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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Tombstone Trail

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Through means unknown, Oliver and his friends have gone back in time to Hamelin's past, when men were men—and certainly not pigs. They need the one-time spell Breach Time to return home, and the only place to find it is on Tombstone Trail. Sounds . . . a little iffy . . .

Tombstone Trail looks much easier to reach than it actually is. To get to the location, proceed up the west side of the northern path until you reach a big gap in the trail. Use Bridge to get across the gap, then sweep south and under the bridge you've just made. You'll soon find your way to Tombstone Trail. The enemies here are all undead, so your new Arrow of Light spell comes in real handy.


Tombstone Trail

As soon as you enter, you'll be graced by the presence of the two princes of Hamelin once more, Gascon and Marcassin. Gascon will demand that they be allowed to join you, and will hand over an alchemical formula. Guess your party is two people heavier again?

To the north is a waystone. Use is to heal and save. The path splits here; there's nothing north, so start by heading east. Along the way, you'll find a door that's too rusty to be opened (yet) and, further on, a ruined bridge. Cast Rejuvenate to get across and you'll find a Curse-Be-Gone. Wander up the cliff paths here to the north and you'll reach another split. To the north is a treasure chest containing a Cheeseburger, but you have to go through a trap that will curse your entire team every time you cross it. Edge around the blackness in front of the gravestones, or use the spell Levitate, to remain safe. (If you do get cursed, stand still for about a minute and the effects will wear off on their own.)

To the west of here is a skeleton. He won't attack, but because the team is alive he won't let you through. Use Poison Apple to 'kill' the group and get past; once Oliver wakes up, a skeleton will happen by and give you a Skeleton Key. You can use it in the future to get to a Casino that's under construction on Tombstone Trail. Oooookay . . .

You're now in a larger graveyard with three branching paths. To the north is a curse trap to avoid; south leads to a green chest with a Black Blade; west is your continued path. Go west and north along it to find a small clearing with a purple chest that you STILL can't open, as well as the continued past to the east. This narrow walkway eventually leads to an abandoned cabin, and the team will opt to rest here for a short while. Watch the cut scene, learn some more about the royal brothers, then press on east. You'll find a large, fallen robot and a waystone where you should save.


The Dark Cave

At the end of a long path, you will enter a dark cave. Use Magic Lamp to light the way and head inside. Talk to the skeleton ahead and you'll discover what must be done: you need to light all of the candles inside using Magic Lamp to open the path onward. There are candles set against the walls throughout these twisting tunnels; use Magic Lamp on each to carve open a path northward. There's no time limit on these castings, so feel free to dawdle. Once you've opened the way, check the north-western room in the cave for a Misty Shroud, and the north-most passage for an Avenger's Badge. (Watch out for the curse trap right in front of it.)

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Check the tree when you emerge outside to find a blue chest containing a Devil's Fang. Approach from the right, as there's a curse trap to the chest's left. Carry on westward from here to find a third waystone where you can save. Do so, as you're just about at the end of Tombstone Trail.

Up the path is a creepy pumpkin patch, and in the middle of it a giant gravestone—the resting place of Mornstar. Mornstar has a guardian, and you'll have to face the ghostly Candleabracadabra to claim the mighty wand.



Candleabracadabra is a swift beast that alternates between all-hitting strikes and physical swipes. It has three major attacks: Snuff Out, which causes blindness to everyone; Boo!, which hits everybody for minor damage and causes cursed; and Wacko Lantern, a powerful fire attack that can do a lot of damage. Fortunately, the beast is quite easy to stun with repeated uses of Arrow of Light. Stay away from the creature as Oliver, use All-Out Defense to fend off its attacks, and keep casting Arrow of Light. The chances of earning a golden glim this way are quite high, and if it's stunned your team can quickly move in for the kill. Just be sure not to use Oliver's Supercharged attack on Candleabracabadra—fire doesn't work on this boss.

Defeating Candleabracadabra doesn't quite off the beast, but Marcassin is more than capable of handling the rest on his own. Check the altar to find nothing less than Mornstar, the legendary wand—and an unexpected ally, to boot. Oliver will also learn Breach Time. Once all is said and done, step onto the teleportation pad to zip back to the entrance. Back to Hamelin!

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Matt Bird (author) from Canada on February 03, 2013:

Yep, you can. Found that out in Miasma Marshes. I'll edit it in. Thanks!

ekimmak on February 03, 2013:

I think you can use the Levitate spell to avoid curse traps. at least, the spell effects suggest you can.

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