"Pokemon Go" Weather Guide

Updated on April 23, 2020
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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.

Pokemon Go Weather Guide

Weather in Pokemon Go

You may have noticed Pokemon spawning with a small added special effect around them as you roam around. This is likely the special weather effect. Pokemon Go takes in local weather data in order to make changes to how it spawns Pokemon. It's largely known to be a fairly imperfect system as it regularly misreports weather such as raining when it's not or partly cloudy without a cloud in the sky. But it does offer a lot of unique value and opportunities not otherwise possible and makes the game feel even more connected to real life. If nothing else, it offers rewards and challenges for Pokemon hunting during specific types of weather.

Weather Effects

The weather now has some very dramatic impacts on the Pokemon that spawn in the wild. However, only a few types of Pokemon are impacted by any given type of weather. Niantic splits up the weather in 7 categories:

  • Clear/Sunny, impacting Fire, Grass, and Ground
  • Partly Cloudy, impacting Normal and Rock
  • Cloudy, impacting Poison, Fighting, and Fairy
  • Windy, impacting Dragon, Flying, and Psychic
  • Rainy, impacting Water, Electric, and Bug
  • Snowy, impacting Ice and Steel
  • Foggy, impacting Ghost and Dark

For the impacted types, a long list of things will actually be altered including:

  • Increased Spawn Rate
    Pokemon of the boosted type for the weather will spawn at a higher rate in that weather. You'll notice them by their special effect on the map.
  • Increased Spawn Level
    Pokemon of the boosted type can spawn at higher levels. Normally Pokemon cannot spawn above level 30, but when weather boosted they can up to level 35.
  • +20% Catch Stardust
    You'll earn extra Stardust when catching weather boosted Pokemon
  • +20% Damage to Boosted Moves
    Moves of the weather boosted type will do an additional 20% damage. Yes, this does include raid boss moves! But also includes your moves against a raid boss, sometimes even opening up doing raids with fewer trainers than otherwise possible.
  • +5 Raid Boss Levels
    Raid bosses that spawn during weather that boosts their type will be at level 25 instead of the regular level 20, making them much more difficult to take down.
  • 5/5/5 Minimum IVs
    Boosted weather Pokemon will have a minimum of 5/5/5 IVs. While not a huge boost, it does make it a great time to hunt for high IV Pokemon because of both the floor and them spawning at higher levels.

I've put together the below chart to help summarize all of the impacts that weather has on Pokemon Go.

Weather Chart

Final Thoughts

Although not particularly amazing, weather does offer a lot of unique opportunities for trainers and if nothing else you will at least just get more for the same activity. It's particularly useful if you're looking to:

  • Hunt for a powerful versions of a certain type of Pokemon. Especially if you want to find a high IV Pokemon to invest in.
  • Take down a raid boss with fewer trainers either because you can't find a group or simply enjoy the challenge. For example, it is even possible to solo a Tyranitar in the right weather!


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