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"Ni no Kuni" Walkthrough: The Greatest Treasure


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Arrr! Though it's understated, there's a lot of nautical travel in Ni no Kuni. It stands to reason that there would be plenty of pirates prowling the seven seas, and surely they'd leave a treasure map or two behind. This Errand, The Greatest Treasure, will send you out to claim their booty.

  • A young boy in Castaway Cove is said to have found a pirate's treasure map.

The boy in question is standing on the upper walkways in the south, and whaddya know! You've stolen some emotions from this boy before! He previously claimed to be a pirate king, and now he's found an honest-to-gosh pirate's treasure map, one drawn by the legendary Castaway Corsairs. The boy's mom won't let him go hunting down the seven locations marked on the map, but Oliver has no such restrictions, now does he?

The Greatest Treasure will take you all over the world, to a variety of landmarks you may have already seen a few times. First, though, you have to ask around town for advice on each.

  • The girl talking to the boy tells of an island far, far away—though she's not quite clear on the name.

The island the girl struggles to name is No Longer Mine, to the southwest of Autumnia. The marker stands on the tallest, thinnest rise on the island.

  • The old woman near the boy speaks of Shipwreck Shore, and how the Castaway Corsairs once ran aground on its beaches.

This one's pretty easy to find. Head east to Shipwreck Shore and check the grassy cliffs in the far east. The stone is right beside the mountain range.

  • The old man down the stairs from the boy tells of the Billy Goat Bluffs in Autumnia, and how the pirates once scaled the cliffs to find treasure.

The easiest way to find this one is to Travel to Perdida. Leave the town and follow the trail west. At the end, you'll be able to see another trail, further up the mountains to the north, which you can reach via Tengri. The marker is here.

  • A young woman on the docks recalls a story about the Corsairs finding treasure on an island covered in birds—either Swan Island or Ugly Duckling Island.

The marker is on Swan Island, north of the Summerlands. It's on the eastern edge of the larger island in this small chain.

  • A bald man on the northern walkway speaks of a trip to Bungler's Bay.

This island is practically within sight of Castaway Cove. Head west of the Cove to find the island; the marker you want is on the southern cape.

  • A woman down from this man, standing in a boat, heard once that they found treasure on a tiny island that's intensely cold.

The 'tiny' island is none other than Tiny Tim, southwest of Yule. The marker is tucked beside a series of cliffs on the northern half of the island.

  • A boy by Swift Solutions says that they once found treasure in the 'Bar'. Whatever that means. He says it's somewhere coastal, which is a start. He also says the pirates returned in a foul mood.

This clue refers to a marker in The Barrens, a stretch of dull land west of Ding Dong Dell and beyond a mountain range. The marker is amid the trees.

On each marker is a small code. When you return to Castaway Cove, the boy will ask that you translate the Nazcaan two-letter combinations and unscramble the code. Translated they work out to:

1K 4L 73 3B 6I/J 5A 2U/V

And if you rearrange them by number, you come out with 'KUBLAI3.' Give that to the boy and Travel to the Iron Wyvern to talk to Kublai about it. He'll tell you to look for an island no sailing ship can reach to find Kublai the Third's treasure. (How did Kublai the Third reach it, then?)

The island you want, the Broken Crown, is off the northeast coast of Autumnia. Go there and use Rejuvenate on the marker to reveal the final message. (Hope you weren't looking for an awesome sword or some such.) Return to Castaway Cove and talk to the boy for your reward: Two Evil Eyes, 5000 guilders, and 10 Merit Stamps. He'll also give you some alchemical formulae for making weapons. Yar.

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