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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Fairyground Errands

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Oliver and company have solved the Fairy Godmother's birthing difficulties, and now they're off to Autumnia on the newly-repaired Sea Cow. Before they go too far, however, they may want to solve the smaller problems of the Fairygrounds—namely, the many errands now decorating the Errand Board. Make it so!


1. A shopkeeper in the Fairyground is said to have become unusually sullen and uncommunicative.

The shopkeeper is in a stall south of the comedy tent, and it's obvious he's heartbroken. Needs a dose of Kindness, he does. Help him to unlock Service Without a Smile, and harvest the Kindness he needs. If you've been completing side quests regularly, you won't have the necessary Kindness at this point; you'll have to come back later, with Kindness taken from a young girl at the entrance of Ding Dong Dell.

Completing this task will earn you three Ruby Ripple Ice Creams, 300 guilders and two Merit Stamps.


2. A comedy-loving Fairyground dweller appears to be having a spot of bother.

The fairy is a pink-headed fellow standing to the left of the comedy stage, and he's lacking Restraint. Agree to help him to unlock Tactless Timing. If you collected the extra dose of Restraint back in Castaway Cove, you'll already be set. If not, a fairy standing at a stall to the south of this hopeless comedian has some Restraint locked and loaded.

Completing this task will earn you three Bars of Fairy Chocolate, 300 guilders and two Merit Stamps.


3. The travelling merchants have made it to Teeheeti . . . but they've started arguing again!

Do these people follow you everywhere?! They're in the north of the Fairyground, beside the western stalls, and this time the husband is heartbroken and needs Courage. Time for A Weak-Hearted Hubby. Easy find; a fairy at the stall with the octopus on top has plenty of Courage for you.

Complete this task and you'll earn two Cheeseburgers, 300 guilders and two Merit Stamps.


4. A Teeheeti fairy appears to be in a bit of a panic after losing something important.

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The fairy is hiding in the corner of the eastern line of stalls, south of the comedy tent, and he's lost his 'butty's' Slapstick collection. He needs you to collect all three Slapsticks for him in the task A Comedy of Errors. They've been snagged by Wishing Whambats, and you need to blind them before killing them to get the Slapsticks back. This quest is more annoying than difficult, as a Wishing Whambat must still be blinded when it's killed to earn a Slapstick. If you aren't big on collecting familiars, your original Mite has Sandblast to blind opponents. Weaken the Whambat with one-bit hit, blind it, then go in for the kill.

Completing this quest will (eventually) earn you a Dryad's Spear, 700 guilders and three Merit Stamps.


5. A Teeheeti fairy looks like he's in a bad way.

The fairy is standing in front of a stall on the Fairyground's main road. He's got a cold from jumping in the river, and he needs help gathering ingredients to brew up some medicine. Agree to gather the ingredients to open up A Big Splash. In order to cure the fairy, you'll need the following ingredients:

  • Booster Shoots, found in the Rolling Hills
  • Slumbernot Leaves, found near Castaway Cove
  • Springwater, found near Al Mamoon and Ding Dong Dell

The chances are pretty good you've found these items already if you spend any time recruiting familiars or levelling your characters. If not, search the world map in these areas for sparkling spots and you'll have the ingredients quickly enough.

Completing this task will earn you two Handfuls of Chocolate Bonbons, two Babana Flans, 700 guilders and four Merit Stamps.


6. A man visiting the Fairyground appears to have lost something important.

Check in the north of the Fairyground, not far from the comedy tent. You'll find . . . oh . . . oh no. No, not him again. Diary lost! Agree to find the blasted thing to unlock Notes from an Island, wherein you must look for a grotto or cave, as well as a fallen log, to find the stupid diary. The Traveller's Diary is in a small cave on the west side of the island; you'll have to head down to the beach and skirt around the edge of the island to reach it.

Return the diary AGAIN and you'll earn A Fine Frock, 700 guilders and three Merit Stamps.

Before you leave Teeheeti, have a look around the crab's cave on the west side of the island. Beside the log where you found the diary there's a Fishburger in a chest, and in a green chest secreted on a ledge on the left side of the cave you'll find a Water Bomb Gem. You can also use Nature's Tongue to talk to the crabs, and though most have little of interest to tell you a few possess verbal gems worth knowing—such as an island cloaked in mist and covered in monsters. Hmm.

Most of Teeheeti's postings are about the island itself. That said, there are two postings for people well beyond the Fairyground that are also worth addressing. The first is way back in Castaway Cove.


7. A woman from Castaway Cove can't help spending all her money in swimsuits, though she has quite enough already.

The woman is standing by the peddler who 'gave' you your Cauldron. Talk to her to unlock Shop Till You Drop. She needs Restraint, and if you haven't used it for something else, the boy near Swift Solutions in town has plenty of Restraint. If you've used it, a fairy back at the Fairyground has some.

Completing this task will earn you five Salted Ice Creams, 200 guilders and two Merit Stamps.

The second task is way back in Golden Grove. You might as well debark at Castaway Cove and hoof it back, as the petitioner is waiting by the Spring of Life. We'll deal with this task, Hyperboars in the Bushes, in the next section of the walkthrough.

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