"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Errands of Al Mamoon

Updated on March 12, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Things are looking up for Oliver and Drippy. They have two new companions, Rashaad and Esther, and a new destination: the Temple of Trials. Here Oliver may be able to learn techniques for better controlling familiars . . . if he's got the right stuff.

But wait! What's this? There are now more errands to complete in Al Mamoon! You might as well get these done before you head anywhere else—the money and gear they grant Oliver will help him outfit the two new members of his little party.

Before you do anything else, leave Al Mamoon. When you do Drippy will explain how team battling works, namely that you can have two familiars active at once. Until she gains some levels, you should probably set Esther's tactics to 'Provide backup', as her familiars have a tendency to rush right into the fray and get knocked out otherwise.

Right. On with the errands!


1. Two children who are usually the best of friends have started arguing near the milk fountains in Al Mamoon.

The kids are standing beside the western fountain, and they're arguing over a picture book the one boy won't give back to its owner. Talking to them unlocks An Overdue Loan. The stubborn lad needs a smidgen of Kindness, and you can get that Kindness from an old man who's talking to his grandson, a short ways southeast of here.

Completing this task will earn you two Cups of Strong Coffee, 100 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

2. There's someone looking troubled in front of the Cat's Cradle in Al Mamoon.

The man is an ice cream merchant with a dream: to visit the ivy regions of the world and expand his trade. Unfortunately, he's suddenly experienced a wild bout of fearfulness. He lacks Courage, opening up the task Ice Cream Dreams. Just north of Swift Solutions there's a woman who has more than enough Courage to spare for the fellow.

Completing this task will earn you three Carrot Cakes, 100 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

3. A curry stall owner in Al Mamoon appears to be in need of help.

This third errand is by far the longest you've encountered yet—and you can't complete it without a particular spell that you still lack. For now, ignore the curry stall owner and his problems. (This quest, The King of Curries, will be addressed in its own article soon enough. Yes, it's that long.)

4. Babana Thief

A swift monster has been stealing babanas! The fiend. You can find the Adamantiger near the edge of the mountains, far to the east of Al Mamoon; be prepared for a tough battle, as the Adamantiger is probably the toughest bounty hunt you've faced yet.

The Adamantiger is a speedy devil. All of its attacks are close-range, and it will spend the entire fight dogging your steps. By far the safest way to conduct this fight is to cast spells at it from as far away as you can get. Wait for it to close in and swing, then run out of the way a short distance and cast. Repeat until you bring it down. (Don't be surprised if your new AI partner gets knocked out in this fight. They're kinda dumb when it comes to the Adamantiger.)

Trouncing the Adamantiger will earn you a Set of Flame Robes, 300 guilders and three Merit Stamps. The Flame Robes are a fantastic item for an upcoming area, and fit nicely on Esther's familiar.

Enough flouncing about. The world is in danger! Head for the Temple of Trials!


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