"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Hamelin Errands and Bounty Hunts

Updated on March 17, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Thanks to Swaine, the team can now get into the Porcine Palace and have a chat with the Great Sage from Oliver's picture. They need some new gear before they brave royal life, however, and completing errands and bounty hunts is just the way to finance said gear. Hamelin's got several of both to keep busy adventurers occupied.


1. A young man from Hamelin is being uncharacteristically unkind to his little sister.

This first errand is long enough that it merits its own article, as it's a multi-part task that will take you away from Hamelin. We'll explore it in the next section of the walkthrough.

2. There's a man in Hamelin who is being weighed down by a heavy burden of worry.

The man is standing on the left side of main street, not far from the northern path to the palace. He wants to ask his lady-love to marry him, but he lacks the Courage. This is A Proposal Postponed, and at this point, it will continue to be postponed. If you've been completing every Errand, you won't have the Courage you need to satiate the man. Come back later. (I will too.)

3. A pair of travelling merchants appear to be at odds with each other in Hamelin.

Welcome back, squabbling couple! This time it's the wife who's brokenhearted. (Shadar really has it in for these folks.) She needs Restraint to calm A Hearty Appetite, and the fellow to the left of them has Restraint in spades.

For once again making this couple happy you'll earn three Soft Scoop Ice Creams, 500 guilders and three Merit Awards.

4. A lady standing on the main street in Hamelin appears to be having some difficulty growing a flower.

The woman is just south of the stairs down onto the main street, partially inside a building. She needs some magic that will grow a flower for her mother's birthday. Accept the task to unlock A Flower in the Fug, then use Quicken Growth on the tiny plant by the woman. It won't work, and the woman will conclude that the plant needs sunshine—or a Sunshine, one of the sun-ish monsters roaming 'round Al Mamoon. If you didn't catch one before, you'll have to backtrack and fight until you impress one. (Don't worry, they're nice and slow on the world map.)

Completing this task will earn you a Purifying Pulse Gem, 1000 guilders and five Merit Stamps.

5. A man in Hamelin is looking to collect information about certain creatures.

Ahh, Derwin. Always a pleasant chap. He's standing outside the Cat's Cradle, and he wants you to bring him some more familiars to study. Agree to unlock Mechanical Creatures, in which Derwin wants a large mechanical creature, a small mechanical creature, and a creature that looks like a brown cog. The Automata Derwin wants are the Tin-Man, Clinketyclank, and Sprog Cog. All three can be found in the fields surrounding Hamelin, though Sprog Cogs only show up closer to the beach.

Successfully bringing all three specimens to Derwin earns you two Sundrops, two Planetdrops, 2000 guilders and five Merit Stamps. Quite a haul!

Bounty Hunts

1. A Ghostly Machine

This bulky bruiser is sitting right where the posting says: atop the train tracks to the south of Hamelin. The Steam-Man is accompanied by two Clinketyclanks that should be disposed of first; after that you just need to chip through the Steam-Man's HP, as you would any Tin-Man in the vicinity. It has a lot of health and can hit fairly hard, but it's slow as anything and has no particularly troublesome moves.

Completing this Bounty Hunt will earn you a Thunderspark Gem, 900 guilders and four Merit Stamps.

2. Cliff-Top Chaos

The Fluvius Maximus, a hulking, pale beast, wanders the cliffs near the beaches of Hamelin. Boasting a high defense stat that will shrug off all but the strongest attacks, the Fluvius Maximus hits too hard with its physical attacks (and that's virtually all it uses) for a toe-to-toe fight. Go on the run, using magic to fry the icy beast. If you've been training any familiars from Old Smoky, this is a good time to use them.

Completing this Bounty Hunt will earn you a Lightning Bolt, 1000 guilders and six Merit Stamps.

Done with Hamelin's Errands? Not quite. First, we have to visit a young researcher and see what he wants to do for his sister . . .


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