"Pokemon Let's Go" Elite Four Guide

Updated on December 11, 2018
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Sigbog is an avid gamer who's passion for Pokemon was reignited by Pokemon Go and now Pokemon Let's Go in turn.

The Elite Four

Become the Champion and beat the game!
Become the Champion and beat the game!

Battling The Elite Four

After a long journey and a tough hike through Victory Road, the Elite Four is the final boss. Beating the Elite Four grants you the status of Champion and effectively means you've beaten the game. There are other end-game things to do after beating the Elite Four but the main journey is over.

You must face the Elite Four one after the other, without being able to stop in-between! You cannot go back and heal your Pokemon or leave the gyms at all. You can switch up your party and use items though, so it's not too harsh. You can prepare effectively between battles.

1. Lorelai: Ice & Water Pokemon

Lorelei is the first of the Elite Four. She's the badass woman on the Lapras that helped you earlier in the game. This time around that Lapras as well as 4 additional Water or Ice type Pokemon with a couple of Psychic Pokemon in there as well. Her lineup includes:

  • Dewgong [Water / Ice]
  • Cloyster [Water / Ice]
  • Slow Bro [Psychic / Water]
  • Jynx [Psychic / Ice]
  • Lapras [Water / Ice]

Given her lineup includes a ton of Ice types, you won't want to use Grass to counter all those Water types.

I recommend focusing on the following types:

  • Electric for Water - Things such as Zapdos, Jolteon, Raichu, Electabuzz, Magneton
  • Steel, Fighting, or maybe Rock for Ice. Most of the best Rock Pokemon also have Ground, and will thus take more damage from Ice. Fighting will also be countered by Psychic, so this can be tricky.
    Steel: Magneton (Who is also Electric, making it a great option overall if not essential), Alolan Sandslash (also Ice type, taking reduced damage from Ice, another great option overall)
    Rock: Golem, Rhydon, Aerodactyl (All of which could take extra damage from Ice)
    Fighting: Machamp, Poliwrath

Overall, a couple of Magnetons should do the trick!


2. Bruno: Fighting Pokemon

Bruno is your second opponent in the shirts-optional battleground, decked out in manly muscles. His lineup has most of the usual suspects when it comes to Fighting types, and includes:

  • Onix [Rock / Ground]
  • Hitmonchan [Fighting]
  • Machamp [Fighting]
  • Poliwrath [Water / Fighting]
  • Hitmonlee [Fighting]

Bruno is much easier to counter. Bringing Pyschic Pokemon will just devastate as nothing in his line-up is strong against it by default. A grass Pokemon will also counter both Onix and Poliwrath, making that another great option.

Your best options include:

  • Exeggutor [Psychic / Grass]
  • Alakazam [Psychic]
  • Slowbro [Water / Psychic]


3. Agatha: Poison Pokemon

Agatha is an older member of the Elite Four that seems to have lost no aggression with age. Her lineup is:

  • Arbok [Poison]
  • Gengar [Poison / Ghost]
  • Weezing [Poison]
  • Gengar [Poison / Ghost]
  • Golbat [Poison / Flying]

Unlike the earlier 2 which have 1 or 2 oddballs out, Agatha's lineup is 100% Poison, with only 2 other subtypes.

Ground Pokemon will be your best option, but Psychic is another good choice as well even though Gengar Ghost counters it. It certainly helps to have the Dig TM on this round. Your best options are:

  • Golem [Ground / Rock]
  • Rhydon [Ground / Rock]
  • Exeggutor [Grass / Psychic]
  • Alakazam [Psychic] Hopefully you can one shot those Gengars if you plan on using a Psychic type


4. Lance: Dragon Pokemon

The Dragon Trainer, Lance can be a bit intimidating, especially with that Dragonite sitting next to him. His lineup includes:

  • Seadra [Water]
  • Aerodactyl [Rock / Flying]
  • Gyarados [Water / Flying]
  • Charizard [Flying / Fire]
  • Dragonite [Flying / Dragon]

Electric Pokemon are going to be great against Lance given they counter Flying and Water types. Ice also counters Flying and Dragon so that's not too bad either. Your best options are going to include:

  • Pikachu/Raichu [Electric]
  • Jolteon [Electric]
  • Zapdos [Electric / Flying]
  • Lapras [Water / Ice]
  • Articuno [Ice / Flying]
  • Starmie [Psychic / Water] Starmie can learn some electric+ice moves and can actually be a good option.


5. Champion [Spoiler Free]

Surprise! You thought beating the Elite Four meant you were done! There is one remaining person to fight, the current Champion. I won't say who it is, but you'll find out. Their lineup is nothing too tough though.

  • Pidgeot (mega pidgeot) [Flying / Normal]
  • Raichu [Eevee version] / Jolteon [Pikachu Version] [Electric]
  • Vileplume [Grass / Poison]
  • Slowbro [Psychic / Water]
  • Marowak [Ground]
  • Rapidash [Fire]

Given this person has a pretty good amount of type diversity it won't be as easy to just pick the right ones and go. Some good options are:

  • Lapras [Water / Ice] to deal with Vileplume, Pidgeot, Rapidash, and Marowak
    Could also consider a Cloyster or Articuno as well.
  • Venusaur [Grass / Poison]
  • Golem / Rhydon [Rock / Ground] to deal with Pidgeot, Rapidash, Raichu/Jolteon, and Vileplume

This one is definitely tougher than the others, but definitely still beatable. You just need to plan a bit further ahead and keep an eye out for the typing that's coming and build a more diverse team.



After beating the Champion, you become the new official Champion! This officially kicks off the ending sequence where your lineup is recorded and you get to see the credits. Don't worry, there's more to do when you're done!


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