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"Octopath Traveler": Cleric Skill Guide

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Octopath Traveler is fairly simple by RPG standards. However, when you factor in the game's job system there's quite a lot of choice on offer when it comes to deciding on how to develop your characters.

In this guide, I'll be covering how the Cleric's job functions. I'll be highlighting some of the best skills to take advantage of and how best to use complimentary jobs and skills to maximise this character's effectiveness.

In all RPGs such as these, going back to Final Fantasy V, there's a wealth of options to consider and I by no means intend these to be the definitive "best" builds of any of the characters. Instead, think of them as a point in the right direction in how best to use each of your party members. These sample builds assume you have unlocked all eight basic classes but don’t factor in the four additional jobs that can be acquired later in the game.

As always, if you think I've overlooked a particular strategy, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Ophilia - Cleric

Path Action - Guide: Guide townspeople, who also follow wherever Ophilia goes.

Talent - Summon: Summon a townsperson under her guidance to aid in battle.

Stat Bonuses:

  • Max SP +18%
  • Elemental Attack +5%
  • Elemental Defence +5%

Equippable Weapons: Staves

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Active Skills

  • Heal Wounds (8 SP) - Restore HP to all allies.
  • Holy Light (6 SP) - Inflict light-based damage on a single foe.
  • Sheltering Veil (6 SP) - Augment one ally's elemental defence for 2 turns.
  • Luminescence (9 SP) - Deal light-based damage to all foes.
  • Heal More (25 SP) - Restore a large amount of HP to all allies.
  • Reflective Veil (22 SP) - Grant a single ally the ability to reflect one elemental attack.
  • Revive (50 SP) - Revive all incapacitated allies.
  • Aelfric's Auspices (30 SP; Divine Skill) - For 3 turns, skills performed by a single chosen ally will trigger twice. (This will not affect other Divine Skills.)

Passive Skills

  • Persistence - All status enhancements you receive will last for one additional turn.
  • Inner Strength - Increases the maximum SP of the equipped character by 50.
  • Evil Ward - Increases the party's success rate when attempting to flee. (Equipping this skill with multiple characters will have no added effect.)
  • Saving Grace - Grants the equipping character the ability to be healed above their maximum HP.


Ophilia is the dedicated healer of the group, with her Cleric job acting like the White Mage class you'll be familiar with from similar J-RPGs. As a job, the Cleric provides some notable advantages, the biggest of which is the massive SP boost it provides, the biggest of all the magic-based classes in the game, and helps solidify Ophilia's role as a dedicated spell caster.

The two skills you'll want to focus on picking up first are Heal Wounds and Holy Light. Heal Wounds is your bread and butter healing spell, whilst Holy Light will be Ophilia's primary offensive option for a turn where she doesn't need to patch up the party. The other skills can be collected in any order although Revive is a worthwhile skill to pick up fairly early if only to save on the number of items you'll be using.

The Cleric's biggest weakest is similar to the Apothecary's: poor type coverage. With only light-based magic available to it, and staves as the only equippable weapon, the Cleric will struggle to break a lot of mobs of its own and so Ophilia will benefit both from more aggressively-oriented party members, as well as a more versatile secondary job to compliment the Cleric's healing abilities.

Sample Build: Omni Mage

Secondary Job: Scholar

Passive Skills:

  • SP Saver
  • The Show Goes On
  • Elemental Augmentation
  • Resist Ailments

This is a basic "Omni-Mage" package for Ophilia, combining the game's basic offensive and defensive spellcasting skill lists into one character. The Scholar possesses fantastic coverage with fire, ice and lightning at its disposal, and with the Cleric's Holy Light skill, Ophilia already has access to light magic.

With Ophilia's naturally high SP pool, which is further bolstered with the Scholar job, SP Saver should be enough to keep the drain on your SP in check and ensure that she always has the resources for more spell casting. The Show Goes On improves the longevity of the Cleric's buffs, such as Sheltering Veil and (especially) the potent Aelfric's Auspices. Elemental Augmentation is an obvious inclusion for any character that's relying on magic to deal damage.

Resist Ailments might seem like a bland option for the final slot, and it can certainly be swapped out for something a little more exciting. However, of all the characters, it's most important that your healer is not taken offline out of the blue by annoying effects such as Silence or Sleep and so it makes the cut here.

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