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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Hamelin

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With a few more side quests out of the way, Oliver, Esther and Swaine, at last, have their chance to visit the far-flung continent of Autumnia, a place that sounds like it's going to be just dreadful. Be on your guard—the darkness that seems to enshroud these lands may hide plans most foul.

Hop into the Sea Cow and sail to the shores you tried to reach when Shadar last appeared. This time they'll be open to exploration, and when you debark your team will be on the Pig Iron Plain. The enemies here aren't much stronger than in Teeheeti; use your usual tactics, as well as a healthy dose of lightning against the many Automata. If you want to minimize enemy contact on the way to Hamelin, to the north of the beaches, use the railway bridge to bypass a lot of enemy territory.

A thoroughly daunting-looking complex on the outside, Hamelin is revealed to be a huge, industrialized city when you enter. What's more, everyone appears to be dressed like a pig. Huh. Swaine mutters a few things that hint at his knowledge of the person behind the place, then leaves to deal with his own affairs. Oliver, Esther and Drippy will have to get along without him for now.

Side Quests

There's already a set destination on your map, but why not look around first? Hamelin is full of interesting sights . . . and perhaps a few side quests. We'll start with the buildings.

  • When you first enter Hamelin, your team will walk right by the local Cat's Cradle. Stay here for a new Regions of the World page.
  • Peering over a bridge to the north of the entrance is Horace. He has another riddle for you, this time regarding a picture of the Wizard Wars in your Wizard's Companion. He wants to know how many monsters of the Automata genus are in the picture. The picture is on pages 212 and 213, and there are five Automata. For answering correctly you will receive the Chart Chests spell. Horace will then mention that he's off to somewhere that sports more 'natural' beauty next time.
  • To the west of Horace is a Hootsuite. Stock up on the usual essentials, and grab the Nix-be-Gone from the chest sitting off to the side.
  • Further west of this is currently blocked, so don't bother.
  • To the east is the local Swift Solutions. Speak to the woman standing outside to receive some alchemical formulae, then go inside to get new Errands and Bounty Hunts. (We'll deal with these later, once we have Swaine back in the party.)
  • North of Swift Solutions is the Cawtermaster's Store. Everything he's selling is quite expensive, though what's available will come in very handy for coming battles, and worth buying for your more frequently-used familiars. Check the chest here for a Cup of Strong Coffee.
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Find a Way Into the Palace

When you're done perusing the top streets, go down the stairs to the north of the Cawtermaster's Store. A massive procession, masterminded by Hamelin's Prince, will parade through the area. After it's done—and once Oliver and company have gawked over a thoroughly-unfair law instituted on the spot—Swaine will rejoin the party, saying that the Great Sage they're looking for is a servant of the Prince. You'll have to enter the palace to get to him, though when you check with the guards they won't let you in. (When do guards ever let you into a castle on your first try? That's zero for three.)

Explore in Disguise

Swaine has a simple enough solution: disguises. Grab the Confusion-be-Gone from the south of the main street, then head back to the top section of Hamelin and check the alley beside the Hootsuite. Now that Swaine's been by its opened to the whole team, and leads to Hamelin's Black Market. In the shop at the end, Swaine will use some dirt he's collected on the merchant, one (conspicuously unarmoured) William Abel, and you'll get four Suits of Hamelin Armor. There's also a purple chest here, for the day when you can finally open purple chests.

With your Hamelin Armor, you're free to wander into the palace and find your Great Sage. But before you do that, why not clean up a few Errands? To Swift Solutions!

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