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"Pokémon GO" Unova Stone Evolution Guide

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Gen 5 has arrived! This guide covers the Unova Stone and what you need to know about it.

Gen 5 has arrived! This guide covers the Unova Stone and what you need to know about it.

What Is a Unova Stone?

An Unova Stone is an evolution item that was added to Pokémon GO along with the initial release of Unova. Unova is the 5th generation of Pokémon coming initially from the release of Pokémon Black and Pokémon White and consists of entirely new and unique Pokémon. Unlike other generations, there are no baby variants or evolutions of Pokémon from other generations. Similar to the Sinnoh Stone, the Unova Stone can be used to create exclusive evolutions for your Unova Pokémon.

Unova Stone Evolution List

It takes one Unova Stone to make an evolution. As of September 2019, that's perhaps all you'll need because there is only a single Pokémon accessible to everyone that can be evolved with the stone.

  • Lampent into Chandelure with Stone + 100 Candy
  • Pansear into Simisear with Stone + 50 Candy
  • Pansage into Simisage with Stone + 50 Candy
  • Panpour into Simipour with Stone + 50 Candy
  • Minccino into Cinccino with Stone + 50 Candy
  • Munna into Musharna with Stone + 50 Candy
  • Eelektrik into Elektross with Stone + 100 Candy

Pansear, Pansage, and Panpour are regional exclusive Pokémon, and Minccino, Munna, and Eelektrik are not yet released as of September 2019. If you happen to get a Unova Stone, you may only be able to use it on Lampent for now! Lampent can be found in 10km eggs, so start walking!

How to Get an Unova Stone

As of September 2019, the only way to get an Unova Stone is to complete your Research Breakthrough task. This means you'll have to do a Research Task for seven days. It does not have to be seven days in a row, simply seven individual days of having completed at least one Research Task and you'll complete your Breakthrough, potentially granting you a stone. Unfortunately, it is not a guaranteed drop, so you may not even get it after 7 days!

It's expected to be made more available in the future, similar to other evolution items. When this is done, you'll have more options just as you do with regular evolution items.

A good way is to reach your seven-day Pokéstop reward. The streak rewards you for catching Pokemon or spinning Pokéstops at least once a day for seven days. After seven days of spinning Pokéstops, you are guaranteed a rare item. Of course, it may not be an Unova Stone, but that is the only way to guarantee a rare item. It also only takes consistency in that you can't miss a day, otherwise, it's easy to do.

While friends are the best way to earn experience, you can now also earn rare items from friend gifts, making them that more valuable. Make sure to keep up with your gifting to maximize your chances. Remember, you can open up to 20 gifts per day, so be sure to have enough friends to keep that number going. If you don't have enough friends, check out local Pokemon groups on Discord, Facebook, Reddit, etc., so you can find a list of IDs to add and start gifting.

Otherwise, keep spinning Pokéstops and gyms as much as you can to keep rolling the dice. Unfortunately, the drop rate for rare items, in general, is less than 1%, so finding an Unova stone may be a 1 in 1,000 or less event.

Unova Stone

It's a strange decision from Niantic to only allow a single Pokémon evolution for the Unova Stone upon release, not counting the regional exclusives. This is very different than the Sinnoh Stone which came with quite a handful, and many more were added later on. It's more like the original stones which came with only one or two evolutions. However, you should still immediately start grinding for Unova Stones as you can be sure that the other evolutions already acknowledged will be released soon and it would not be surprising if more were to follow. Plus, depending on what is added, later on, there are likely going to be many very powerful options just as there were with the Sinnoh Stones that you'll want to add to your raid or PvP teams.