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Physical Caster Summoner Build in "Titan Quest AE" for Hardcore Walkthrough



For me, Hardcore does not necessarily mean no gear inheritance. I simply like playing without dying, so I delete a character with all its gear right after it gets killed. But if you restrict yourself to SSF each time, it will take an eternity to enjoy the whole build variety. I have another guide that is dedicated to an SSF character. There is plenty of builds that can solo the game without any inheritance, but why have the shared stash at all if you don't use it?

Although the suggested Summoner build can be made from scratch, inherited gear is advised. You will need to have Recharge Reduction as soon as possible for the build to work smoothly.


  • Strength - Everything goes to strength. We need our physical damage multiplied as high as possible.
  • Dexterity - None.
  • Intelligence - None.
  • Health - None. You will have enough from the gear and the skill trees.
  • Energy - None.

Nature Skills

This is the suggested skill allocation.

  • Call of the Wild: (Rank: 16 of 16) Maul: (Rank: 1 of 12) Survival Instinct: (Rank: 16 of 16) Strength of the Pack: (Rank: 12 of 12) - Just let them run around for the damage buff.
  • Heart of Oak: (Rank: 12 of 12) Tranquility of Water: (Rank: 6 of 6) Permanence of Stone: (Rank: 6 of 6) - An obvious choice for every build.
  • Plague: (Rank: 8 of 8) Fatigue: (Rank: 8 of 8) Susceptibility: (Rank: 8 of 8) - Your damage and your defense.
  • Refresh: (Rank: 1 of 12) - You can never spoil a build with this skill. Put only one point to it so you can use it in every fight.
  • Briar Ward: (Rank: 1 of 16) Stinging Nettle: (Rank: 1 of 8) Sanctuary: (Rank: 8 of 8) - It will be helpful in boss fights.

Earth Skills

This is the suggested skill allocation.

  • Earth Enchantment: (Rank: 1 of 12) Brimstone: (Rank: 8 of 8) Stone Skin: (Rank: 10 of 10) - A damage and resistance buff.
  • Heat Shield: (Rank: 1 of 12) - 15% Physical resistance is nice.
  • Summon Core Dweller: (Rank: 16 of 16) Inner Fire: (Rank: 8 of 8) Wildfire: (Rank: 1 of 12) Metamorphosis: (Rank: 8 of 8) - This guy is not extremely useful, but it is big and warm.
  • Volativity: (Rank: 12 of 12) - More damage.
  • Eruption: (Rank: 12 of 12) - This skill does significant damage. And it can be placed where you need.
  • Meteor Shower: (Rank: 12 of 12) - It is the main spell.


Resistances and Recharge Reduction are the top priority. I try to max resistances in every build because I always play no-death. The build is based on Recharge. Without 80%, it won't work that well.

+Skills are also somewhat important. I have only +2 to all skills because I focused on Energy Cost Reduction. No need to use mana potions is enormously satisfying. I had to farm Mimer's Maze for a while to reroll my items to get a higher amount of Energy Cost Reduction.

This is the gear I used and suggest.


I always use 1, 2, 3, Space, Q, W, E. Auras and buffs can be assigned to any other button. The skill rotation for this build is LMB > 2 > RMB > Space. Sometimes you will need to use it twice LMB > RMB > 2 > Space > 2 > RMB.

LMB - Plague
RMB - Eruption

1 - Healing Potions
2 - Meteor Shower
3 - Heat Shield
Space - Refresh
Q - Core Dweller
W - For wolvetta
E - Briar Ward

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