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"Pokémon Go" Hints and Tips: The Region-Specific Pokemon That You'll Never Catch!

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Peter enjoys playing "Pokémon GO." They hope to catch em' all!

Region-Specific Pokémon: Time to Travel!

If you're familiar with the adventures of Ash Ketchum and his host of friends with whom he explores the various regions of the Pokémon universe, then you'll know that travelling plays a large part of being a Pokémon master.

Ash has travelled a number of regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos to name but a few! These can be considered as countries/continents. And while HM02 Fly makes travel very very quick for your sprite in the Nintendo Gameboy Pokémon games, I'm afraid you won't be able to jump on the back of a Pidgeot to traverse the real world while playing Pokémon Go.

No, you'll need to do some actual walking, jogging, driving etc. You'll need to get out and explore the world and region in which you live, which is definitely a good thing! However, it's recently been found through data-mining that there are a few Pokemon that you simply will NOT find in the wild unless you're in a specific continent. No, I'm not joking, Niantic and The Pokémon Company have genuinely created region-specific Pokémon. Yes, this does mean you'll need to go travelling if you want to catch all 151 Kanto Pokemon in the wild.

This article will give you a run-down of the few, rare region-specific Pokémon in the PoGo game, and hopefully it will also explain why you're yet to see a Farfetch'd...

Which Pokémon Are Region-Specific in Pokémon Go?

So here we have it, the 100% legit list of Pokémon that are completely region-specific in Pokémon Go. You will not find these Pokémon in the wild in any region other than that it is specific to...

I should also mention the reasoning behind these region-exclusive Pokémon. They may seem at first a little odd, but each of the Pokémon listed in this article has its own backstory as to why it's only available in a certain continent of the world. It's actually an incredibly cool and smart move by Niantic, and it's one that I genuinely appreciate! I hope that you find it as interesting and intuitive as I do.

1. Tauros

Tauros is the bull Pokémon. And while many believe the Johto generation should have included a pre-evolution that evolves in to Miltank if female and Tauros if male, us Kanto collectors quite literally could not care less about pre-evolutions/baby Pokemon (for now).

It has now been confirmed that Tauros can ONLY be found in the wild in one continent. That continent is North America. So although you may find Tauros quite frequently appearing on your nearby-radar, that's simply because you're lucky enough to live in North America. Other users around the globe are not so lucky.

Tauros, the 'Wild Bull' Pokémon

Tauros, the 'Wild Bull' Pokémon

The Tauros North America Back Story

Apparently Tauros is only available in North America due to the region's past affinity for buffalo farms and ranches. This does seem fitting considering Tauros is described in the Pokédex as the 'Wild Bull Pokémon'.

The fact that Pokémon Go, The Pokémon Company and Niantic are taking in to account cultural and historical factors when developing the game and its Pokémon spawn points truly is deserving of acclaim. I really appreciate how much thought has gone in to the development of the spawn points of these region-specific Pokémon!

That being said, it has been reported that, so long as you are in North America, Tauros is not as rare as you may expect. It has been said to appear just about anywhere, but is more common in hotter, desert-like climates as one may expect.

So, if you haven't caught a Tauros yet I would head over to the Jet2 website and book yourself a flight to Texas! Either that or be prepared to hatch a lot of eggs, as Tauros is also available from 5km eggs!

2. Kangaskhan

The beloved kangaroo-like Pokémon often seen with its little joey-like baby in its pouch. Kangaskhan was quite rare in the original Gameboy games and could only be captured in the Safari Park. And even then it was an absolute nightmare to find and catch!

Kangaskhan can only be found in the wild in Australasia (that's Australia, New Zealand and the little islands nearby). That's right, the kangaroo Pokémon can only be found down-under. I mean, we shouldn't really be surprised, should we? Kangaroo Pokémon only appearing in a place indigenous to real-life kangaroos—Who'd have guessed it!

