Persona 4 Boss Guide Walkthrough Part 3: Heaven, Twisted Inaba, Yomotsu Hirasaka

Updated on June 22, 2016
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Once more unto the breach, Persona 4 fans! This is the last part of the Persona 4 Boss FAQ, covering the final three dungeons in the game. Although the bosses often require a bit more strategy than the ones that came before it, these fights are less of a hassle than the earlier battles you've fought. Employ the tactics you've read about in the previous pages and keep a steady head and you'll be beating this top-notch Playstation 2 RPG in no time.

By now, you should have characters like Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko near their max social link level. This will make battles with them significantly easier as Chie and Yosuke will no longer be weak to any types of attacks. Yukiko will retain her ice weakness but add additional elemental strengths to counter that.

You may have noticed that your final party member, Naoto, is useful in the dungeons but isn't too great in boss battles. Her instant-kill attacks are great for regular enemies but all bosses are immune to them. Be sure to switch her out before heading in for a boss battle.

And, of course, Spoilers Below

The world is well balanced.
The world is well balanced.
I found the Okina
I found the Okina

Heaven Bosses: World Balance, Kunino-Sagiri, Lost Okina

World Balance

This battle is made nearly inconsequential if you have a persona Makarakarn (reflect magic). Cast Makarakarn on your main character, keep a persona with no elemental weaknesses on, and use your strongest attacks over and over again. The World Balance uses single target magic spells coupled with Mind Charge to do massive damage. It doesn't really matter who he casts it on as long as your main character is protected. Everyone else can easily be revived.

Be careful not to let your main character be hit with a mind charged spell, though: it may well be a gameover if you aren't properly protected.


This is a complicated battle that becomes significantly easier once you understand the pattern. He'll do elemental attacks throughout, often targeting your party member's defenses. Your equipped persona should, ideally, have high magic damage, at least one null, reflect, or absorb element, and maybe two different elemental spells available.

During the battle, he will occasionally charm your party members, having them actually leave the party and come join him on the other side of the battle. This only lasts 2-3 turns and the mind controlled characters rarely do much more than use their basic physical attack. Near the end of the battle, he will use the attack again, but will control all of the party members other than the main character. Heal up and try to defend through it.

Several times during the battle, Kunino-Sagiri will cast a spell called "Quad-Converge." This is your chance to do some major damage. When he casts this spell, he will become completely immune to three of the four elements. The fourth element, however, will do extra damage to him. What element he is weak to is random, so find out which one it is quickly. Once you know what his weakness is, blast it with a mind charged -dyne spell to bring this fight to a quick close.

Keep your health high! When he reaches 25%, he will preform a full screen attack that will probably kill any party member whose HP isn't full.

Lost Okina

The bonus boss in Persona 4's Heaven dungeon, the Lost Okina is very easy if you plan ahead. He is immune to both physical and ice attacks, meaning you'll need powerful magic throughout. Consider using Teddie as your healer and Yukiko as a pure damage caster. You'll probably want Yosuke as your third party member.

He'll charm and fear you when he can, so have protection against that equipped or lots of recovery items in your inventory. This easy boss fight shouldn't take more than five minutes.


Twisted Inaba Boss Fights: Chaos Fuzz, Giant of Envy, Adachi, Amenosagiri

Chaos Fuzz

This can be a difficult fight until you learn the trick to success. Once you've learned their gimmick, the Chaos Fuzz boss is simple. Long story short, if there are less than three Chaos Fuzz enemies on the screen, they will begin summoning more. To defeat them, you have to kill all of them in the same round.

The easiest way to do this is to concentrate on using Ma-dyne elemental magic spells. If you find that one one of the Chaos Fuzz enemies has more HP than the others, have one character give it a good physical attack to bring it back in line.

If you can kill them all in the same round, you'll win easily. Their attacks are nothing to worry about: any persona with good physical resistance should be perfectly safe. If you have trouble coordinating your attacks though, expect a long and frustrating battle with a never ending wave of high HP enemies.

Giant of Envy

This might be the only boss fight you might ever consider using Naoto for. The Giant of Envy is Persona 4's metaphorical tank: he resists all magical attacks and has a skill that counters physical damage 20% of the time. Your only option when fighting this battle is to chance getting countered and use physical attacks or use Megidola spells over and over again.

The ideal party, assuming they are leveled up is some combination of Naoto Chie/Kanji and a healer. Your main character should have a high defense persona with either excellent physical skills or Megidolan. The Giant of Envy will cast Megidolan himself almost every turn. Use heal all techniques to keep your party going.

