"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Fairyground

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

A surprise homecoming! After suffering through a terrible storm, courtesy of Shadar, Oliver and his friends have washed up on a seemingly deserted island. It's not as deserted as it first looks, though, as the middle of it is populated by a mass of nutty fairies! Say hello to Drippy's family in the Fairyground!

The Fairyground isn't terribly big, but it has every store you'd find in a normal town: Swift Solutions, Cawtermaster's Store, Hootsuite and Cat's Cradle (though the latter isn't open yet). There are no errands to run here, though, and no bounties, so content yourself with taking the first right, which will lead you to a chest with 100 guilders and, hidden behind a wall to the left of the first chest, a blue chest with a Cheeseburger. To the west of here, tucked against the line of stalls, is a Fishburger. Grab it, then run to the north in pursuit of Drippy.

An Interesting Conversation

What follows is an . . . interesting . . . conversation with Drippy's mother, the Fairy Godmother, who appears to be part of the island. Eesh. She'll give Oliver a Sundrop, a Moondrop, a Stardrop and a Planetdrop. She'll then ask a favour: she wants Oliver to look in her . . . guts . . . and see why there are no new young fairies coming out. Possibly the strangest thing you've ever done in this game. The only way in is to make her laugh, so you'll need to track down some proper comedians to do the job.

Find a Comedien

You now have access to a small path you didn't before. To the left as you ascend the building where you talk to the Godmother is a chest with a Cup of Strong Coffee, and a little ways down the road is Horace! Apparently he stowed away on YOUR ship. (Not verified, but likely.)

Horace has a new riddle for you, this one rather simple: what fresh ingredient goes well on a burger? Fresh . . . fresh . . . how about Lettuce? Piece of cake! Unfortunately, he lost the page of the Wizard's Companion with the spell on it; look to the bird at the entrance of the Fairyground to get Levitate. And a bunch of bird puns. (As a consolation prize, Horace will also give you a new Alchemy formula.)

Head into the clearing with the comedy club. On stage are Smiley and Surly, Drippy's two spies. Unfortunately, they're 'artbroken' at the moment—yes, artbroken—and couldn't make their mam laugh if their lives depended on it. You need to gather eight Pieces of Art to get them back on track. Hoo boy. You'll need some magic to appease the fairies of the Fairyground.

Pieces of Art

  • The first is at the first small stall on the left side of the western road through the Fairyground. Spring Lock will open it.
  • The second is from the owner of the Hootsuite. Rejuvenate will get it for you.
  • The third is from the owner of the Cat's Cradle near the entrance. Use Fireball.
  • The fourth is from the owner of the store with the giant lobster on top, near the entrance. Levitate will earn you some Art.
  • The fifth is from the next store north of the lobster shack. Use Secret Ingredient to get it.
  • The sixth is from a small fairy wandering along the east passage from the main road. Quicken Growth is what he needs.
  • The seventh is from a store owner at the end of the eastern path. He wants Broom Broom.
  • The final piece is from the Cawtermaster's Store. Use Burden.

Once you have all eight pieces, take them to Smiley and Surly. Drippy will fix the duo up all proper, and they'll be ready to make their mam laugh. Go stay at the Cat's Cradle and save before you do, though—you just know something bad's about to happen.


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