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"Pokémon: Let's Go" Guide to Battling Green

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Sigbog is an avid gamer whose passion for Pokémon was reignited by "Pokémon Go" and now "Pokémon: Let's Go" in turn.

Guide to Battling Greed

Guide to Battling Greed

Who Is Green?

Pokémon: Let's Go features three characters that are throwbacks to some of the original games.

  • Red: The original playable main character and the hero of the manga and anime
  • Blue: 'Gary' the rival of Red
  • Green: She came into play later on in the series as the protagonist in Pokémon Green

Green, known as the "Evolver" is featured in both Pokémon Green and in the manga. Her backstory is that she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh as commanded by the Masked Man and was trained as a Masked Child. She eventually escaped and goes on a quest to take down the Masked Man.

Where to Find Green

Green only becomes available to battle after you've beaten the Elite Four for the first time. She can be found deep in the Cerulean Cave. In order to find her and battle her, you must:

  • First, beat the Elite Four.
  • Second, find and catch Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave. If you haven't yet, feel free to check out my Mewtwo guide.
  • Third, upon leaving the Cerulean Cave after catching Mewtwo, you will have a brief sequence where you find out someone was looking for Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave.
  • Fourth, go back into Cerulean Cave to where you caught Mewtwo, and Green will be in that exact spot waiting for you.

Green is an oddball and tries to throw Poké Balls at you, repeatedly, and will eventually battle you in an effort to make you become her Pokémon.

Battling Green

By this point, you should be fairly strong, so her lineup isn't too threatening. She will battle you with 6 Pokemon though, one of which will go Mega. Her lineup includes:

  • Clefable Lv. 66
  • Kangaskhan Lv. 66
  • Gengar Lv. 66
  • Ninetales Lv. 66
  • Victreebel Lv. 66
  • Blastoise Lv 66 (becomes Mega Blastoise Lv. 68)

She has a decent diversity of typing, so there won't be a one-stop-shop for countering her. However, you do now have a Mewtwo at level 70 minimum, so this fight shouldn't be a problem. You can easily TM various type moves to Mewtwo to handle this battle, and he will already counter Victreebel and Gengar with just Psychic.

If you want to prepare more Pokémon though, I'll call out a few more options:

  • Machamp for Kangaskhan
  • Venusaur or Zapdos for Blastoise
  • Golem or Rhydon for Ninetales
  • Charizard or Moltres for Victreebel

Battling Green Repeatedly

After beating Green, you can find her again in Cerulean City, just near the fountain. This is useful because you can battle her repeatedly once per day. The reward for beating her is 19,040 Pokédollars so she's a good way to repeatedly farm for money. Plus, she's very close to the Pokémon Center where you'll be if you use Sky Dash to Cerulean City. If you don't need so much money that you have to fight the Elite Four over and over again, battling Green once a day is good for keeping your pockets full.

Green in Cerulean City

Very easy to find location to fight her repeatedly!

Very easy to find location to fight her repeatedly!

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