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"Octopath Traveler": Runelord Olberic Build Guide

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Copyright Square Enix

Copyright Square Enix

Olberic as a Runelord can quickly clean up most random battles thanks to his runed-buffed Level Slash. In terms of mana efficiency, Level Slash is the perfect AOE skill for runes. This allows you to hit all enemies with rune-based damage. It costs less mana compared to other all hit weapon-based skills. This will let you have more random battles before running out of SP.

In terms of defense, making Olberic as a Rune Lord grants you the advantage of his high survivability. This trait has some advantages when dealing with bosses.

Before we take this any further, let’s address the primary challenge in boosting Olberic’s elemental attack to 999 (he has one of the lowest elemental attack stats), which can easily be boosted by the help of using nuts and equipment. While you’re collecting the needed items, you can take advantage of Olberic’s high physical damage by equipping Rune Lord’s Stat Swap until you get the right amount of items.

Support Skills Build

Here are the skills you will need for various builds.

DPS Build

This is my personal recommended build. It’s a DPS attack-based build that can easily wipe out enemies.

  • Second Serving: This support skill from the Hunter job gives a 50% chance of attacking twice. The second attack can also trigger another followup rune-based elemental attack.
  • Patience: This gives a 25% chance of acting again. It provides a chance for Olberic to attack again that can also trigger another Second Serving. It can also offer the opportunity to attack immediately in the same turn after buffing with rune. This support skill can also be obtained from Hunter.
  • Elemental Edge: This provides a permanent buff for increasing elemental attack and elemental defense.
  • Surpassing Power: This increases the maximum damage of your character to 99,999. Runes deal massive amounts of damage, so it’s not that hard to surpass 9,999 damage once you have good equipment and a high level. Get this support skill from Warrior, which is the primary job of Olberic.

Boss Killer Build

This build can end a boss battle or a duel quickly. This build relies heavily on boosting the damage of Runelord’s divine skill, Balogar’s Blade.

  • BP Eater: This support skill from Starseer tremendously increases the damage of Balogar’s Blade.
  • Augmented Elements: This support skill from Sorcerer increases your elemental attack.
  • Elemental Edge: This provides a permanent buff for increasing elemental attack and elemental defense.
  • Surpassing Power: This increases the maximum damage of your character to 99,999.

Budget Build

Use this build if you don’t have the necessary equipment and nuts for increasing Olberic’s elemental attack to its maximum potential.

  • Stat Swap: Since Runelord relies on elemental attack for damage, you won’t be needing physical attack that much. So it’s better to convert Olberic’s high physical attack to elemental ones.
  • Then depending on your preferred playstyle, the next three support skills can either be Elemental Edge, Surpassing Power, and Augmented Elements. Or Second Serving, Elemental Edge, and Surpassing Power. Refer to the first two builds above.
Copyright Square Enix

Copyright Square Enix


  • Harald's Sword: Boosts fire damage. This offers high physical damage and reasonable elemental attack.
  • Tradewind Spear: A massive elemental attack that also increases wind damage.
  • Battle Tested Axe: A high elemental attack. More importantly, it increases both lightning and ice damage. You read that right, it increases the damage of two elements.
  • Battle Tested Shield: Aside from being the best shield in the game for increasing physical defense, this shield makes this build self-sustaining during battles by recovering the wearer's SP and HP every turn.
  • Adamantine Hat: The best hat for increasing elemental attack.
  • Sorcerer's Robe: The best body armor for increasing elemental attack.
  • Elemental Augmentor: Massively increases elemental attack by 100.
  • Mental Belt: Increases both elemental attack and elemental defense by a large amount. The only downside is that this accessory is difficult to farm.

As a friendly reminder, you cannot exceed 999 elemental attack, so it's better to equip something else if your Olberic reached that number. Here are som alternative equipment.

  • Crystal Helm: Headgear that offers the highest physical defense.
  • Crystal Armor: Body armor that offers the highest physical defense.
  • Empowering Necklace: Massively increases HP.
  • Blessed Blazon: Massively increases physical defense and elemental defense.

Here are the recommended stats to boost since you need to balance the distribution of the limited number of nuts in the game. It's up to you if you want to invest all nuts in one character (it's not recommended though).

High Priority

  • Magic Nut: Elemental attack
  • Nourishing Nut: Maximum HP
  • Tough Nut: Physical defense
  • Resistant Nut: Elemental defense

Medium Priority

  • Light Nut: Speed
  • Invigorating Nut: Maximum SP

Low Priority

  • Fortifying Nut: Physical attack
  • Slippery Nut: Evasion
Copyright Square Enix

Copyright Square Enix

Skills Explanation

Here is a look at various skills.

Warrior Skills

  • Level Slash: Using this skill, you can finish most random encounters during Olberic’s second turn (first turn if the Patience support skill is triggered).
  • Abide: With the help of Transfer Rune, this can buff the physical damage of the whole party.
  • Spearhead: A good early game skill for dealing single target spear-based damage.
  • Incite: Although this build doesn't focus on being a tank, it's good to use this from time to time to save your other squishy units. Like Cyrus.
  • Cross Strike: A good early game skill for dealing single target sword-based damage.
  • Stout Wall: Combine this with Transfer Rune and you'll be increasing the physical defense of the whole party.
  • Thousand Spears: Works well in breaking enemies that are weak to spear.
  • Brand's Thunder: Although this is a powerful divine skill, Brand's Thunder is not recommended once Olberic becomes a Runelord. Better use the BP for Balogar's Blade instead.

Runelord Skills

  • Fire Rune / Ice Rune / Thunder Rune / Wind Rune / Dark Rune / Light Rune: This is the bread and butter of Runelord.
  • Transfer Rune: This allows you to share the buff to all of your allies.
  • Balogar's Blade: Divine skill for dealing massive single target damage.

Thanks to Transfer Rune, your party with high elemental attack can also deal massive rune-based attacks. Here are some recommended setups:

Warrior Cyrus/Ophilia/Primrose

Cyrus, Ophilia, and Primrose are the top three characters with the highest elemental attack by default. Turning one of them into a warrior grants access to Level Slash. For support skills, equip the following: Second Serving, Patience, Elemental Edge, and Surpassing Power.

Apothecary as Alternative

Since you cannot make everyone a Warrior, you can also use Apothecary as an alternative. Last Stand is also a good skill that can hit all enemies with rune-based damage. But the skill costs more mana compared to Level Slash. For support skills, equip the same skills as the Warrior setup.

Sorcerer's Elemental Break

This is another single boss killer setup. Assuming that your Sorcerer already has a reasonable elemental attack. Using Elemental Break with rune can deal a massive amount of damage since the skill lowers the elemental defense first before dealing the rune-based damage. Buffing the Sorcerer with Aelfric's Auspices from Cleric lets you deal double the damage. Staves that increases specific elemental damage like Bishop's Staff for light can raise the potential of this setup.

Support Character

Don't forget to have at least one support in your party that replenishes HP, SP, and BP.

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