

Finding Yule can be a little tricky, as there are no easy indicators on the world map. To reach Yule you must fly to the southern Winter Wonderlands, heading towards the stone spot on your map. Yule is located in a small canyon to the south of the next dungeon. (Make sure you enter from the south side - the north is locked.)

A pleasant little winter wonderland inhabited by humans and fuzzy creatures called tomtes, Yule is worth exploring. Let's have a look at the town.


Exploring Yule

  • North of the entrance is the local Cat's Cradle. Stay there to get another Regions of the World page for your Wizard's Companion. You can also grab a Cheeseburger from the chest in the lobby.
  • Northeast of the Cat's Cradle is Swift Solutions. There are more Errands found inside which you can do. You'll also find a tomte named Ake, who, when spoken to, will spur the next leg of the main quest.
  • On the east side of the pond in the north of Yule is a peddler who combines the services of Hootsuite and the Cawtermaster's Store. Catching your characters up on their equipment is a wise idea. The weapons that provide water elemental damage are next to useless in these parts, but the Blazing Blade is a fantastic choice for any team with swordsmen familiar—like your Mite.
  • Between the two merchants on the pond is a Phoenix Feather.
  • An ice fishing tomte will give you some new alchemical formulae.
  • Near the elder's house in the north is a blue chest with a Blunt Gem.
  • And in the elder's house . . .

. . . is Horace! The pint-sized wizard ghost has made his way to Yule, and he wants to know the name of the flowers he's looking at in the house. Answer Horace with 'blizzard bloom' and you'll earn a new spell, the battle-ready Cloudburst. Horace will decide to climb a mountain on his next journey, so expect to find him somewhere high.


That's all for Yule. You can talk to the tomte in Swift Solutions to begin the next part of the main quest, or you can get started on some Errands and the single Bounty Hunt of the region.


1. A man living in Yule is said to be unwilling to leave his house, causing his wife a great deal of worry.

The unhappy couple is standing in the house in the north of Yule, and the man is lacking Restraint. Deliver some Restraint to him via A Shivering Wreck - a fairy in the Fairyground should have some—and he'll be back to normal in no time.

Completing this task will earn you three Snow-White Ice Creams, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.


2. A pair of travelling merchants seem to be experiencing some difficulties in Yule.

Ahhh, back to the squabbling merchants. You probably spotted them earlier, on the frozen pond, and this time it's the husband who's had a turn for the worst. In this particular task, A Mean-Hearted Hubby, the man appears to lack Belief. Pilfer some Belief from the tomte in front of Swift Solutions.

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Completing this quest will earn you a Bottle of Sprite Dew, 1000 guilders and three Merit Stamps.


3. A young girl's ghost has been sighted in a cave to the southeast of Yule.

The cave is indeed to the southeast of Yule, hidden inside a narrow canyon. Land on the ice floe in front of the cave and head inside. Check the chest for a Snow-White Ice Cream and use Spirit Medium on the ghost. She wants someone to look after her Jabberguppy, which, despite her passing, remains utterly faithful. Agree to Moving On and you can recruit the Jabberguppy—though the girl won't give you a reward until you increase its level by 10. You must have an empty spot on your active team or you can't accept the Jabberguppy.

Completing this task will earn you a Snowblower Gem, 1500 guilders, five Merit Stamps and the Jabberguppy itself. She'll also hand over an alchemical formula for Jumbo Planetdrops—very handy indeed.


4. A Yule woman who longs to visit warmer climes appears to be deep in thought about something.

The woman is a fanatic for swimsuit fashions and wants to see something from Castaway Cove. Agree to A Hot New Look, then Travel to Castaway Cove and look for the girl with the purple bandana in the east of town. She knows her swimsuits . . . but the Snazzy Swimsuit you want from her has been stolen by a wretched seagull. All she knows is that it headed 'west'. Specific—but that's all you need. Head west to Bungler's Bay and you'll find the gull atop a cliff. Use Nature's Tongue to get the Snazzy Swimsuit back from the weirdo bird and take it to Yule.

Completing this quest will earn you two Sasparilla Sundaes, two Snow-White Ice Creams, 2000 guilders and five Merit Stamps.


5. There appears to be a man in Yule who's standing outside waiting for someone, despite the bitter cold.

Acerbic 'ol Derwin is standing near the entrance of Yule, and he has the usual request—collect familiars. This time he wants some Snow-Loving Creatures for his research, and provides the following clues:

  • One travels atop a blue flower—the Lotus Bubbud. You can find it in the fields near Yule.
  • One is a 'proud creature' in the Glittering Grotto—the Ice Queen. You can find them in the Glittering Grotto.
  • One piles snow atop its head—the Sasquash. You can find these north of Yule, and in the Glittering Grotto. You can also evolve a Sasquish to get one.

Completing this task will earn you a Jumbo Sundrop, a Jumbo Stardrop, 3000 guilders and six Merit Stamps.


Bounty Hunt

Sleighbell Hell

You can find this hunt by flying northeast of Yule and looking for the small island chain known as the Sleighbell Isles. Your target, Papa Sasquash, is hard to miss - and it's accompanied by a Sasquash and a Sasquish. Aside from occasionally using Earsplitter, the whole family relies on straight physical attacks. Use fire magic and a character with some form of fire weapon (probably a Blazing Blade from Yule) to whittle down their HP.

Finishing this hunt will earn you a Snowball Gem, 1500 guilders and four Merit Stamps.

Yule's tasks are complete for the moment. Time to get on with the story and discover more about the fabled ice caves of Glittering Grotto!

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