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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: Mummy's Tummy

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


The fantastic world of Ni no Kuni seemed weird enough to Oliver already. Now, though, he's about to explore the insides of the enormous Fairy Godmother, matriarch of Teeheeti. Her baby-making innards have been mysteriously plugged, and she's tasked her son, Drippy, with clearing them out.

. . . huh.

Talk to Smiley and Surly after fetching all of the Pieces of Art. You'll watch a (genuinely funny) comedy act between the two which will set their mam laughing, then the fairies will launch Oliver and company into her mouth. You land in the strangest of places: what appears to be a school inside the massive Godmother's stomach. Welcome to Mummy's Tummy, the Faycare Center!


Welcome to Mummy's Tummy

Ahead is a line of doors. Check the first one you come to and you'll find one of the littlies being bullied by a monster! Fiend! Beat it down and talk to the littlie. The Faycare Center has been invaded by more foul monsters, and it's your duty to clear them out. The littlie's coming along for the ride, too, so expect a big team by the time you're done.

Head back into the hallway and Drippy will tell you that the Rose Room has been unlocked. Before going there, run to the right and check the first unadorned room you come to. Inside is a set of stairs that lead back outside and a nice little waystone where you can restore yourself between fights. Do so and head back out into the hallway.

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Check the Rose Room. Inside? More monsters. The same goes for the Tulip Room, the Daffodil Room, the Violet Room . . . you'll quickly get the point. Beat up monsters, save littlies, head to the next room, repeat. Do this until all of the rooms have been cleared. The monsters aren't much tougher than what you'd find on the main map, so none of these battles should be a huge problem.

After completing the Daffodil Room, Drippy will happily announce that all of the littlies have been saved. Save, then take your bouncy little gang to the far right of the hallway. Everybody will jump on the Tidy Slidy—and wind up at an aquatic playground where one last monster, the Royal Jelly, awaits you. Save the littlies! Again!


The Royal Jelly

The Royal Jelly is more likely to overwhelm your team with numbers than to do a ton of damage on its own. It has three primary attacks: physical swiping, Sea Stars (which causes confusion) and Bolt from the Blue (which hits everyone with electricity). Alternate between All-Out Defense and Attack regularly to keep your team healthy. Halfway through the fight, the Royal Jelly will release a horde of Baby Jellies that are likely to whittle your team members down annoyingly fast. If you have a few all-hitting attacks of your own, eliminate these babies in a hurry, then concentrate on their mother again. Fire attacks are great here.

Unfortunately, your team's AI is bad at staying out of hitting range. If you wind up with a single party member, don't panic—it's easy to outsmart this bunch. Simply circle Royal Jelly in a relatively close arc. If you're near enough, it will use Sea Stars with fair regularity, and if you Defend against Sea Stars you have an excellent chance of getting a golden glim, much more so than if it used Bolt from the Blue. It might be a long battle this way, but it's not that tough. Win and you'll get a Spirit of the Storm, as well as a page describing Royal Jelly.


The Fairy Godmother's Appreciation

The littlies will thank you most profusely in the aftermath, and the whole team will be . . . uh . . . born. Some reminiscing later, the Fairy Godmother will thank Oliver properly for his help by giving him the Shift Shape, Second Self, Mimic, Vanish, Werecat, Werefish, Shrink, Open Mind, Loaf of Life and Poison Apple spells. Whoa, that's quite a load of magicking. Smiley and Surly will also agree to spy on Shadar again, which will surely provide useful intel in the future.

Time for Errands!

Leave the Fairyground, watch the ensuing scene of camaraderie in action when you reach the Sea Cow, enjoy further background villainy as Shadar and his overlords reveal more of the vile plot to be rid of Oliver, then head back to the Fairyground. Yes, you just left, but now that you've solved the major problem here, a bunch of new ones have sprung up on the Errand Board. Sidequest time!

© 2013 Matt Bird

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