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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Conductor


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Oliver has learned much of the strange new places around him, including the downfall of the ancient Nazcaans. The world is much older than one group of people, though, and a certain rabbit-headed individual can plunge Oliver deeper into the universe than the lad may ever have wanted to go . . .

Before you can begin this mammoth quest, you might as well get this one out of the way first, as it's (partially) connected to The Conductor.

A man visiting Ding Dong Dell appears to have lost something important again.

Oh, you BLASTED . . . ahem. Anyway. The bally fellow has waylaid his diary yet again, and at the foot of a rather amazing discovery. Agree to search for it to unlock Notes from the Center, wherein he went south of Ding Dong Dell and wound up in a very deep forest. His stupid diary is by a large, ruined door.

Head south of Ding Dong Dell until you see a grove of golden trees, flush with a rock wall. There's a hole in this wall leading south, though you can't see it until you get close enough. Go through this path and follow it to a forest at the end, wherein you'll find a clearing with the aforementioned door. The diary is on the ground near the entrance of this area. Grab the Traveler's Diary… and consider coming back here to speak with the thin, rabbit-headed man standing by the door. He'll unlock the new Errand for you…

. . . oh, and, yeah, when you get back to Ding Dong Dell you can hand over the dumb 'ol diary. You'll earn two Pairs of Angel's Wings, 5000 guilders and a mighty ten Merit Stamps. (You deserve more.) He also hands over some alchemy formulae for some rather awesome equipment.

(But you still deserve more. Stupid diary.)


Back to the task at hand. The Conductor, that strange rabbity man, wants to inform Oliver about some kind of truth. Undertake his Errand and the Conductor will tell Oliver that rifts have formed all over the world, releasing horrible beasts that need to be beaten. Head back to Swift Solutions for the details on these five hunts.

(And before you leave the Forest Glade, check the west side for a green chest containing a Star Eater's Fang and the east side for a purple chest containing a Vial of Wizard King's Secret.)


Wood You Believe It

Some kind of dark orb has turned the beasts of Whispering Waterfalls feral. Make your way to the rear of the area, where you fought the Guardian of the Wood, and you'll find the orb near the teleportation pad. Examine it and you'll have to face the Guardian's twisted, more powerful form: Fury of the Forest. Though it's now suited for your current level, Fury of the Forest is basically the same as the Guardian. It uses Windfall to target one character, Bellow to stun multiple, and otherwise lumbers about slowly trying ineffectually to hit things. Run away from its grasp and fry it with fire magic.

Complete this hunt to earn a Harrowfang and 2250 guilders.


A Twist in the Tail

The mice are up to something again, and it may have to do with a black orb. Descend into Ding Dong Well, make your way to the end, and inspect the orb. You'll face off against Dickory Dock, malevolent shadow of Hickory Dock. A boss that was designed to battle one person, Dickory Dock just isn't suited to face off against three. The only attack likely to give you any trouble in this fight is the confusion-causing Tailspin, and you can Defend against that easily enough. Bust the mouse down to size.

Complete this hunt to earn a Starspun Tunic and 2500 guilders.

A Return to Arms

Warp to Golden Grove and fly over to its southern exit. The next black orb is sitting by the Spring of Life, and checking it puts you in a battle with Badiataur, another twisted reflection. Badiataur is a little disappointing at first, like the other two black orb bosses, though it changes things up a bit when it gets down to half its HP and begins using Rampage. Unguarded, Rampage will SLAUGHTER any character it touches. The moment Badiataur begins to use this move, block as though your life depends on it. Badiataur doesn't have a ton of HP, so unload your strongest attacks when you hit the halfway point to kill it as quickly as possible.

Complete this hunt to earn a Shiny Shield and 2750 guilders.


Back and Unabashed

Travel to The Temple of Trials and look behind Supreme Sage Solomon's throne. The black orb is waiting. (Shouldn't he be concerned about this?) Examine it and Bashura's dark clone, Smashura, will challenge the party. Let one defensive character take the brunt of Smashura's attacks while the rest remain at a distance and cast spells and use tricks, which go through Smashura's annoying back shield. Devastation aside, all of Smashura's attacks are highly reliant on proximity—and the lumbering giant can't exactly chase you down unless he jumps right on top of you. Defend whenever Devastation's coming out and you'll be fine.

Complete this hunt to earn a Sorcerer's Soul and 3000 guilders.

