"Pokémon GO" Friends and Lucky Friends Guide

Updated on July 16, 2020
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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Play with friends to earn incredible rewards, perks, and more.
Play with friends to earn incredible rewards, perks, and more.

Friends in Pokémon GO

The friend system in Pokémon GO is a wonderful feature that can accelerate or multiply the effectiveness of your gameplay in many different ways all while playing with a group of your friends.

Friends touch a lot of the Pokémon GO systems, including raids, items, and trading. Overall it's critical to your progression but it's also just great to play the game with people you know and care about.

Adding Friends

To add a friend in Pokémon GO, simply follow these instructions:

  • Go to your profile by tapping your user icon on the bottom left of the screen
  • From there, tap the friends section on the top right portion of the screen
  • Select "Add Friend"
  • There you will find your trainer code, send it to your friends to add you, or input theirs to add them.
  • You can also use the QR code section, and just scan each others accounts
  • Also, if you connect to Facebook you can find your Facebook friends as well

Your friend must accept your invite before you will see them.

Feel free to add me!
Feel free to add me!

Leveling up Friendship Levels

After adding a friend, you must level your friendship level to start unlocking and increasing various perks. To do so, go back to your friends list and select a name. You can then view there profile, and also send them a gift. Select "send gift" to pick a gift from your inventory to send to them. If you don't have a gift, simply spin Pokestops until you have some. You can hold a maximum of 10. After your friend OPENS your gift, you will level up for the first time!

You can level up your friendship once per day with various activities. These activities include:

  • Opening a gift from a friend
  • Doing a raid with a friend
  • Trading with a friend
  • Battling with a friend

Gifting is the primary way to level up your friendship level as it can be done at any time, from any distance. It's also, by far, the best way to level up. For some gifting details:

  • Gift sending has no daily limit in total, but you can only send 1 to a single friend per day
  • Getting gifts from Pokestops is limited to 100 per day, but not limited per Pokestop so you can get all 100 from a single Pokestop
  • You can only hold up to 10 gifts at a time
  • Opening gifts is limited to 20 per day

Friends have 4 levels to work through, with "Lucky" friends being somewhat of a 5th level. These levels are:

  • Good Friend, requiring any friendship activity
  • Great Friend, requiring 7 days of friendship activity
  • Ultra Friend, requiring 30 days of friendship activity
  • Best Friend, requiring 90 days of friendship activity
  • Lucky Friend (covered later)

    These numbers are in total, not incremental, so after 90 days in total you will become a Best Friend.

Friendship Level Perks

Friendship level perks are quite incredible in Pokémon GO. You will earn:

  • Tons of experience for every level (plus experience, items, and stardust for every gift sent)
  • Additional balls to catch raid bosses when raiding with friends
  • Additional damage to raid bosses when raiding with friends
  • Reduced stardust cost when trading with friends
  • Improved individual values when trading with friends
    For more information on individual values, check out my full guide.

Refer to the chart below for more details.

Be sure to coordinated popping a Lucky Egg with your Best Friend to increase your experience! After triggering it, you will not have time to turn one on! Plan in advance.
Be sure to coordinated popping a Lucky Egg with your Best Friend to increase your experience! After triggering it, you will not have time to turn one on! Plan in advance.

"Lucky Friends"

Added in early 2019, Lucky Friends is a new mechanic in Pokémon GO.

When doing an activity with a Best Friend, such as sending a gift, you have a chance to become a Lucky Friend.

Lucky Friend guarantees your next trade with them to create Lucky Pokémon. It only lasts for 1 trade, and just with that friend. However, this is incredible because Lucky Pokémon are amazingly valuable and both traded Pokémon are guaranteed to become Lucky. Lucky Pokémon:

  • Cost less to upgrade
  • Are guaranteed to be 10/10/10+ IV (67% or higher)
  • Have a cool looking background
  • Are tracked in your Pokedex

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Lucky Friend Screenshots
Lucky Friend Screenshots
Lucky Friend Screenshots


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