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"OSRS": Theatre of Blood Guide for Beginners

Paul is very knowledgeable about "Old School Runescape," with a maxed Ironman as well as a maxed regular account!

The Theatre of Blood.

The Theatre of Blood.

I'm going to begin this guide by laying out a few initial things that you should know.

How to Get There

To get to the Theatre of Blood, the quickest way is to use a Drakan's Medallion, which you can receive from completing the A Taste of Hope quest in Morytania. Click on the quest name to get to the quest guide on the Wiki!

Gear Setups

In order to complete the raid, the gear that you use is crucial. As a first point, check out the image below to understand the minimum gear required to complete the Theatre of Blood. If you don't have at least what is shown below, most teams won't take you with them.

That being said, not all of the items are necessary. Some teams will be able to accomodate certain setups if you make things known to them beforehand, just make sure that you communicate. This will also make it easier to find teammates in the future as you build a network in the community.

This is the minimum gear you should enter the Theatre of Blood with.

This is the minimum gear you should enter the Theatre of Blood with.

Once you have earned enough money for a Scythe of Vitur, this is the setup you should aim to use, slowly upgrading pieces of gear when you can.

Once you have earned enough money for a Scythe of Vitur, this is the setup you should aim to use, slowly upgrading pieces of gear when you can.

This is what your max gear set up should aim towards.

This is what your max gear set up should aim towards.

Some things not mentioned in the above photos but equally important are:

  • You should have both Augury and Rigour unlocked.
  • Your Toxic Blowpipe should have rune darts+ in it.
  • Your magic level should be at least 94 for freezing.
  • Your melee and range stats should all be 90+.
  • You should aim to upgrade your melee gear to bringing a 4 way switch into Bandos Chestplate, Tassets, Ferocious Gloves and a Serpentine Helm/Neitiznot Faceguard as soon as possible.

Once you have sorted your gear, you are ready to begin finding a team.

Finding a Team

Finding a team is often the most daunting part of learning ToB. Luckily, there are several things you can do:

  1. Go to world 416. This is the standard world for finding teams to raid with. In the beginning, your aim should not be to complete the raids - it should be to survive as long as possible and learn as much as you can during each room. Doing this will set you up for success in the long run, as getting carried through early kc can lead to players not really understanding the rooms as well as they should. I've seen plenty of people with hundreds of kc who play as if they have <10 kc.
  2. Go to the We Do Raids discord server. This has dedicated channels set up to help people find team mates with similar kill counts. This helps especially as learning with people similar to you is much better. You can learn from their mistakes as much as you learn from your own, and having a team of players in consistent roles will help to generate some understanding between you.

Once you've got your team, and you gear, pre-pot a supercombat potion, range potion, imbued heart, anglerfish and enter the raid. Check out the sections below for a breakdown of each room.


The Maiden of Sugadinti

The core features of this room are:

  1. The Maiden will attack every 10 ticks. Every few attacks she will throw out blood splats which you will need to move out of the way of. If these hit you they will deal 10-20 damage per tick and heal her for a part of that damage. It will also spawn a blood spawn which will travel around the room damaging anyone it hits.
  2. When the Maiden is at 70%, 50% and 30% health, she will spawn between 3-10 Nylocas at the sides of the rooms. If these reach the Maiden, they will heal her for 150 hp each, and increase her max hit significantly. Therefore, the two freezers will be focused on switching gear before these health thresholds and ensuring they are frozen.
  3. The freezers should also freeze any blood spawns that have spawned, and the players should kill these so that they don't get in the way later.

To go more into detail, the roles in this room can be broken down into:

  • South mage
  • North mage
  • South DPS
  • North DPS

As described above, the north and south mage will switch into gear just before 70, 50 and 30% health and get ready to freeze the nylocas. There is quite a bit of efficiency to be gained here however, as the 3rd and 4th rows of nylocas (see below image) will stack up, and can be caught by one mager, rather than both magers having to get all of their 3rd and 4th rows themselves.


Maiden Nylocas Positions

The nylocas are often referred to as crabs, which I will now do throughout the rest of the guide. On the above picture, you can see a red square, as well as the locations of the spawns of all crabs. When they spawn, the crabs will start pathing towards the red square next to Maiden. North and south mage should freeze N1, N2, S1 and S2 as soon as possible.

Then north mage should freeze the 3rd row of crabs (N3 + S3) all together in the red square.

Then south mage should freeze the 4th row of crabs all together in the red square.

After this, both mages (but specifically south mage) should continue ice barraging the stack (or blood barraging for health) to kill them all. When there are only one or two left, other players can help finish them off as the magers get back into their gear ready to freeze again.

This is essentialy the whole room. Just repeat the process 3 times and try and share out tanking Maiden equally. She will target whoever is closest to her, so step back to force her to attack someone else if you are low on health.


