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"Octopath Traveler": Warrior Skill Guide

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Octopath Traveler is fairly simple by RPG standards. However, when you factor in the game's job system there's quite a lot of choice on offer when it comes to deciding on how to develop your characters.

In this guide, I'll be covering how the Warrior's job functions. I'll be highlighting some of the best skills to take advantage of and how best to use complimentary jobs and skills to maximise this character's effectiveness.

In all RPGs such as these, going back to Final Fantasy V, there's a wealth of options to consider and I by no means intend these to be the definitive "best" builds of any of the characters. Instead, think of them as a point in the right direction in how best to use each of your party members. These sample builds assume you have unlocked all eight basic classes but don’t factor in the four additional jobs that can be acquired later in the game.

As always, if you think I've overlooked a particular strategy, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

Olberic: Warrior

Path Action - Challenge: Ability to challenge townspeople to a duel.

Talent - Bolster Defense: Boost while defending in order to protect against mighty blows.

Stat Bonuses:

  • Max HP +18%
  • Physical Attack +5%
  • Physical Defense +5

Weapons: Swords, Polearms

Active Skills

  • Level Slash (9 SP) - Attack all foes with a sword.
  • Abide (4 SP) - Increase the user's physical attack strength for 3 turns.
  • Spearhead (6 SP) - Attack a single foe with a polearm, and act earlier on your next turn.
  • Incite (4 SP) - Become more readily targeted by foes for 3 turns.
  • Cross Strike (12 SP) - Unleash a sword attack on a single foe.
  • Stout Wall (4 SP) - Increase the user's physical defence for 3 turns.
  • Thousand Spears (20 SP) - Attack random foes with a polearm 5 to 10 times.
  • Brand's Thunder (30 SP; Divine Skill) - Unleash a tremendously powerful sword attack on a single foe.
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Passive Skills

  • Cover - The equipping character will absorb single-targeted damage for allies who are near death.
  • Summon Strength - Increases the physical attack strength of the equipping character by 50.
  • Endure - When the equipping character is afflicted with poison, sleep, confusion, blindness, silence, terror, or unconsciousness, their physical and elemental defences are enhanced.
  • Surpassing Power - Increases the maximum damage that can be dealt by the equipping character to 99,999.


Olberic takes hits better than any other character, and he can dish out respectable damage, too. The Warrior class is more defensively oriented than the Hunter and comes with a plethora of buffs to help in battle.

The buff you want to prioritise getting is Incite: which draws attacks towards Olberic and away from your squishier party members. Level Slash is already a fine attacking skill to be getting on with, so you're probably better off snagging the other buffs, Abide and Stout Wall, afterwards as well.

Olberic and the Warrior class are best described as middle of the road. Their coverage is mediocre, with access to only two weapon types and no magic, but this is somewhat made up for by the fact that Olberic has solid damage output, especially when he unlocks Summon Strength. He's very much a team player, a definitely is more dependent on supporting party members (that he can protect) to cover up for his initial lack of attacking options.

However, when it comes to fulfilling his role as a tank, he does that very well. Olberic is designed to take hits and protect the party rather than wildly dish out damage. It might not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it gets the job done.

Sample Build: Ultimate Warrior

Secondary Job: Hunter

  • Summon Strength
  • Eagle Eye
  • Persistence
  • Inspiration

This is the obvious combo for Olberic and expands him from simply being a defensive tank into a more well-rounded fighter. The Hunter has fantastic synergy with the Warrior job, enhancing the latter's limited coverage with access to bows, axes and lightning magic, as well as access to a plethora of additional attacks.

Summon Strength is an obvious inclusion here and Eagle Eye is at its best in a build like this. Both the Hunter and Warrior have multi-hitting attacks with Thousand Spears and Arrowstorm, making the most of a high critical hit rate.

Persistence is added to combine with the Warrior's self-enhancing buffs but gets even better if you have another party member capable of buffing Olberic. Lastly, Inspiration is the most effective SP-restoring skill in a build like this, allowing Olberic to remain on the offensive.

It's worth noting you can mix-and-match very easily with this build. If you find you want something more defensive, the Cover/Eye For An Eye combo is always worth checking out. Olberic is just so damn dependable when paired up with the Hunter class that there's little that you can do wrong here.

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