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Updated on May 20, 2019
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Now that you've gone through this much of the game, you should start paying attention to your items to make sure boss battles go smoothly.

Here are some things to look for when choosing Persona 4 accessories for boss battles:

  • Dodge Elemental Weakness - Accessories that help a character dodge their innate weakness can make a big difference. Not only will it prevent them from taking extra damage and losing a turn, but it can also keep the enemy from performing a follow-up attack. Often times they will do something they wouldn't normally when a player is downed (IE: remove state penalties on themselves). It is especially important to keep healer's like Yukiko equipped with magic evasion items or they might be unable to heal the party when the going gets tough.
  • Magic Regen - Items that can regenerate magic can be key during long, drawn-out battles. Also, look for personas with Invigorate skills for the same purpose.
  • Try to Have All-Purpose Personas - At this point, you should have had enough time to fuse and collect a wide variety of different personas. Try to make sure you have one that is at least "Strong" against each of the elements, if not repelling or absorbing them all together.

Rise's Dungeon Bosses

Amorous Snake

Good news: this is one of the few bosses that have an elemental weakness. Fire will do huge damage to the Amorous Snake boss. Be sure to bring Yukiko and your best fire-elemental Persona. Two all-out attacks per round should make quick work of this boss.

The bad news is that this is a status ailment beast. Try and come into the battle with a null-poison or null confuse persona equipped. That will be one of the snake's first attacks. Keep your party healed from poison and confusion, and you should be cutting this snake down to size in no time.

Shadow Rise

Shadow Rise is actually very easy, but there are a few gimmicks that can confuse you. Do as much damage as you can, as fast as you can. When she analyzes a player, guard because she is about to target them with their weakness.

When Shadow Rise reaches about 25% health, she will become invulnerable and start casting more damaging spells. Guard as long as you can and have one party member heal the rest of the group if their health gets too low. This will last a few rounds, after which the battle will end automatically.

Shadow Teddie

Oops, it turns out Rise wasn't the real boss of this dungeon. You're going to be fighting Teddie's Shadow immediately after beating Rise's. And you don't get to save first. And he is tough. He casts strong ice magic throughout the battle. You will probably want to have Yukiko in the party in spite of her ice weakness so that she can help you heal through his attacks.

It is IMPERATIVE to keep your health high in this fight. Shadow Teddie will mind charge and then cast a powered-up Mabufu on the entire party. To survive it, most characters will have to guard. You'll want your party fully healed before he can bust it out.

He will also charge up a move called "Nihil Hand." This actually requires TWO turns to charge up, meaning players have time to heal, buff, debuff Teddie, and do as much damage as they can for one turn. If all the characters guard on the second round of charging up, they will receive no damage whatsoever. Use this when times are getting tough.

Momentary Child

The bonus boss for Rise's dungeon, the Momentary Child looks like a nightmare but is actually pretty easy. Bring along Chie, Teddie, and your strongest ice-casting persona and you'll kill him quick. Be sure to keep your health high as his physical attacks can do a lot of damage quickly, though. Keep your healing under control you'll beat this Persona 4 boss quick.

Void Quest Dungeon Bosses

Killing Hand

This isn't too hard. He will summon a minion, the Almighty Hand, that you'll have to deal with. The Killing Hand has no weaknesses, but his crony is weak to wind. Bring along Yosuke to ensure you get some extra attacks. Kill the Almighty Hand as quickly as you can and then focus fire on Killing Hand.

The damage is easy to handle and if you are around level 32, he should be a cinch to defeat.

Shadow Mitsuo

This fight, on the other hand, is a real bear. In fact, it might be the hardest storyline fight in the entire game. Unless you are completely overleveled, this will be a long and often frustrating fight. Mitsuo will start out as a giant robot. He will always get two attacks per turn, making him doubly dangerous. He will usually use either a regular physical attack or drop a "bomb" that causes physical damage plus exhaustion.

You MUST have a mean to cure exhaustion to survive this fight. It will deplete your SP very fast. Either have lots of status-curing items in your inventory or choose Teddie as your healer for Energy Shower.

Once your party does enough damage to the robot, it will be destroyed revealing the real boss hiding behind it. Do an all-out attack for massive damage and then try to blast him down as fast as you can. He will try to cast fear on your party members: this CAN NOT be left up for more than one turn, as he will use the Ghastly Wail skill to instantly kill them shortly after.

He will also use one type of elemental magic over and over again. Try and have whoever is weak to guard it constantly. If a character is knocked down, he will take advantage of the extra turn and make things very difficult on your party.

If you haven't already fused a Black Frost before this battle, you should consider doing it now. His mind charge +high level elemental spells can do massive damage. You will need this high damage output when Mitsuo start's rebuilding his robot. If you don't do enough damage fast enough, it will rebuild itself and you'll have to destroy it again. A rebuilt robot will have an additional high damage magic spell that can wipe out an unprepared party.

Keep your health high but be ready to switch over to heavy damage ASAP to keep Mitsuo from rebuilding and you'll take down this grueling boss.

Hopefully, you'll have fused Black Frost by this point.
Hopefully, you'll have fused Black Frost by this point.

Secret Lab Dungeon Bosses

Dominating Machine

This battle is extremely easy if you have a persona that has Counter or that repels physical. Even if you don't, your party has plenty of time to act. Make it a point to raise defense for your party while lowering the Dominating Machine's attack. He will power charge one turn and then attack the next, every time. This gives you plenty of time to heal your party up and do damage to him.

He usually only focuses on one party member at a time, but a power-charged herculean strike can usually kill an unguarded character. High defense is needed, especially on your main character.

Once his health is very low, he'll sit still for three turns. This is the time to roll out all your most powerful attacks. Hold nothing back! At the end of the three turns, he will self destruct causing massive damage. If you do not believe you can defeat him in three turns, heal up, buff up, and guard. Hopefully, your main character will make it through unscathed and you'll have won the battle.

Shadow Naoto

This is a tough but doable fight. Although Yukiko is usually the better choice, you may want to bring Teddie in as your healer for this battle. Naoto resists fire magic and has a tendency to target your party member's weaknesses, making Yukiko redundant for much of the fight. Try and have a persona with no elemental weaknesses equipped with Mediarama on your main character to take the strain of healing off of your party members.

Try and bring Yosuke along as well. Naoto casts Heat Riser, a skill that buffs all her attributes. His stat canceling magic will make the difference between success and defeat. Hopefully, you'll have skills or items that remove Silence, as well.

Keep your healing up, guard wisely with your healer, and keep status effects under control to master this battle.

Extreme Vessel

The extra boss of the Secret Lab, Extreme Vessel, is not too difficult. It will, however, require careful persona switching by the main character. Extreme Vessel has both powerful physical AND magical attacks, so you will need a physically resistant persona as well as ones that have multiple resistances to elements.

When this boss uses power charge, switch to a physical persona and guard. He will use God's Hand the next turn, which will usually kill one of your party members instantly. If it ends up targeting your main character, he will need to be equipped with the right persona to survive. Likewise, when he casts mind charge, put on a persona with strong elemental defenses and guard.

Keep your health up throughout this fight! The boss is weak to wind, so try and use Yosuke in this battle.

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