Ready to Blow

This final reverse boss encounter forces you to trek all the way back to the top of Old Smoky. (Use Veil to preserve your sanity. There are a lot of enemies here that will charge you no matter how strong you are.) The black orb waits at the top, and in it the dread Vulcaan. Vulcaan plays ball just like Moltaan, and though its attacks got a power boost they're probably less effective thanks to gear that protects against fire and more diversity of familiars. Use ice and water attacks to smash it down, and focus your efforts on smacking Vulcaan's tail to stun it and earn a gold glim or two. Surprisingly, the most dangerous attack is probably its most basic: Tail Flail. Defend as soon as it's about to spin or your characters will be in for a hurt.

Complete this hunt to earn a Griffin's Talons and 3250 guilders.

Return to the Conductor's little clearing once all five bounty hunts are complete. He'll task you with . . . eight more?! Oh lord. Yep, you're pretty much just facing all of the bosses in the game again in bounty form. Better get to work.


Stomach Trouble

Mummy's Tummy is now plagued by its own black orb. Dip into the Feycare Center and run down into the park to face off against the Imperial Jelly. This bruiser is worse than it was the first time—its tactics are the same, but its physical hits are so brutal that you'll almost always lose your AI team. It's not the best way to win, but a viable solution is to run around the edges of Imperial Jelly and its pack of babies, using Evenstar over and over. Defend whenever necessary. If you want to include your group, make sure they're packing fire attacks to assault Imperial Jelly.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Glorious Lance and 3500 guilders.


Whole Hog

Check out the Porcine Palace's main hall, near Marcassin's Room. The black orb is waiting there for you, and it contains Porco Rosso. (The most direct Studio Ghibli reference in the game.) This battle is still fast-paced and brutal if you aren't great at Defending on time, but overall it's not too bad so long as you've been doing the Horace riddles and have Oliver's Thunderstorm spell. Use it over and over and Porco Rosso will get stunned quite often, releasing golden glims in the process. Use them to batter it down. As with last time, physical attacks are largely impractical in this fight. Stick with magic. Beating Porco Rosso will earn you a Cad's Clasp.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Knight's Armor and 3750 guilders.


Losing Your Wick

Your next challenge is right at the end of Tombstone Trail, where you first received Mornstar. This time you're facing Candleabracadaver, and it's another relatively big step down from its previous incarnation thanks to one spell: Mornstar. Mornstar will demolish this creep's HP, and occasionally stuns it into submission. Candleabracadaver's moves lack punch even if you don't manage to Defend in time, as many of them are status effects that won't mean a thing to spells. So long as you don't rely overly-much on normal, physical hits, this boss won't be a big problem.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Diva's Mantle and 4000 guilders.


Breathing Fire Again

Travel to Skull Mountain and you'll find this black orb sitting just outside the mouth of the skull. The Red Dragon has turned into a Golden Dragon, though it's still quite vulnerable to water and ice attacks. The battle is pretty standard: bring out fire-resistant familiars and wail on it with your strongest attacks. Move when it uses Firestream and Defend when it uses Fire Breath.

Completing this hunt will earn you an Ogre King's Ax and 4250 guilders.


Shedding A Skin

The latest black orb sits deep in the Vault of Tears, where Aapep once waited. It produces Mehen, another boss that suffers a bit in transition to the post-game. Mehen can do decent damage, but its primary attack, Death Rattle, takes too long to charge up to be a significant threat. It's also weak to holy attacks, so Mornstar will do a great amount of damage each time its cast. Put out a physical wall to draw Mehen's attacks while the rest of the team batters on it with whatever they have. It will die in fairly short order.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Sorceress's Robes and 4500 guilders.

Walking the Plank

Travel to Hamelin and fly northeast of Autumnia, to the top-most island on the world map. The black orb is sitting at the edge of the island, and it's home to Commodore Crossbones. The scurvy pirate is far more difficult this time, as he makes full use of his annoying special moves and has a lot more HP than before. Hammock Hack is one of the most irritating special moves in the game, as it's executed swiftly and will almost always put one character to sleep—usually your lead character. Keep away from the Commodore as best you can and use holy or fire spells to blast away at his HP. He relies exclusively on physical attacks, so anything with a high Defense score to draw the Commodore's attention is invaluable.

Completing this hunt will earn you Nix Gnashers and 4750 guilders.


A Loyal Howl

The black orb waits for you at the bottom of Glittering Grotto, and it holds the vicious Cerborealis. Your battle against the dog is more or less than same as with Cerboreal, though with one big difference: elements, particularly fire, don't seem to matter a bit to doing extra damage. Rely on your best attacks, not fiery strikes, to win this one. Cerborealis hits hard and fast, so trying to catch it with physical hits usually isn't an option.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Dragon King's Claws and 5500 guilders.


