"Pokemon Let's Go" Master Trainers & Titles Guide

Updated on December 30, 2018
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Sigbog is an avid gamer who's passion for Pokemon was reignited by Pokemon Go and now Pokemon Let's Go in turn.

Master Trainer & Title Guide

Master Trainers

After beating the Elite Four, Master Trainers become available all over the Pokemon Let's Go world. You can recognize them by a bubble icon above their heads showing the Pokemon for which they are the Master Trainer. Master Trainers are the peak trainers of their respective Pokemon. You can fight them for the title of Master Trainer of that specific Pokemon type. However, the fights are 1 on 1, no items, and obviously only that specific Pokemon. The Master Trainer's Pokemon is usually incredibly powerful, sitting around level 65 to 80, loaded up with Candy / AVs, and almost always has a tricky moveset.


When you unlock a title, people in the Pokemon world will refer to you as that title followed by your name (EX: Machop Trainer GARY). Also, people you face in pvp link battles will also see your title.

Beating a Master Trainer will grant you the Master Trainer title for that specific Pokemon, but there are a few more titles:

  • Unlocking ALL Master Trainer titles will grant you the title of "Grand Master"
  • Beating Red will grant you the title of "Battle Master"

They don't otherwise offer any value or utility, but it's a fun end-game mechanic that let's you really show your Pokemon prowess.

Title Screenshot

NPCs will refer to you by title
NPCs will refer to you by title

How to Prepare for a Fight Against a Master Trainer

Master Trainers are quite difficult to beat. Not only do they boast Pokemon between level 65 and 80, those Pokemon are also pumped full of Candy. You will find them to be more powerful than a level 100 Pokemon without Candy!

  • Run a practice round first! That will give you an idea of exactly how strong the Pokemon is, and what special tricks they have in store for you. Typically they will know a move that counters your type. After running or being defeated your Pokemon will be completely healed, including their PP, so there is no harm in fighting them over and over.
  • Stock up on Technical Machines (TMs) to teach your Pokemon new moves. The more TMs you have, the more likely you'll have something your Pokemon can learn that counters its own type.
  • Pump Candy. While it's ideal to avoid it if you can, it can be difficult to win the fight without pumping your Pokemon's AVs a bit.
  • Consider a cheese strategy. This could be something like Toxic + Protect where you poison them and then protect yourself (or some other defensive oriented ability like a heal) until they die from the poison.
  • Consider getting lucky. If you use a move that has a chance to paralyze or some other meaningful effect, you can keep running the fight over and over until you successfully get the effect. This can let you beat opponents that are much tougher than you. Remember, no items, so your opponent is just stuck with the effect.

Changing Your Title

You may not want to call yourself the Diglett Trainer, so it's important to know how to change your title. Unfortunately you can't do it on the fly. You'll have to go to the Game Freak headquarters in Celadon City. It's directly to the left of the Pokecenter you SkyDash to, right after the Poliwrath. It's the multiple story building where you also get the Shiny Charm. There is a woman on the 3rd floor that will change your title for you free of charge.

Swapping Titles

Game Freak HQ Floor 3
Game Freak HQ Floor 3

Where to Find Master Trainers

Find all 153 Master Trainer locations below:

Bulbasaur: Route 4
Ivysaur: Route 14
Venusaur: Exit of Victory Road
Charmander: Celadon Condominiums
Charmeleon: Route 10
Charizard: Route 23
Squirtle: Route 12
Wartortle: Route 20
Blastoise: Seaform Islands Entrance
Caterpie: Route 18
Metapod: Route 11
Butterfree: Route 2 and Viridian Forest Connection
Weedle: Viridian Forest
Kakuna: Route 13
Beedrill: Route 8
Pidgey: Route 2
Pidgeotto: Route 16
Pidgeot: Route 12 and Lavender Town Connection
Rattata: Route 10
Raticate: Cerulean City
Spearow: Pewter City
Fearow: Route 18
Ekans: Route 4
Arbok: Celadon City
Pikachu: Viridian Forest
Raichu: Pokemon Tower
Sandshrew: Route 11
Sandslash: Route 7
Nidoran (F): Route 3
Nidorina: Celadon City and Lavender Town Underground Connection
Nidoqueen: Route 23
Nidoran (M): Route 4
Nidorino: Celadon City and Lavender Town Underground Connection
Nidoking: Route 23
Clefairy: Saffron City
Clefable: Mt Moon
Vulpix: Route 6
Ninetales: Route 9
Jigglypuff: Pewter City
Wigglytuff: Silph Co
Zubat: Rock Tunnel
Golbat: Victory Road
Oddish: Viridian City
Gloom: Pewter City
Vileplume: Route 14
Paras: Mt Moon
Parasect: Route 2
Venonat: Route 24
Venomoth: Route 15
Diglett: Digglet's Cave
Dugtrio: Digglet's Cave
Meowth: Viridian City
Persian: Celadon City
Psyduck: Route 21
Golduck: Route 4
Mankey: Route 5
Primeape: Route 11 and Route 12 Connection
Growlithe: Route 7
Arcanine: Celadon City
Poliwag: Route 12
Poliwhirl: Cerulean City
Poliwrath: Cerulean CIty
Abra: Viridian City
Kadabra: Saffron City
Alakazam: Route 10
Machop: Silph Co
Machoke: Fuchsia City
Machamp: Vermillion City
Bellsprout: Viridian City
Weepinbell: Pokemon Tower
Victreebel: Celadon City
Tentacool: Seaform Islands
Tentacruel: Route 20
Geodude: Rock Tunnel
Graveler: Victory Road
Golem: Pewter CIty
Ponyta: Saffron City
Rapidash: Saffron City
Slowpoke: Route 21
Slowbro: Route 21
Magnemite: Route 5 and Route 6 Underground Connection
Magneton: Route 5 and Route 7 Underground Connection
Farfetch'd: Vermillion City
Doduo: Cerulean City
Dodrio: Route 15
Seel: Seaform Islands
Dewgong: Seaform Islands
Grimer: Celadon City
Muk: Pokemon Mansion
Shellder: Route 19
Cloyster: Seaform Islands
Gastly: Lavender Town
Haunter: Lavender Town
Gengar: Lavender Town
Onix: Celadon City and Lavender Town Underground Connection
Drowzee: Viridian City
Hypno: Pokemon Tower
Krabby: Vermillion City
Kingler: Silph Co
Voltorb: Power Plant
Electrode: Route 17
Exeggcute: Route 24
Exeggutor: Cinnabar Island
Cubone: Saffron City and Route 8 Connection
Marowak: Lavender Town
Hitmonlee: Saffron City
Hitmonchan: Saffron City
Lickitung: Celadon City and Route 17 Connection
Koffing: Route 17
Weezing: Celadon City
Rhyhorn: Route 17
Rhydon: Celadon City
Chansey: Fuchsia City
Tangela: Route 15
Kangaskhan: Fuchsia City
Horsea: Route 19
Seadra: Route 12
Goldeen: Route 12
Seaking: Route 13
Staryu: Fuchsia City
Starmie: Route 25
Mr. Mime: Celadon Condominiums
Scyther: Fuchsia City and Route 15 Connection
Jynx: Route 4
Electabuzz: Route 9
Magmar: Pokemon Mansion
Pinsir: Fuchsia City and Route 18 Connection
Tauros: Fuchsia City
Magikarp: Route 3
Gyarados: Celadon City
Lapras: Pokemon Tower
Ditto: Pokemon Mansion
Eevee: Route 17
Vaporeon: Celadon City
Jolteon: Celadon City
Flareon: Celadon City
Porygon: Celadon City
Omanyte: Mt Moon
Omastar: Cinnabar Island
Kabuto: Mt Moon
Kabutops: Pewter CIty
Aerodactyl: Pewter CIty
Snorlax: Route 16
Articuno: Seaform Islands
Zapdos: Power Plant
Moltres: Victory Road
Dratini: Route 23
Dragonair: Seaform Islands
Dragonite: Cerulean City
Mewtwo: Pokemon Mansion
Mew: Pokemon Mansion
Meltan: Pokemon Mansion
Melmetal: Pokemon Mansion

A Few Exceptions

Not all Master Trainers require you to battle them, several will give you the title simply for having a Pokemon that is strong enough. Strong enough is defined by how much CP they have. Find the list below:

  • Ditto: 4000+ CP
  • Articuno 7500+ CP
  • Zapdos 7500+ CP
  • Moltres 7500+ CP
  • Mewtwo 9000+ CP
  • Mew 8000+ CP
  • Meltan 4000+ CP
  • Melmetal 8000+ CP

All you need to do is go up to the Master Trainer and speak to them with your pumped up Pokemon ready to show off and you'll land the title.

Mewtwo Master Trainer

You don't even have to fight him!
You don't even have to fight him!

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