The Pestilent Bloat

Bloat is one of the easiest rooms in the Theatre if you pay attention, but things can also go wrong very quickly. My advice for this room is to concentrate at all times, as even looking away for a second can get you caught. The core principles of this room are as follows:

  1. Bloat will walk around the central pillar of the room. While it is walking, all damage is halved and any player in Bloat's line of sight will get 'flied' for 10-20 damage per tick, and this damage spreads to any other players in that player's line of sight. This is very dangerous, so players should stay out of Bloat's line of sight at all times.
  2. Eventually bloat will go down, signified by the lights on his back flashing, and standing still. Then everyone can run to attack Bloat (you should aim to do Chally spec - 5 whip hits/4 scythe hits - chally spec on the first down, then 6 whip hits/5 scythe hits - chally spec on the subsequent downs.
  3. Then bloat will stand up again and either walk or run around the room. Again, it will 'fly' anyone in line of sight, but now, additionally, pieces of meat fall from the roof, which will stun players and deal 30+ damage when caught. This will often lead to players also getting flied, and so it is crucial that you avoid these. A dark shadow will appear on the ground where they are going to fall, so it is recommended that players unequip the elite robe void bottoms, as these are large and can obscure the view. Alternatively, RuneLite users can use the entity hider plugin to hide themselves and other players.

The room is as simple as that. Just concentrate and don't get hit. For players who want to learn more advanced techniques, research into flinching, or learn to tick-eat the stomp to get in some extra hits. It can also be worth doing a BGS spec before the first down (noting that although the damage will be halved, and you will lose health getting flied, the defence reduction will be for the full amount, before it was halved).


The Nylocas

The Nylocas room is one of the easiest to learn, one of the most fun, and one which has an incredibly high skill ceiling, meaning you can always learn something new about this room.

Essentially, waves of different nylocas will enter the room, which can only be killed with their respective styles:

  • white = melee
  • blue = mage
  • green = ranged

The waves are always the same however! So you can learn them over time and get very good at a specific role.

In this room, you should have:

  • 1 mager (usually the south mage from the Maiden room)
  • 1 ranger
  • 2 meleers.

One of the two meleers should switch to mage to help out nearer the end of the waves, unless you have a very good mager. Over time, you will learn your roles off by heart, and know when you can switch to other styles to help out. After 20 waves of nylocas spawns, the room cap will increase, meaning twice as many can now spawn. Try and focus hard now, just keep hitting your colour and try not to lose ticks running around not hitting anything. Look at the pillars' health bars and focus those pillars that are low. Communicate with your team!

The Boss

Once all of the waves are dealth with, heal up to max, restore your stats, and pot up for the boss. This is just a large nylocas that will rotate through the same three styles as above. It can deal extremely high damage if you don't pray correctly against it, so make sure your priority is:

switch prayers > switch gear > attack boss.

If you follow that order, you shouldn't take much damage and should do absolutely fine.

For those seeking a greater challenge, there are images which show the timings and locations of the spawns, try and learn these off by heart. You can also find the best times to switch to other styles and 'pre-fire' on crabs coming down the runways before they switch styles.



Sotetseg is a giant dark beast who can attack with three different attacks:

  • First, Sote can attack you with melee if you are in melee range. Players should always stand in melee range and pray melee, as the attacks are very inaccurate.
  • Secondly, Sote can choose to attack you with a mage attack, if this happens, Sote will fire a small red ball towards you, you should switch to protect mage and the attack will not deal any damage. It will however split into another mage ball (red) and a ranged ball (dark grey). These attacks will then fire off to two other players, so make sure you are aware of not only the attacks coming from Sote, but also the attacks bouncing from other players.
  • Finally, Sote can fire a large ball of energy that can be shared amongst players. Players should all meet at the front of Sotetseg, in the middle, and the damage will then be shared between them before players return to their positions.
  • Every 33.3%, Sotetseg will teleport players to the beginning of the maze. One player, in the underworld, will step on the tiles in the maze, and players in the overworld will be able to see the tiles they have stepped on. If players step on the wrong tile, large damage will be taken. Also, if players are not quick enough, then a tornado spawns which will traverse the maze, and damge the player for large hitpoints if it reaches them. Therefore, a balance between speed and accuracy is required.

To start the room, players should decide on speccing order. Typically, the roles are:

  • 12
  • 13
  • 23
  • Fill

This means that 12 will spec on phase 1 and phase 2, etc. and Fill will spec if any player misses their spec on any phase. The phases are separated by the two mazes that spawn at 66.6% and 33.3% health.

Try to focus on looking at other players as well as Sotetseg in this room. Build awareness of what is going on around you. To learn efficient maze solutions, use this maze trainer tool to practice. I'd recommend mastering this before you even enter the Theatre of Blood.