Obtain the Saintblade Ragnarok in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

Updated on January 28, 2017

Sword Art Online

Why Get Ragnarok

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment was released for the North America and European regions for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Plenty of legendary weapons are obtained through implementations or defeating difficult bosses. One of the best 1-Handed swords is the Saintblade Ragnarok and used in the Boss Executioner build. If you plan on getting the Ragnarok, you will want to upgrade it. Do not upgrade with any stat other than strength!

To upgrade Strength, you will need Carmine Ores. 240 ores are needed to max out at +15 and that is without any fails.

The reason why this sword is one of the best, and used for the boss executioner build is the additional effect. Extra damage to bosses and Sword Skill damage up. This weapon, paired with the Prismblade Exeterna means you'll be dealing an insane amount of damage to any of the bosses in game, no matter the difficulty. Well worth getting.

The saintblade ragnarok

The saintblade ragnarok. Even without being maxed it still deals a ton of damage!
The saintblade ragnarok. Even without being maxed it still deals a ton of damage!


To get this weapon you should really be far enough into the Hollow area mission where you've unlocked the teleport stone for Weald of the Wandering Aspirant. Head to Miasmatic Ruins of the Sacred Sword and into the Sacred Sword's Rest.

Now, before you go wandering off, you really should be prepared. Before you can get the weapon, you will need to fight a sort of boss rush in under 3 minutes. Make sure you have purifying crystals. Have attack up buffs and any skills that are going to affect the cooldowns of your skills.

I use the following buffs; Sharp Rage, Strength, Sword Dancer, War Cry, Storm Mind, Variable Storm, Perfect Style(if needed for the accuracy), Hyper Armor. Keep the purifying flames buff until a little bit later.

Once you've gotten all that, head to the aforementioned area. When in Sacred Sword's Rest, stop and buff before opening up that door.

A quick note is, if you are low on crystals and don't get the weapon the first time, you can exit the game by shutting it down and restarting. That way you can attempt again with the same amount of crystals. Do not exit the area or teleport as the gave auto saves when you go through zones.

Once you go through that door, the trial will start. Buff before you open.
Once you go through that door, the trial will start. Buff before you open.


There are five enemies, each will bring their own debuff upon spawning. After the Neo Dallahan, use the Purifying Flames skill. When the dragon spawns, move away and use a Purifying Crystal.

For the first enemy, I use Internal Rage. Second enemy is Myriad of Spikes, Deep Impact and a couple of burst attacks. Third enemy is The Eclipse and/or Nightmare Rain. Fourth, if Internal Rage is still on cooldown I will use Starburst Stream. For the dragon, I make Asuna get the hate so I can destroy it with Nebular Empress.

It's not that easy of a boss rush though you will get items if you take longer than 3 minutes. I was level 180 when I first attempted this with a time of 2:53. As you can see, this time was much faster though I could have done it even quicker had I not been interrupted and stunned.

You don't need the best weapons for this trial. Just gear that increases skill damage, use the appropriate buffs, use potions if needed. The key is to deal as much damage without being interrupted, especially for the first attempt.

The more you level and gear up, the easier this will be. So you can always get one and then gear up or go gear up and level and get one. The weapon is well worth having so the sooner you can obtain one, the better.

Sword Obtained

Saintblade Ragnarok Obtained!
Saintblade Ragnarok Obtained!

Got it!

As you can see, I've obtained the sword. This is my second one that I've gotten and there is no limit on how many you can obtain so long as you don't go over the limit held in your inventory. You are able to get one for each party member that can use swords as well as getting it for friends if you so wish.

Just make sure you have those purifying crystals! Without them, you won't be able to dispel the debuffs the dragon gives. Why? One of the debuffs is nasty - seal. It will stop you from using any of your skills which means less damage being dealt. And the less damage being dealt means more time to kill.

That is not what we want.

Another perk is trading online. Many are looking for the sword so you can easily trade for col(the currency of the game) or ores, or other weapons. And since it's fairly easy to get, you can farm them in minimal time and use that to your advantage.

Unlike other powerful weapons, this weapon can only be obtained in single player, not multiplayer. Even going solo in multiplayer won't yield the weapon as the door remains firmly shut.

Enjoy the weapon and enjoying showing those bosses who boss!


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