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"Pokemon Let's Go" Shiny & Catch Combo Guide

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Sigbog is an avid Level 40 "Pokémon GO" player and raider with lots of knowledge and experience to draw from.


What Is a Catch Combo?

In "Pokemon Let's Go" a catch combo is when you catch the same Pokemon multiple times in a row without catching something else in-between.

Maintaining your catch combo will accomplish several goals.

  1. It will increase your XP multiplier
  2. It will increase the odds of that Pokemon spawning
  3. It will increase the odds of rare Pokemon spawning in higher catch combos. It seems to begin around a 10x catch combo.
  4. It will increase the odds of a Shiny Pokemon spawning
  5. It will increase the odds of items dropping while catching a Pokemon
  6. It will increase the IV stats of the Pokemon you catch

Simply put, grinding on a single Pokemon and maximizing your catch combo is an amazing way to make progress. Even on lower level Pokemon, you eventually get tons of XP and Candy. Plus, you could walk away with a shiny or super rare Pokemon.

What Will Break Your Catch Combo

The following WILL break your catch combo:

  • Catching a Pokemon that isn't the exact one you're on a combo with
  • Turning off your Switch (Sleep seems to be ok, but if you have to boot the software up again, your combo will be lost)

What Will NOT Break Your Catch Combo

The following will NOT break your catch combo:

  • Running away from a catch encounter (1. If your combo Pokemon breaks out a few times it's advised to run away from the encounter so that the Pokemon doesn't flee and break your combo. 2. Running away from an encounter will also make the Pokemon disappear so it can be useful to clear unwanted stuff out)
  • Fighting another trainer
  • Healing your Pokemon
  • Generally the combo should stay so long as you don't do something to break it!

How to Do It

At its simplest, you just need to catch the same Pokemon over and over. However, there are a handful of things to consider. First off, be sure to stock up on enough Poke Balls. You're going to want a ton so you don't run out and have to start over, particularly if you're pushing for really high combos.

Secondly, you already know that a Pokemon running away will break your catch combo, so you need to have a really high catch rate. This may mean picking a location with lower level Pokemon, purchasing lots of Ultra or Great Balls, or both. Keep in mind that your catch rate against a Pokemon increases as you've caught more total of that specific type. If you're starting fresh catching combos with a Pokemon you haven't got a lot of, you may need to use Ultra Balls until you earn the catch rate improvements, at which point you could switch to Great or regular to save money.

Third, pick a location that's prime for the Pokemon you want, preferably not too inconvenient and with a high spawn rate. You have to carefully consider the level of the area as to what you will be able to catch easily or not. The higher level the Pokemon, the more experience you will get, but the higher the chance it has to flee. I personally would recommend avoiding areas where you have a red catch rate and stick to green, yellow, or maybe orange. Be careful with your throws! It can be easy to check out and not pay attention after so many. Run away from any encounter where the Pokemon breaks out 2 or so times to minimize the chance they escape from you.

Getting Shiny Pokemon

The base rate of a Shiny spawning in Pokemon Let's Go is incredibly low, clocking in at 1 in 4096 spawns.

  • You can double the odds of a shiny spawning by using a lure.
  • You can also get the Shiny Charm, which is given to you by the Game Director in Celadon City after you complete your Pokedex.
  • But the best way to increase your chances are to climb up in catch combos. Refer to the table below:

Catch Combo Impact on Shiny Rate

Catch ComboDrop Rate


1 in 4096


1 in 1024


1 in 512


1 in 341

Final Thoughts

Getting a shiny is incredibly rare and only for the most hardcore players. But even if that's not a goal for you, catch combos present an incredible opportunity to multiple your rewards and find the best Pokemon around. It's basically a must-do if you need to stop and grind for a bit.