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Top 7 Persona in Persona 4

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Persona 4 Main Characters

Persona 4 Main Characters

Persona 4 Combat Basics

The Persona video games blend monster-slaying with social relationships. You spend lots of your time vanquishing beasts and collecting new "Persona" (creatures you can summon). Additionally, you'll choose which friends to hang out with, and the people you spend time with grant bonuses to certain types of Persona.

Each entity you can collect has basic attributes that determine its combat effectiveness. Some are also weak or resistant to certain elements (fire, ice, electricity, wind, physical, light, dark, and almighty), and they can learn skills through leveling up. Skills damage enemies, heal allies, or passively boost certain powers. With your spoiler warning in hand, let's countdown the seven strongest monsters in the game!



7. Magatsu-Izanagi

Base Level: 77
Arcana: Hunger

First up is Magatsu-Izanagi, an advanced version of the first Persona you receive, Izanagi. Regular Izanagi is quickly outclassed by other creatures, but Magatsu has some powerful abilities—so strong that the main villain uses him.

Magatsu has no weaknesses to any element, and he completely negates light and darkness-based attacks. He also resists physical blows, decreasing their damage. Additionally, he's got some pretty impressive combos. For example, one of his moves targets every enemy and attempts to instill the status condition "fear" onto them. Being inflicted by fear is bad enough, but Magatsu can then use "Ghastly Wail" to immediately kill all foes who are fearful. Be careful when messing with this monster.



6. Sandalphon

Base Level: 84
Arcana: Moon

Next, we have the mighty Sandalphon, an entity so large it's said a human would take 500 years to walk the length of its body. Wow. Sandalphon's no slouch in battle, either. He'll completely block wind strikes, and reflect light attacks back at their source. And he's got some excellent techniques, including many defensive options. He can revive a knocked-out ally with full health, double your evasion rate, and cure all status ailments.

Sandalphon's weakness is that he's vulnerable to darkness attacks; however, raise him to level 90, and he'll learn an ability that blocks darkness moves, completely removing his failing. Don't underestimate this giant warrior.



5. Beelzebub

Base level: 81
Arcana: Devil

Beelzebub appears as a dark force in numerous religions; some equate him to Satan himself. Anyway, Beelzebub earns a place for his numerous resistances and high stats. He blocks ice, reflects electricity and dark back to their source, and absorbs fire (healing some health). Plus, he can attack with a variety of elements, and is capable of charging up magic to make it stronger.

He's weak to light attacks, and sadly won't learn to nullify them with an ability. However, at level 85, he'll learn to endure a light attack with 1 health (light and dark attacks have low accuracy, but are one-hit kills), lessening his vulnerability. And if you think his bug-like appearance isn't very intimidating, check out . . .



4. Satan

Base Level: 76
Arcana: Judgement

real-life Christians believe Satan to be the epitome of evil. In Persona, he's simply a powerful summon. He'll reflect all darkness and fire, and he learns useful abilities that partially restore his summoner's health and SP (basically magic points) each turn. Additionally, he can utilize powerful almighty-attribute strikes that almost every enemy is vulnerable to. Unfortunately, wind attacks will do extra damage to him—until level 82, where he'll learn to nullify them. Definitely a strong Persona.



3. Helel

Base Level: 87
Arcana: Star

Next, we have Helel (a name that some religions equate with Satan). Helel may appear gentler than other monsters, but don't let that deceive you. He blocks fire, light, and dark attacks, and he'll lessen the damage from physical strikes. He can strike with extreme almighty damage, ravaging every enemy. He can also fully heal your entire party, including status ailments.

Helel's only weakness, wind, will be reflected when he learns to repel it at level 91, an upgrade that lets him rival our upcoming warriors for the strongest monster.



2. Lucifer

Base Level: 93
Arcana: Judgement

Okay, this is the last Satan form, I promise. In Christian stories, Lucifer was Satan's name when he existed as God's right-hand angel. He eventually betrays God, and is thrown out of heaven. Persona's creators have stated that, in their games, Lucifer isn't the same as the one from the Bible, he's just a powerful entity who wishes to test the morality and resolve of his summoners

Lucifer blocks dark attacks and lessens any physical blows. He's weak to light, but can learn an ability to reflect it, so that's not a problem for long. He'll also learn to absorb electricity strikes. As if this weren't enough, he can charge up magic techniques, halve the SP cost of all magic attacks, and completely restore health and SP after a fight, helping grind levels in dungeons.



1. Izanagi-no-Okami

Base Level: 91
Arcana: World

Izanagi, get back to your number seven spot already, geez. Wait, this is a different Persona. Yep, the ultimate form of your very first creature, Izanagi-no-Okami has by far the highest stats of any Persona in the game. Defensively, he'll lessen damage from physical, fire, electricity, ice, and wind moves, and can heal his user's health and SP after a fight. Offensively, he'll barrage foes with strikes of almost every element, including the rare almighty attacks.

He only appears in the true ending of the base game (though you can unlock him permanently in the Golden upgrade), and is the only creature who'll learn the "Myriad Truths" move that'll put a stop to the threats you're facing. In short, Izanagi-no-Okami is the ultimate manifestation of the bonds you form in the game.

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Persona's Future

This game is so beloved, it keeps receiving sequels (Persona 4 Arena, Dancing, etc.) that add even more depth to the universe, and will help tide us over until the next mainstream entry. But for now, vote for your favorite summon and I'll see you at our next gaming countdown!

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