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Hardcore Pure Mage Build in "Oblivion"

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This is a build guide for a pure mage in Oblivion that can be played no death on the maximum difficulty. Moreover, no potions are going to be used in combat. Potions are broken in the game. If you can get hit, pause the game, and get to full HP. Playing is just pointless since there is zero difficulty.

However, the game is not as balanced as Skyrim, so expect some leveling sessions. I have not found a way to level up efficiently without them. Luckily there won't be many.

Race and Class Presets

Race: Breton. As of now, the other races seem to be enormosly hard to play without dying since Magic Resistance is very important in the game.

Specialization: Magic

Main Attributes: Intelligence and Willpower

Major Skills:

  • Blade - this will never be used
  • Block - this will never be used
  • Blunt - this will never be used
  • Hand To Hand - this will never be used
  • Alteration - this will be maxed
  • Marksman - this will never be used
  • Security - this will never be used


Based on the Auto Leveling system of the game, we do not need to get a high level. That is, we will be level 7 only. However, Auto Leveling is not the root reason. Due to the Item Leveling, several items can be collected to get an additional 31% Magic Resistance only at level 7.

To cover the rest of the magic resistance, we can use Restoration Spells and Sigil Stones.

Ideal gear and enchantments will be the following:

  • Amulet: 7% Magic resistance enchanted with a Sigil Stone
  • Body: Birthright of Astalon (+50 to Magicka)
  • Hands: +24 to Magicka
  • Legs: +24 to Magicka
  • Feet: +24 to Magicka

Efficient Leveling

Leveling before access to Spellmaking:

  1. Willpower: Alteration +10. Alteration is easily leveled on any door.
  2. Intelligence: Conjuration +10.
  3. Endurance: Heavy Armor +5 (with a trainer) and Armorer +5. (Repair every piece of armor you can)

Leveling with Spellmaking:

  1. Willpower: Alteration +10.
  2. Intelligence: Conjuration/Mysticism +10. Use a Detect Life spell.
  3. Endurance: Heavy Armor +5 (with a trainer) and Armorer +5. Make a Disintegrate Armor spell on self. It will allow you to level Destruction and Armorer at the same time.

Initial Playthrough

  1. Tutorial. This will be one of the hardest parts.
  2. Go to the Market district and purchase Conjure Dagger to level up Conjuration to 50. Luckily it doesn't take long. With 50 in Conjuration, purchase the Flame Atronach spell. Flame Atronachs kill everything easily. If you don't have gold, just get and sell those alchemy things in the Mages Guild. They sell really well.
  3. Gather 3 Ayleid Statues. I suggest Vilverin, Fanacas, and Culotte. Fanacas is dangerous. However, it can actually be done without confronting anyone.
  4. Join the Mages Guild.
    Anvil Recommendation: Easy. Evade the spells the Rogue Mage will cast.
    Bravil Recommendation: Very Easy
    Bruma Recommendation: Very Easy
    Cheydinhal Recommendation: Very Easy
    Chorrol Recommendation: Easy.
    Leyawiin Recommendation: Hard. You need to make sure your Atronach is active before Kalthar arrives. Use Cobra's Dance on him right after the dialog ends and spam destruction spells when he's unconscious. Ideally, you should have some Apprentice destruction spells or scrolls.
    Skingrad Recommendation: Easy. Don't get close to Zombies.
  5. Make a Disintegrate Armor spell on self.
  6. Complete Nothing You Can Possess. When you leave the cave, just run away. Use some good crafted Fortify Health spell to do it safely.
  7. Level up to 6. This will take several hours.
  8. Proceed with the main quest up to the point where you rescue Martin. When you get your first Sigil Stone, reload until you get one to Magic Resistance.
  9. Get the Ring of the Vipereye.
  10. Level up to 7. Get the Crown of Lindai.
  11. Get the Ring of Mind Shielding.
  12. Enjoy the rest of the game without any tedious leveling up!


  1. Sell each item one by one to level up Mercantile faster.
  2. Combine Fortify Health and Fortify Magicka in a single spell.
  3. Combine Fire Damage with both weaknesses to Magic and Fire.

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