"Pokemon Go" Guide to Pokebox Search Strings

Updated on January 8, 2019
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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Search String Guide

Pokebox Search Functionality

Even an infrequent Pokemon Go player has run into frustrations managing and sifting through hundreds of, potentially over a thousand, Pokemon in their Pokebox. You certainly know you can search your box for Pokemon, but what you may not know is that Niantic offers a very robust search system with many different functions. This guide will get into what those functions are and how you can use them to your advantage for the most hardcore or the most casual players.

Primary Search Functions

  • Name (NAME)
    Searching for a Pokemon's name will return all Pokemon of that type as well as any renamed Pokemon. For example, if you searched for Flareon, but had renamed one to Pyro, you would still see Pyro appear during a Flareon search.
  • Pokedex Number (#, #-#)
    If you search for a number, it will return all Pokemon of that Pokedex ID. For example, searching for "1" will return Bulbasaurs. Additionally, using a dash let's you search for a range, so searching for 1-3 will return Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaurs.
  • Species (+PokemonName)
    Similar to above, searching for Bulbasaur will return all Bulbasaurs, but searching for +Bulbasaur will return all Bulbasaurs, Ivysaurs, and Venusaurs.
  • Evolutions (evolve)
    Searching for "evolve" will return all Pokemon you currently have enough Candy to evolve. It will return all versions of evolvable Pokemon even if you don't have enough Candy to evolve all of them.
  • Shinies (shiny)
    Searching for "shiny" will return all Shiny Pokemon.
  • Legendaries (legendary)
    Searching for "legendary" will return all Legendary Pokemon.
  • Mythical (mythical)
    Searching for "mythical" will return all Mythical Pokemon
  • Type (type)
    Searching for any type will return Pokemon. For example, searching for "water" will return all Water type Pokemon, including those who are dual types and secondarily are something else.
  • Moves (@MoveName or @MoveType)
    Searching for @MoveName or @MoveType will return all Pokemon with those types. For example, searching for @scratch will return all Pokemon that know Scratch. Searching for @normal will return all Pokemon with Normal attack moves.
  • Stats (cp# or hp#)
    Searching for cp# or hp# (or with a range such as cp3000-cp5000) will return all Pokemon with those corresponding stats.
  • Miscellaneous Search Options
    "traded" shows traded Pokemon
    "defender" shows Pokemon currently defending Gyms
    "lucky" shows Lucky Pokemon
    "alola" shows Alolan Pokemon
    "@weather" returns all Pokemon with moves boosted by the current weather
  • Shinies (shiny)
    Searching for "shiny" will return all Shiny Pokemon.


It is entirely possible to combine search strings so that you can search for multiple things at once. To do so, you need to use a few symbols:

  • AND can be accomplished by an "&" symbol
    Searching for "4&shiny" will return all Shiny Charmanders you own.
  • OR can be accomplished via a "," symbol
    Searching for "4,shiny" will return all Shiny Pokemon you own, as well as all Charmanders

This starts to open the door for more advanced options that can be really useful.

Advanced Techniques: Evolution Sessions

At face value, it can be easy to believe that many of these search options are only mildly useful at best. However, there are a lot of things you can do with them that can be incredibly helpful, such as using a string for evolution sessions.

You likely know that a main method for grinding experience is to use a Lucky Egg and evolve cheap Pokemon for 30 minutes straight. This is a very tedious task, but search options can make it easier! The following strings can be incredibly helpful:

  • All evolvable 12 Candy Pokemon
  • All evolvable 12 Candy Pokemon + 25 Candy Pokemon

You may consider using an online tool to generate a search query you find most useful and keep it stored somewhere on your phone to use.

Advanced Techniques: Searching for 100% IV Pokemon

Another thing you can do with search strings is scrub your Pokebox for 100% IV Pokemon. It's still a bit tedious to do this way, but it is faster than appraising every single Pokemon. You search for all possible CP values for a given Pokedex ID that could be 100%. It will not necessarily be a 100% IV Pokemon if one is returned, but it could be! This reddit thread covers how to do it, and the exact list of strings.


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      charles dixion 

      18 months ago

      cool game


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