Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Researcher of Hamelin

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Most errands in Ni no Kuni are short enough that they can fit into a few sentences. Occasionally, you'll come across one that's a fair bit longer than the rest, though, usually with rewards that are worth your patience. The errands linked to the Hamelin researcher fall neatly into this category.

Hamelin Errands

1. A young man from Hamelin is being uncharacteristically unkind to his little sister.

The young man is sitting in the Black Market alley, just outside the shop at the end, and he appears to have given up on undoing his sister's sickness. Help A Sister's Savior by bringing him some Kindness from the man strolling around the middle of main street.

Completing this task will earn you two Bottles of Pixie Dew, 500 guilders and three Merit Stamps. This also unlocks the second task in the line-up.

2. A Hamelin researcher is beside himself with worry, as he lacks the materials needed to make medicine for his ailing sister.

The young man from A Sister's Savior needs more help. He requires materials to complete his research, and he needs Oliver to go get them. Agree to Making Medicine and he'll ask you to get some Feel-Good Fungus, from a forest to the west of the city. The forest is tucked in a clearing in the mountain range.

In the forest, you'll find a chest containing a Lightning Bolt and a young woman who will offer to fetch the Fungus for you . . . but only if you bring her Car-Rock-Ache. Sound it out and it makes more sense: a Carrot Cake. Check your Wizard's Companion and you'll see that you need a Cake and three Crunchy Carrots to make a Carrot Cake, all of which you can buy at Hootsuite. Give the Cake to the woman in exchange for the Feel-Good Fungus, which you can then take back to the young man.

Your reward for completing this task is two Cappuccinos, 1000 guilders and five Merit Stamps. You'll also unlock . . . another task . . .

3. A Hamelin researcher is anxious because he's unable to deliver his sister's medicine to her.

Pesky Pirates indeed. There's a lot of water between Hamelin and Castaway Cove, and the researcher can't safely cover it all on his own because there are four pirate ships plaguing Castaway Cove's naval routes. You'll have to take them out for the poor guy before he can deliver the medicine.

The four pirate ships are found in the waters south of the beaches of Autumnia. All are crewed by Zomboatswain, undead pirates that are a little slow and dopey but which can dish out and take a lot of damage. Don't let your teammates fight them one-on-one; make an effort to gang up on them. The first two ships will have three Zomboatswains, the third will have four, and the fifth will also have four—as well as a Cap'n Zombo. This last battle could easily qualify as a boss battle thanks to the Cap'n, which loves to curse your characters and otherwise overpower your team with sheer numbers. Isolate and eliminate his lackeys as quickly as possible, then mash the Cap'n between three fighters so he can't fight back.

(These four pirate ships like to wander off on the main map. If you can't find one, debark somewhere and come back. They should reset to their original positions on the world map.)

Return to talk to the man and he will give you a Pirate's Cutlass, 1000 guilders and six Merit Stamps. All done! Palace time!

Before leaving main street, collect Restraint from the guard in the far south and Enthusiasm from a man on the left side of the street. Then head towards the palace and see if your guard outfits were worth the trouble, 'cause that's all you can do in Hamelin for now.


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