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"Pokémon Go" Fighting Type Tier List

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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Fighting Type Tier List


Fighting Types

Fighting types are very commonly used in Pokémon Go for two main reasons:

  1. Take down Tyranitar raids as Tyranitar is one of the most desirable Pokémon.
  2. Take down Normal type gym defenders such as Chanseys/Blisseys as they are some of the most effective gym defenders.

In general, Fighting types tend to be more commonly used than other types, so I recommend all players put some effort into building a strong Fighting team.

Fighting Type Effectiveness

Just a quick recap regarding what Fighting type Pokémon are strong or weak against so you know what purpose they serve in your raid teams.

Fighting deals extra damage to:

  • Normal
  • Ice
  • Ground
  • Steel
  • Dark

Fighting takes extra damage from:

  • Psychic
  • Fairy
  • Flying

Fighting deals reduced damage to:

  • Flying
  • Bug
  • Poison
  • Psychic
  • Ghost
  • Fairy

Fighting takes reduced damage from:

  • Dark
  • Ground
  • Bug

S Tier



Machamp is clearly a cut above the rest. Machamp features the best stats overall and is almost always the best option for a raid where you need fighting types. Beyond that, it's also incredibly easy to build a team given you can find them spawning in the wild and Machamp raids are fairly common as well as solo-able with a strong enough Psychic team. There is simply no other option that is quite as incredible as Machamp for fighting types nor as accessible. I highly recommend every Pokémon GO player to build a team of 6 powerful Machamps.

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Machamp can learn the following fast moves:

  • Counter [Fighting]
  • Bullet Punch [Steel]

Machamp can learn the following charge moves:

  • Dynamic Punch [Fighting]
  • Close Combat [Fighting]
  • Heavy Slam [Steel]

Machamp is most powerful when using Counter + Dynamic Punch though Counter + Close Combat isn't that much worse.

A Tier


Breloom and Hariyama

Breloom and Hariyama are close runner-ups to Machamp and are generally not significantly worse. They're still incredibly powerful, and Breloom even technically has higher DPS than Machamp, but is much less tanky, so you'll likely end up spending too much time knocked out.

Neither are raid exclusives, but they both can be quite rare to build out as Shroomish and Makuhita are not very common spawns unless Niantic is running a Fighting type event.

Your best move selections are:

  • Breloom: Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Hariyama: Counter and Dynamic Punch

B Tier



While still a solid option, Blaziken is a step down away from the higher tiers in DPS, and is also lacking in defensive stats. By no means is it worthless, and it can still effectively fill a raid team, but you'll notice it a little bit.

Evolving up from Torchic, Blaziken is not a raid exclusive. Similar to Tier A, it can also be somewhat rare to build out. Fortunately, as it is primarily a Fire type, you can find Torchics spawning fairly frequently during sunny weather.

Blaziken's best fighting moves are Counter and Focus Blast. However, it is worth pointing out that Blaziken is also a fairly powerful fire type and you may want to keep it for that rather than building out a Fighting type.

C Tier


Heracross and Toxicroak

These choices are acceptable, but they won't really shine in battle. For reference, they can still outperform a poorly built Machamp, but you won't be setting any records. Furthermore, Heracross is a regional exclusive to South America (and some parts of Texas/Florida), so is a fairly rare option. Toxicroak is a little bit easier to build, has fairly decent DPS, but isn't very tanky.

Your best move selections are:

  • Heracross: Counter and Close Combat
  • Toxicroak: Counter and Dynamic Punch

D Tier


Lucario and Gallade

This choices fall down the charts quite a bit, particularly Gallade who could arguably be placed a tier lower than Lucario in terms of stats. However, Gallade is both a Fighting and Psychic type, meaning it does not take extra damage from Psychic like most Fighting Pokemon. You would generally not feel great about using these two in a raid team, but they're better than nothing.

Your best move selections are:

  • Lucario: Counter and Close Combat
  • Gallade: Low Kick and Close Combat

Honorable Mention


Primeape, Ursaring, and Poliwrath

While all scoring fairly low in stats, these options can make low level or newer raiders still be useful when raiding with higher levels. Particularly given all three of these are fairly accessible and don't take a lot to evolve or build. These are great starting points while you build out a stronger fighting team.

Your best move selections are:

  • Primeape: Counter and Close Combat
  • Ursaring: Counter and Close Combat
  • Poliwrath: Rock Smash and Dynamic Punch

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