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"Pokémon Let's Go" Nature Guide

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Sigbog is an avid gamer whose passion for Pokémon was reignited by "Pokémon Go" and now "Pokémon: Let's Go" in turn.

Pokemon Let's Go Nature Guide


What Are Natures?

Natures are an additional attribute that each Pokémon has, somewhat similar to Individual Values. Upon catching a new Pokémon, it will have its own "Nature" which will impact its stats. Each Nature will improve a stat by 10% and decrease another stat by 10%. It is possible for these adjustments to apply to the same stat, making it a neutral nature that effectively does nothing.

Natures can impact five stats: Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. They do not impact health. Nature bonuses stack on top of everything else such as level stats, candy AVs, and IVs. It's another way to push your Pokémon to the absolute max and reach combat capabilities that are otherwise impossible. However, given they do come with a negative, it's prudent to find the right Nature for the right Pokemon that fits its role and strategy for combat.

Possible Natures

There are a lot of combinations of Natures your Pokémon can roll given there is an outcome for each combination of the five stats. Refer below for the entire list:

  • Adamant - ↑Attack, ↓Special Attack
  • Brave - ↑Attack, ↓Speed
  • Lonely - ↑Attack, ↓Defense
  • Naughty - ↑Attack, ↓Special Defense
  • Bold - ↑Defense, ↓Attack
  • Impish - ↑Defense, ↓Special Attack
  • Lax - ↑Defense, ↓Special Defense
  • Relaxed - ↑Defense, ↓Speed
  • Mild - ↑Special Attack, ↓Defense
  • Modest - ↑Special Attack, ↓Attack
  • Quiet - ↑Special Attack, ↓Speed
  • Rash - ↑Special Attack, ↓Special Defense
  • Calm - ↑Special Defense, ↓Attack
  • Careful - ↑Special Defense, ↓Special Attack
  • Gentle - ↑Special Defense, ↓Defense
  • Sassy - ↑Special Defense, ↓Speed
  • Hasty - ↑Speed, ↓Defense
  • Jolly - ↑Speed, ↓Special Attack
  • Timid - ↑Speed, ↓Attack
  • Naive - ↑Speed, ↓Special Defense
  • Bashful - No Impact
  • Docile - No Impact
  • Hardy - No Impact
  • Quirky - No Impact
  • Serious - No Impact

For a chart to help you sift through all of this, check the chart at the bottom of the page.

Strategy for Selecting Natures

The strategy for the most desirable is pretty straightforward. Get a nature that is most beneficial to your Pokémon's key combat strategy and least detrimental to it. For example, a Mewtwo is mostly going to rely on Special Attack and less on Attack. Therefore, you could go for a Mewtwo with a bonus to Sp. Attack and a negative to Attack. You could also take a negative to Defense with the goal of building a Mewtwo that one-shots as many people as possible. That's a fairly common strategy in the endgame where the focus is winning as quickly as possible. Similarly, a Machamp relies heavily on Attack and hardly at all on Sp. Attack, so you could go after an Adamant nature to boost its Attack at the cost of its Sp. Attack. Pokemon that are more defensive oriented, perhaps ones using poison, heal, status effect, or otherwise defensive strategies would benefit more from other options.

Think critically about which Nature makes sense as you hunt for specific Pokémon while racking in catch combos. If you're unsure what catch combos are and why they're important, check out my guide.

Natures do come randomly, so it can take a long time to get just the right Pokémon you're looking for with amazing IVs and the right nature. However, you can guarantee which Nature you're going to get by paying someone in Celadon City.

Guaranteeing Specific Natures

In the Celadon City, there is a Fortune Teller that will let you guarantee a specific type of nature for the rest of the day.

You can find her directly in the Pokécenter, off to the left. You'll pay 10,000 and answer a few questions for her. She'll ask you about the colors of flowers, and the answers you give her will determine the Nature guaranteed on your captured Pokemon for the rest of the day. The colors correspond with stats:

  • Red: Attack
  • Yellow: Defense
  • Blue: Sp. Attack
  • Green: Sp. Defense
  • Pink: Speed

Your first answer will be the positively impacted stat; the second will be the negative one. Refer to the chart below to check the color marks for which colors and order respond to which nature.

Nature Chart With Madam Celadon Colors

When selecting colors from Madam Celadon, remember the first one is the bonus, the second one is the negative. Red: Attack Yellow: Defense Blue: Sp. Attack Green: Sp. Defense Pink: Speed

When selecting colors from Madam Celadon, remember the first one is the bonus, the second one is the negative. Red: Attack Yellow: Defense Blue: Sp. Attack Green: Sp. Defense Pink: Speed

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charles dixion on January 12, 2019:

I love pokemon go ssssoooo mmmmuuuuccch it is my entire life

Poppy from Enoshima, Japan on January 06, 2019:

I used to know someone who bred all his Pokemon to get the right Nature and stats, it was insane. I can't wait until my copy of Let's Go arrives and I'll definitely be coming back to this article when it does! Thank you for sharing.