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"Pokémon Go" Kyogre Raid Guide

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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Kyogre Raid Guide


With 49671 combat power, Kyogre is a bit of a beast. Kyogre is a bit more attack-oriented than defense-oriented and fills a meaningful slot in a player's roster being a powerful pick for anything needing a strong water counter. You'll likely want at least 4 people to combat this monster, though in theory 3 should work if they're strong. I've personally found 6 to be a much more comfortable number however.

There are plenty of strong picks to use against Kyogre, but the best ones are a bit rare or more difficult to power up.

Lastly, Kyogre does have a shiny variant that is pink and appears roughly one in every 20 raids.

Preparing for a Raid

Seasoned raiders can skip this section, but if you're new to raiding you may want to check out these points.

I'll go over building a team of ideal counters next, but before that you need to prep a handful of things to set yourself up properly. You can skip this if you're a regular raider.

  1. Check your local Pokémon Go group, discord, Facebook, etc. to see who wants to join the raid. Unless you're rocking 6 phones plus 6 high level accounts by yourself and know how to tap with your toes. When you find enough people, set a time and how lenient you can be with how late people are. 'Hard start' refers to starting at the stated time no matter what.
  2. If you can, take gym control over to your color before the start of the raid. This will give you 2 extra balls to use against Kyogre after you complete the raid.
  3. Bring your friends! Bringing high level friends into raids will grant you extra attack damage to Kyogre and extra balls at the end of the raid.

Pokemon Go Friend Perks


Building an Ideal Counter Team

Kyogre is a Water type and is thus weak against Thunder and Grass. The good news is that there are a large amount of decent options of both Thunder and Grass types to use against Kyogre. However, the bad news is that the best options aren't the easiest to level up.

Most Powerful Options:

  • Raikou with Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
  • Electivire with Thunder Shock & Wild Charge
  • Luxray with Spark & Wild Charge
  • Zapdos with Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt
  • Venusaur with Vine Whip & Frenzy Plant
  • Mewtwo with Psycho Cut & Thunderbolt
  • Deoxys with Charge Beam & Thunderbolt

The only easy to access Pokémon on that list is Venusaur and unfortunately in this case he's using an exclusive move from Community Day! However, decent options that are much more accessible are:

  • Jolteon with Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt
  • Victreebel with Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade
  • Shiftry with Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade
  • Meganium with Vine Whip & Frenzy Plant
  • Exeggutor with Bullet Seed & Seed Bomb
  • Magneton with Spark & Discharge
  • Tangela with Vine Whip & Power Whip

Catching Kyogre

As per usual, adhere to the standard best practices for catching raid bosses.

  • Align a colored circle you believe you can easily hit
  • Take your finger away from the screen (readjust if Kygore jumps or moves)
  • Wait until Kyogre attacks
  • Throw during the attack animation such that your ball will hit inside the colored circle when the animation finishes. (Be sure to use a curve throw to add an extra 1.7x catch chance multiplier)

Also, don't forget to use a Golden Razz Berry to lock down an extra 2.5x catch chance multiplier. And if you're really looking to optimize, remember that Kygore is a Water type so make sure to push for a Gold Medal Water type to land an extra 1.3x catch chance multiplier! For extra details on catching, check out my catch guide.

Kyogre is unfortunately a bit annoying to catch. He's a bit further away, a little harder to hit, moves a lot, and moves back and forth as well making him take a lot of patience to catch without risking wasting a lot of balls.

Shiny Kyogre


Evaluating Kyogre

Before opening up the appraisal menu, an IV calculator, or even an on-screen IV evaluating tool you can just look at your Kyogre's catch CP. The catch CP will correlate with the IVs it has.

  • Max catch CP for non-boosted weather is 2351
  • Max catch CP for boosted weather (Rainy) is 2939

For reference, check the chart below on appraisals to get a clearer understanding on what appraisals mean in Pokémon Go or check out my guide.

IV Appraisal Chart


Final Thoughts

Kyogre is a beast and a must have in any serious trainer's lineup. Plus, Kyogre has a chance to be shiny and a Shinyy Kyogre is pink and looks pretty awesome. Unfortunately it's very annoying to catch, so you may find yourself missing a few so be sure to give yourself enough opportunities to land at least one or a few if you're hunting for a high IV version.

If you want to learn more about maximizing your gains from raids, feel free to check out my guide on how to make the most out of raids.

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