"Pokémon GO" Lure Guide

Updated on July 15, 2020
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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Lure Module Guide

Spawn Pokémon into the world for everyone around you!
Spawn Pokémon into the world for everyone around you!

Lures in Pokémon GO

Lure modules in Pokémon Go are items that can be placed at Pokéstops to temporarily increase the spawn of Pokémon. You can expect an additional Pokémon to spawn every three to five minutes when a Lure is active. Unlike Incense, Lure Modules cause additional spawns to exist in the world so that all players nearby can catch these additional spawns. The additional spawns occur within the spin radius of a Pokéstop so the standard behavior is to find a populated place where you will want to spend some time, open a Lure, and hang out for a while catching Pokémon. This is most common in parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and things of the sort.

Different Lure Types

Pokémon GO offers several different types of Lures. Each Lure spawns additional Pokémon as all Lures do, but special Lures will have added behavior. These Lures include:

  • Lure: Attracts Pokémon based on the nearby type spawns for a duration of 30 minutes. Will adhere to events where Niantic changes spawn rates such as the Water Festival or Community Days.
  • Glacial Lure: Attracts Ice and Water Pokémon and lasts for a duration of 30 minutes. Spawns more frequently than a regular Lure. Evolving an Eevee while inside of a Glacial Lure will cause that Eevee to become a Glaceon
  • Mossy Lure: Attracts Bug, Grass, and Poison Pokémon and lasts for a duration of 30 minutes. Spawns more frequently than a regular Lure. Evolving an Eevee while inside of a Mossy Lure will cause that Eevee to become a Leafeon.
  • Magnetic Lure: Attracts Electric, Rock, and Steel Pokémon and lasts for a duration of 30 minutes. Spawns more frequently than a regular Lure.

Evolving the following Pokémon while inside of a Magnetic Lure will cause new evolutions:

  • Magneton becomes Magnezone
  • Nosepass becomes Probopass

Active Magnetic Lure Module in "Pokémon Go"

This active Magnetic Lure causes specific types of Pokémon to spawn and even allows for two new evolutions!
This active Magnetic Lure causes specific types of Pokémon to spawn and even allows for two new evolutions!

How to Get Lure Modules

Lures Modules are a premium item that cost coins. Coins are roughly $1 USD for 100 when purchased from the shop but the rate does get better if you spend more money. Lures may also appear in "Box" offers that Niantic occasionally places in the store. Buying Lures is generally the primary way to get them but there are a few options in total.

  • Standard Lures cost 100 coins each, or a pack of 8 for 680 coins.
  • Special Lures (Glacial, Mossy, and Magnetic) cost 200 each. There is not a bulk purchase option.
  • Leveling up will occasionally grant Standard Lures.
  • Limited Researches will occasionally grant Standard Lures, as well as the occasional Special Lures. (For example, "A Thousand-Year Slumber" grants all three of the Special Lures.)

They are generally pretty rare to come by, but they are incredibly valuable so use them wisely!

Lure Strategies

It should be fairly obvious, but there are a handful of ways to use Lures to capitalize on them the most:

  • Place Lures in overlapping Pokéstops to maximize Pokémon caught per time. You can find three, sometimes four, Pokéstops all within range of each other. Lure them all and you can sit in the center racking in tons of Pokémon!
  • Places Lures in Pokéstops a short walking distance away. Similar to above, but walk back and forth between a few Lures to earn buddy distance and hatch eggs while you catch. Keep a maximum of two to three minute walking distance away.
  • Use Lures during extended time events. Niantic will extend Lure times for some events. Most notably this would include Community Day where Lures will last for 3 hours instead of 30 minutes. This is the time to use them!
  • Lure with your friends or in a populated place. Share the wealth! Everyone around you benefits so the more people playing, the more value that Lure has. You can consider taking turns buying Lures with a group of friends. There are even rumors that suggest that the more people that are near a Lure, the more likely it is to spawn a rare Pokémon! This is not confirmed of course, but it can't hurt to bring some friends to the party.


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