He also regularly confuses the party. Have characters use status ailment cures on the entire party when it happens. A persona with Null Confuse can also be useful.


Adachi can do a decent amount of damage, but nothing absurd. Your number one priority during this battle should be killing him quickly and conserving as much SP as you can without sacrificing damage.

Use your best physical attacks with a balanced party, keep your party healed, and remove any fear status effects ASAP and Adachi will die fast. He mostly uses elemental spells, so a persona with no elemental weaknesses is ideal for this battle.


Amenosagiri, the giant floating mechanical eye, is difficult but can be put down quickly by a properly leveled party. Hopefully you've leveled either Chie or Kanji so they have God's Hand or Primal Force, respectively. Using power charge combined with these skills can very quickly pile on the damage to this boss.

Before this battle, fuse a Trumpeter persona and level him up enough to get him the Debilitate skill. This spell will lower all of an enemies attributes and will utterly cripple Amenosagiri. Use it early and often.

Your healer (preferably Yukiko, but Teddie can work too) should be healing the entire party almost every round. They will probably be a bit low on SP by the end of the fight, so feel free to drop a Soma if things look like they're getting too rough.

Every now and then, he will cast Fog of Confusion. During this period, it is impossible to damage him in any way. Use this time to heal yourself, buff up, and defend. While the fog is up, Amenosagiri will probably be casting all manners of buffs on himself. Once it is lifted, try to remove the buff's ASAP.

If you ever see Amenosagiri mind charge, defend immediately. He will use his powerful eye beam that will hit all characters for immense damage.

Persona 4: Final Dungeon Boss Fights - Neo Minotaur, Sleeping Table, Izanami

Neo Minotaur

Neo Minotaur is, surprisingly, one of the easiest bosses in all of Persona 4. How do you beat him? Have a null physical persona equipped. That's it.  At this point in the game, you should have found at least one persona immune to physical attacks.  Neo Minotaur only uses physical, so you're safe from any damage.

If you care about your party surviving, he can do pretty hefty damage very quickly if you're not null physical. Concentrate on upping your evasion and lowering Neo Minotaurs hit rate and use the strongest healing spells you have.  But if you only concentrate on your main character, this is a cinch.

Sleeping Table

Not quite as easy as Neo Minotaur, but almost. The Sleeping Table casts Megidolan, Hamoan, Fear+Ghastly Wail, and the occasional fire spell.  Have your a persona that's strong to light equipped, heal after every turn, and remove fear effects as soon as it is cast and you'll be moving on quickly.

Izanami (Phase One)

The final boss! Really! Bring your best party to this fight: Chie with God's Hand can make a huge difference in this fight. Yukiko is also the preferred healer. Yosuke and Kanji are both decent choices, although I preferred Yosuke for his evasion-up skills.

Like your fight against the giant eye/disco ball, use debilitate constantly. It can mean the difference between life and death.  If you have heat riser, use that on Chie and your main character as well. This will keep everyone safe and the damage high. It also helps to have a persona like Beelzebub that has a large number of different resistances. 

This portion of the battle doesn't have any real gimmicks to it.  It is likely you will be healing every round.  When she casts Mind Charge, be sure to have your entire party guard. Use Power Charge + God's Hand to really lay on the hurt fast.  Once you get her to zero HP, hold out until a cut scene begins and then Izanami turns into....

Izanami-no-Okami (Second Phase)

This one is quite a bit tougher.  Izanami's second form will act twice per round, making it possible for her to real output the damage. Heal EVERY TURN unless your party is completely full on health.  Drop soma's and other recovery items whenever you need them; you won't be using them ever again after this fight.

In addition to powerful elemental attacks, she will occasionally inflict status effects on your party. Izanami has an attack that will kill ANY character with ANY status effect on them instantly, so return people's status to normal as soon as they are inflicted with an ailment.

Like before, use Debilitate and Heat Riser liberally, and take advantage of the massive damage Power Charge + God's Hand inflicts. If she casts Debilitate on YOU, counter with your own heat riser on the affected party to offset the negatives.

Keep your damage high, have all your characters with boosted evasion, and never let up on the debuffing and you'll defeat her in no time.  Once defeated, Izanami will "kill" all your party members, but don't worry: this is just part of a cut scene. There's no way you can lose now. Sit back and enjoy the ending!


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