Octopath Traveler - Dancer Skill Guide

Updated on September 28, 2018

Octopath Traveler is fairly simple by RPG standards. However, when you factor in the game's job system there's quite a lot of choice on offer when it comes to deciding on how to develop your characters.

In this series of guides, I'll be covering how each of the game's eight characters and their jobs functions. I'll be highlighting some of the best skills to take advantage of and how best to use complimentary jobs and skills to maximise each character's effectiveness.

In all RPGs such as these, going back to Final Fantasy V, there's a wealth of options to consider and I by no means intend these to be the definitive "best" builds of any of the characters. Instead, think of them as a point in the right direction in how best to use each of your party members. These sample builds assume you have unlocked all eight basic classes but don’t factor in the four additional jobs that can be acquired later in the game.

As always, if you think I've overlooked a particular strategy, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Primrose - Dancer

Path Action - Allure: Lure people into following Primrose. (Affects reputation)

Talent - Summon: Summon a townsperson to aid in battle.

Stat Bonuses:

• Elemental Attack +8%

• Speed +10%

• Evasion 10%

Weapons: Daggers

Active Skills

Lion Dance (4 SP) - One ally's physical attacks become more powerful for 2 turns.

Moonlight Waltz (7 SP) - Deal heavy dark damage to a single foe.

Peacock Strut (4 SP) - Augment a single ally's elemental attacks for 2 turns.

Mole Dance (4 SP) - Augment a single ally's physical defence for 2 turns.

Night Ode (10 SP) - Deal dark damage to all foes.

Panther Dance (4 SP) - Increase a single ally's speed for 2 turns.

Bewildering Grace (25 SP) - Cause a curious effect to occur one time.

Sealticge's Seduction (30 SP; Divine Skill) - For 3 turns, skills performed by a single ally that usually target one foe will affect all foes instead. (This will not affect other Divine Skills.)

Passive Skills

The Show Goes On - Status augmentations you grant to allies will persist for one additional turn.

Eye for an Eye - Gain a 50% chance of counterattacking when targeted by a physical attack.

Second Wind - Recover a certain amount of SP each turn.

Encore - Once per battle, upon being incapacitated you will recover with 25% of your maximum HP.


Primrose plays a support role as the Dancer class. With her variety of dance moves, she can buff member's stats, and thanks to solid speed growth, gets to act early and often. The Dancer is also the only regular job to come with dark magic in the form of Moonlight Waltz and Night Ode.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the Dancer, however, is its skill bonuses. The class possesses the second highest elemental attack bonus in the game (only behind the Scholar) and also comes with hefty bonuses to speed and evasion. Thanks to this it makes a very useful secondary job for spellcasters with its skill list of buffs and dark magic adding both tactical versatility and type coverage.

When selecting skills as Primrose you'll want to grab Moonlight Waltz and Night Ode as soon as possible to add to her type coverage, not to mention give her a magical attack she can exploit. When it comes to the buffs, Peacock Strut is definitely the most potent of her dances, although Mole Dance is also worth getting early if you have a bulky defensive character on your team, such as Olberic, for example.

The biggest weakness the job has is, like many of the game's support classes, is poor type coverage. Primrose benefits a little better than other magic-based jobs in this regard, with daggers for a weapon rather than Staves, but only has one magic element to exploit meaning that better type coverage should be on your mind when selecting a secondary job.

Another weakness that the Dancer has to factor in is limited SP. For a magic-based job, it's the only class to not come with a natural boost to its SP pool and so it's vital that you pick up some useful SP boosting passives so that Primrose can be of maximum use in battle.

Secondary Job - Scholar

Passive Skills

- The Show Goes On

- Elemental Augmentation

- SP Saver

- Inner Strength/Second Wind

This build turns Primrose into an excellent offensive spell caster. Elemental Augmentation, combined with the Scholar and Dancer's natural bonuses to elemental attacks makes for a deadly combination. With access to staves, daggers, and four types of magic, this combination is not short on type coverage either, making it ideal for clearing out a variety of mobs in record speed.

The Show Goes On is included to increase the effectiveness of the Dancer's buffs and SP Saver is an obvious inclusion on any spellcasting character. Inner Strength or Second Wind are worth considering in the final slot, at least until you've unlocked the advanced jobs later on, given how SP dependent this particular build is.


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