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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Shadar

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


Oliver, Esther and their new bud Swaine are on their way to a brand-spanking-new continent, the far-flung realm of Autumnia. They need to head east to get there; hopefully, nothing bad will pop up on the way.

Sail east along the coastline. Eventually, the land will twist north, and you'll have a big stretch of open sea between the Summerlands and Autumnia. Rather than going straight there, however, keep sailing north along the Summerlands coast until you come up to the Rolling Hills, near Ding Dong Dell. There's someone you haven't talked to in ages: Old Father Oak, in the Deep Dark Wood! He's got three Bottles of Pixie Dew for Oliver, each of them extremely helpful for boss battles! Thanks, old dude!

Back to sea. Head towards Autumnia's marker on the map. The coastline will be in sight . . . and all will be well . . .

. . . until some extremely-unwanted company crashes the party. Shadar. And this time, he's not leaving the work to one of his beasts. You have to fight the Dark Djinn himself.

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This battle is daunting, but not as daunting as you might think. You can't really beat Shadar here—you just have to get him down to half of his full HP. Do that and the battle will end. You're better off taking the role of healer and letting your other party members wail on Shadar, as he drains your HP with his attacks really quickly. The worst by far is Bleak Midwinter, which hits everyone for serious cold damage, though long-range Pyre and short-range Fell Wind are also pretty daunting. Shadar also loves to teleport around when people get too close, so rely on ranged attacks more than a physical beating. Stay on the defensive and you may get lucky—a golden glim will go a long way towards bringing his HP down.

Shadar will leave after the battle, but his mystically-summoned storm will do a horrible number on the ship. Everything will go to a seeming watery grave . . .


. . . and then Oliver will run pop an odd vision with Pea.

And then, whaddya know, Oliver wakes up on a beach on some deserted island. The Sea Cow has been wrecked and needs repairs, but she'll float again. Sindbah sends everyone to look out for supplies—though Drippy seems quite mysteriously daunted by the idea. Hmmm. After the story is done, you'll unlock a new story in the Wizard's Companion—The Boy Who Would Be God—and on the world map, Swaine will teach you about All-Out Defence and All-Out Attack. (Could've used that info a long time ago. Yeesh.) Most of the island is just more world map, though there appears to be something rather conspicuous at the centre of it . . .

The Fairyground

Head towards the middle of the island. Soon enough Drippy will be addressed by SOMEONE he knows . . . and despite his warnings, Oliver has to have a look. Check the big cloud and, inside, you'll find The Fairyground, home of the fairies when they're not out in the world. A group of fairies carry Drippy off to see his 'mam', leaving Oliver, Esther and Swaine scratching their heads.

© 2013 Matt Bird

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