Kangaskhan Australasia Backstory

While it's quite obvious that Kangaskhan is based on the kangaroo native to Australia, it is actually described as "the Parent Pokemon" in the Pokédex. While this is true, and equally as obvious, I prefer to refer to it as the "Kangaroo Pékemon". What it lacks in powerful legs and ability to jump at incredible speeds and distances, it makes up for in its clearly kangaroo-like aesthetics.

Pokémon Go players around the Australasia region have all reported the ability to encounter Kangaskhan in the wild. So while you may at first think you need a ticket to Australia to find this elusive Pokémon, that's not the case—you can holiday to New Zealand too and still find one of these in the wild.

3. Farfetch'd

Our beloved, leek-wielding Flying-type Pokémon. Farfetch'd appears to be exclusive to one continent: Asia. In particular, there have been reports of high numbers of Farfetch'd in South Korea and Japan. This Pokemon is a Flying/Normal type and as such is noted as being quite common in city centres, parks and University campuses.

If you're lucky enough to be spending a semester abroad in Asia then it sounds like you're more likely than not to encounter a wild Farfetch'd. As with the previously mentioned region-specific Pokémon, this one doesn't appear to be too difficult to catch. And even if you're unfortunate enough to have your first Farfetch'd flee from you, you're very likely to see another within a couple of days in Asia.

Farfetch'd: 'the Wild Duck Pokémon' according to the Pokédex

Farfetch'd: 'the Wild Duck Pokémon' according to the Pokédex

4. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime is in my opinion, the freakiest, creepiest Pokémon of Generation 1 (Kanto). Perhaps it's the fact that he's far too clown-like to be child-friendly, or too human to be a Pokémon, but ever since I was a little kid playing Pokémon Yellow for the first time, I never liked this one.

Nevertheless it's my duty as a keen Pokémon Go player to address this ugly dude. Mr. Mime is region-specific, and is the fourth and final Pokémon on our list today. Mr. Mime can only be found in Europe. I feel I drew the short straw here, I live in England and Mr. Mime is the Pokémon I wanted to capture the very least. I would have traded with any of the above regions for their exclusive Pokémon.

Whichever region you're from, you probably feel rather proud and attached to your region-specific Pokémon (if you have one), but not me. I'd sooner throw Mr. Mime to the Sharpedo's that put him on a pedestal.

Anyway, I digress. I've found Mr. Mime in the wild in public places—usually sports venues such as Cricket grounds and Golf courses. I find this rather odd considering he's a Psychic-type, but hey, I find a Drowzee on every street corner too—whatever Niantic!

As for Mr. Mime's European specificity, we apparently have France to thank. Mr. Mime, as his name suggests, is the "Mime" Pokémon—he's basically a mime artist with weird hair and a freaky clown-like look on his face, and he loves to gesture, apparently. Mime as a street art reportedly originated in France. I'm not sure why Niantic decided to nod to mime, as it's hardly buffalo herding, but they did. So thanks to this age-old street art from France, our region-specific Pokémon is Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime in action in the Pokémon anime series

Mr. Mime in action in the Pokémon anime series

Doing his best to be the worst Kanto Pokémon in existence...

Doing his best to be the worst Kanto Pokémon in existence...


You should also be aware that while this article does joke about jet-setting to faraway lands such as Australia and Asia, you can actually catch the 4 region-specific Pokemon from the comfort of your own country (so long as Pokémon Go has been released/isn't banned there).

All of these 'region-specific' pocket monsters are only region-specific in the wild. This means that while they will only spawn in set regions as listed above, you can still hatch them from eggs if you're lucky. It has been reported by many players that all four of these Pokémon can be hatched from 5KM eggs. However I'm almost certain that I got a Mr. Mime from a 10KM, which feeds my hate for this guy even more.

Choose that Pokemon!

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Tom on March 07, 2017:

The information on Khangaskhan is incorrect. It's only available in Australia and can definitely not be found in New Zealand or anywhere else in Oceania.

New Zealand doesn't have access to any regional Pokemon :(

j on October 28, 2016:

You can only hatch regional pokemon from their natural environment.