Heart of Darkness

Zap yourself back to Perdida. Prior to this Miasma Marshes was blocked, but after accepting this bounty it will be open again. (And that creepy Conductor will be waiting. Eugh.) Run to the far end of Miasma Marshes and you'll find the black orb, this last one containing Bileheart. This fight is virtually identical to the old one, though Bileheart uses its special attacks a bit more freely. Mornstar isn't a great weapon here, despite the damage it does, as Bileheart can cross the stage deceptively quickly and beat Oliver out of casting. Alternate equally between Defense and attacking with holy spells to bring it down.

Completing this hunt will earn you an Enigma Armor and 5500 guilders.

That's all for the bounties. Return to the Conductor's glade south of Ding Dong Dell with the good news. Naturally, he's not done yet, and he wants Oliver to seal one more rift, this one in the restored castle of Nevermore.


Reckless Soldier

Make your way to Shadar's old throne room in Nevermore. The Dark Djinn himself isn't there to greet you this time, but his former flunky, now named Knight Terror, is waiting in his stead. Knight Terror is as simple an opponent as before: its attacks are slow, it's a lumbering hulk, and the only strike it has you should fear is Onslaught, which isn't too bad to block with sufficient warning. Chip away at it with holy spells and keep out of its range unless your characters have high Evasion scores—its Accuracy seems a bit poor.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Celestial Sword and 6000 guilders.

Return to the Conductor. There's one rift left to go, this he promises. Sigh…


Loyal Queen

The last black orb is back at Ara Memoriae. Save and prep your troops for this one, as it's a doozy—no less than the Zodiarchangel and its four Dominions, twisted mirrors of Zodiarch and its Satellites. The battle is virtually identical to the fight against the Zodiarch, though you have no fourth character providing extra backup, increasing the difficulty level a tad. Use all-hitting attacks as much as you can and batter the Dominions out of existence. You absolutely must Defend each time Zodiarchangel uses Chaos—which is its first attack in every battle!—or your team will suffer insane amounts of damage. Expect to dole out a ton of items trying to survive this fight.

Completing this hunt will earn you a Star Eater's Fang and 7000 guilders.


Return to the glade one last time. The Conductor will tell you the secret of the door . . . and let you in, if you wish to enter. Inside you'll face an all-new boss: the Guardian of Worlds.

As far as 'super' bosses go, the Guardian of Worlds is disappointing simply because it's so predictable. It has three attacks: normal physical swipes, which are admittedly potent; Overload, which hits a small area around the Guardian with powerful energy arcs; and The Great Divider, which hits a portion of the arena with a massive beam of energy that really, really hurts. The Guardian is an extreme pain if you try to fight it head on, so don't bother. Take its obsession with Oliver to heart and run around the field, leading it on a merry chase. It's never fast enough to catch Oliver, and while it's following it will utterly ignore your teammates. Blast it with Oliver's strongest spells and go to All-Out Defense whenever it carts out Overload or The Great Divider, but unless you're close to it, don't bother making Oliver Defend. The Great Divider takes so long to charge up that you can easily get to the Guardian's side and well out of the beam's range before it goes off, and Overload doesn't have nearly enough of a range to hit Oliver if you're a good distance away. Pummel the beast until it goes down.

After you beat the Guardian, the Conductor invites Oliver to step into the next room. Watch the scene . . . and when it ends, after a while, you'll receive the Philmobile's Key. Huh. Errand complete?

Note: If you want, you can go back to the Conductor's glade and fight the Guardian of Worlds again. It's worth a lot of experience, so . . . not a terrible idea . . . ?


Aiden on August 27, 2014:

Nevermore still has treasure chests in it and I want to get em!

Wakawaka9 on June 06, 2013:

Really good guides for Ni No Kuni but some suggestions...

This is for less intelligent people like myself. Mention in BOLD that after each meeting with the conductor you need to go to a SWIFT SOLUTIONS and accept the bounty before heading off to the next monster.

Something like... And as always ((after speaking with the Conductor. Return to a town and ACCEPT the bounty at a "Swift Solutions"))

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on February 12, 2013:

I can only guess that you went to Nevermore immediately after completing Heart of Darkness. You have to go all the way back to town, accept Reckless Soldier and trek BACK to Nevermore to unlock the castle again. It won't open otherwise.

Grace on February 11, 2013:

I did everything right, I went back to nevermore and the damn door wont open. What's up?

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