"Pokemon Let's Go" How to Get the Starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle

Updated on August 5, 2020
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Sigbog is an avid gamer whose passion for Pokémon was reignited by "Pokémon Go" and now "Pokémon: Let's Go" in turn.

Pikachu & Eevee Are Great but...

No one would argue that Pikachu and Eevee aren't adorable starter Pokemon, but if you played the games as a kid, it's hard not to wonder about the original 3. So much of a person's identity seemed to wrap into which of the original three were selected that you still see personality quizzes themed around which starter Pokemon you picked.

The three starters are fairly rare to find in Pokemon Let's Go. They aren't nearly as readily available as many others. In fact, if you really want to catch one you have to use a lure and rack up a catch combo in order to increase the chance of one spawning. If you're unfamiliar with catch combos, check out my guide about it.

However, the good news is that you don't have to find one in the wild! You can get each starter as a gift from people you encounter in various towns.

How to Get Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is the first starter you can get as a gift. A very kind woman in Cerulean City will give you a Bulbasaur so long as you've caught at least 30 Pokemon in total. You'll find her in the building to the left of the Poke Center. Simply talk to her and as long as you've caught at least 30 Pokemon Bulbasaur will now be yours!

How to Get Charmander

Another kind NPC will give you a Charmander; however, this one won't be as convenient as going to a city. The Charmander can be found on Route 24, north of Nugget Bridge. You need to have caught at least 50 Pokemon in total in order to get Charmander.

How to Get Squirtle

Squirtle is the last Pokemon you can get gifted as well as the latest starter you can catch in the wild given they're only available on the Seafoam Islands, Route 25, and Route 24. You need to have caught 60 Pokemon in total in order to receive your favorite turtle. Find Officer Jenny in Vermillion City, to the right of the Poke center. Have a quick chat with her, and she'll give you Squirtle and your starter set will be complete!

Starter Pokemon Individual Values

Every trainer's goal is to build the strongest team possible. A big part of that goal is finding Pokemon with powerful individual values. If you don't know what individual values (IVs) are, they are effectively bonus stats that are randomized per individual Pokemon so that two otherwise identical Pokemon could vary in their stats. For a more complete guide on individual values and how to evaluate them, check out my guide to IVs and the Judge ability. To cover just a brief section of that guide, IVs are categorized by:

  • Amazing
  • Great
  • Good
  • Ok

Fortunately, the three starter Pokemon you pick up are guaranteed to have "Amazing" individual values. They don't have 100% stats, but "Amazing" seems to be plenty sufficient. This is great because starter Pokemon are particularly rare and it would be incredibly challenging to find "Amazing" IVs on a starter Pokemon without this guarantee.

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