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"Octopath Traveler": Cleric Therion Build Guide

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Copyright Square Enix

Copyright Square Enix

If you're not sure what to do with Therion in Octopath Traveler, I recommend that you try playing him as a Cleric. It may seem counterintuitive at first since Therion has the lowest elemental defense. The fact that his primary job is a Thief gives us the impression that he should only be dishing out damage.

However, we can take advantage of Therion's high survivability; he has the highest evasion stat of the eight protagonists. This can help with skills like HP Thief and Steal SP. He also has the second highest speed stat. Using these advantages as a Cleric, we can have a support that gets first turns for doing buffs or healings with high survivability that lowers the risk of your party being wiped out. Addressing Therion's low elemental defense is easy by using nuts and equipment. That's why making him an effective healer is not difficult to achieve.

Support Skills Build

  • Patience: This support skill from the Hunter job grants a 25% chance to act again. It's a very useful skill for support characters as it gives you chance to recover from your opponent's punishments before the next turn.
  • Divine Aura: You can get this skill from Starseer. It grants a 25% chance to nullify damage from any attack. Combine this with high evasion, and your Therion is harder to kill.
  • Saving Grace: This allows your character to be healed above their maximum HP to 9,999. If used right (you cannot be overhealed again until you're below or equal to your maximum HP again), it allows you to focus on improving your physical defense, elemental defense, and evasion. Saving Grace can be obtained from the Cleric job.
  • The Show Goes On: A must-have support skill for buffers. It allows you to grant allies one additional turn of buff. Get this from the Dancer job.

Alternatively, replace Saving Grace with the below support skills in case your Therion's max HP reaches around 9,000-9,999.

  • Encore: This provides a single stack buff that instantly revives your character, healing 25% of its maximum HP. It can only be used once per battle, but it serves as good insurance. This support skill can be obtained from the Dancer.
  • Resist Ailments: This is a support skill from the Apothecary that improves resistance to status ailments. This includes poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, and unconsciousness.
  • Cover: If you boost Therion's health around 9,000, you can use this skill to take damage for his dying allies. You can learn this support skill from the Warrior.
  • Persistence: This grants one additional turn of buff.
Sample equipment combination.  Copyright Square Enix

Sample equipment combination. Copyright Square Enix


As a general rule, do not waste rare high damage output weapons on support because it will rarely do damage.

  • Unseen Saber: Grants a high amount of evasion stat (100). By the way, this sword can inflict confusion in case you wanted to roll the dice.
  • Legion Dagger: This one is more generous. It provides 129 to your evasion stat.
  • Knowledge Staff: A high elemental attack. More importantly, it gives 99 speed.
  • Forbidden Shield: For a price of -171 evasion, you can increase physical defense and elemental defense. Use this if your equipment or seed can cover the loss of evasion. The elemental defense it provides (133) will benefit this build's healing role.
  • Hypno's Crown: This gives good physical defense, high elemental defense, and increases max SP.
  • Robe of the Flame: This is the best armor when it comes to increasing elemental defense. It also increase maximum SP. Robe of the Flame is highly recommended for healers and support.
  • Blessed Blazon: This provides 100 physical defense and 100 elemental defense.
  • Stimulating Necklace: This grants 1000 maximum HP.

Depending on what stats you want to prioritize, you can either have two Blessed Blazon or two Stimulating Necklace.

Alternate Equipment

In case you reached 999 evasion, this weapons grants speed instead.

  • Trinity Sword: Gives 100 speed stat.
  • Viper Dagger: Provides 132 speed stat. Not to mention that it can also inflict poison.

You can swap your sword and knife with the following in case you already have maximum evasion and speed stat (999 points).

  • Enchanted Sword: Actually it doesn't matter what kind of sword you'll be using since this build's role is support. But in case it needs to strike, this is the recommended sword. You can get multiples of this weapon in the game, so it's not rare. It increases both physical attack and elemental attack.
  • Rune Knife: Same thing goes for this dagger. It has reasonable physical and elemental attack.

Below are the alternative armors if you need more evasion or speed:

  • Mikk and Makk's Shield: Gives 178 evasion aside from reasonable physical defense and elemental defense.
  • Silent Bandana: Grants 111 evasion and reasonable physical and elemental defense.
  • Ethereal Dancer Garb: Provides 166 evasion.

Because of the game's limited number of nuts, you need to manage how it is distributed. Here are the recommended stats for this build.

High Priority

  • Resistant Nut: Elemental Defense
  • Slippery Nut: Evasion
  • Light Nut: Speed
  • Nourishing Nut: Maximum HP

Medium Priority

  • Invigorating Nut: Maximum SP
  • Tough Nut: Physical Defense

Low Priority

  • Magic Nut: Elemental Attack
  • Fortifying Nut: Physical Attack
Copyright Square Enix

Copyright Square Enix

Skills Explanation

Here are the valuable skills you can use.

Thief Skills

  • Steal: Useful during situations where some enemies hold rare items.
  • Wildfire: This spell can deal good damage once you equip a stave via the Cleric job. You will usually use this on enemies weak to fire.
  • HP Thief: A good skill for healing Therion. Most importantly, it's a cheap way of beat enemies weak to daggers.
  • Shackle Foe: For debuffing enemies with high physical attack.
  • Armor Corrosive: Complements well with your allies that deal high physical damage. Therion's high speed allows you to have him cast this first before your allies can deal his/her strong physical attacks.
  • Steal SP: This skill makes Therion a self-sustainable Cleric. He'll basically not going to run out of SP as long as you can have something to steal in battle. This is also a convenient way of beating enemies who are weak to daggers.
  • Share SP: In case your other allies needs an SP, you can share 50% of Therion's current SP.
  • Aeber's Reckoning: Although the build focuses on increasing speed to be ahead of enemies, this skill is useless for this build since it doesn't have Surpassing Power equipped in support skills.

Cleric Skills

  • Heal Wounds: Cheapest heal to keep your allies alive.
  • Holy Light: You'll usually use this for weak to light enemies, to break their defense.
  • Sheltering Veil: Increases a single ally's elemental defense.
  • Luminescence: For dealing light damage to all enemies. For breaking purpose as well.
  • Heal More: A more powerful version of Heal Wounds that heals large amount of HP to all allies.
  • Reflective Veil: Grants a single ally to reflect a single elemental attack. This buff can stack up to maximum of 9 stacks.
  • Revive: A powerful skill that revives all incapacitated allies. Using BP will increase the healed amount. The downside is that this spell cost 50 SP.
  • Aelfric's Auspices: This is your most powerful buff skill. It allows an ally to cast their skill twice without additional SP cost. Devastating when used on your Sorcerer ally.

Here are some useful party setups for your playthrough of Octopath Traveler.

Dancer With Sealticge's Seduction

Sealticge's Seduction will make Reflective Veil cast on all allies. This will make the party immune to elemental damage until the buff runs out. It's good for dealing with bosses that only rely on casting spells.


A Sorcerer buffed with Aelfric's Auspices allows it to hit all enemies six times with its elemental spells. Not only does it deal devastating damage, it also allows you to easily break enemy bosses.

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