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Updated on May 11, 2017
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Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise
Squirtle, Wartortle, and Blastoise


Mascot of Pokemon Blue, Squirtle's final form Blastoise is arguably the most celebrated Water starter ever (although Greninja certainly gave the turtle a run for its money). Many a trainer selected Squirtle as their first companion when traveling through Kanto.

But with the abundance of Water Pokemon, is Squirtle a good choice? Does its final evolution wield enough power to battle competitively? Today, we'll examine this classic Pokemon family to determine its true potential!


Type and Stats

Type: Water
Base Stat Total: 530

A Water Pokemon, Blastoise has two weaknesses but four resistances, helping it survive many an attack. Plus, its respectable stat total is centered around both Defense and Special Defense; Blastoise can tank fairly effectively.

Its Attack and Special Attack are almost equal, so you can strike with whatever moves you please. Unfortunately, Speed's a bit low, and you'll usually attack second in tournaments.



1. Torrent: Boosts power of Water attacks by 50% when at or below 1/3 health. The classic Water starter ability works well for strengthening Water attacks when damaged.

2. Rain Dish: During the rain weather condition, 1/16 health will be restored each turn. A great ability for a tanking Blastoise, especially when it learns the move Rain Dance.

Move/ Type
Power/ Accuracy
Scald/ Water
80/ 100
30% to Burn
Focus Blast/ Fighting
120/ 70
10% chance to lower foe's Special Defense.
Rest/ Psychic
N/A (affects self)
Heal to full health, remove status conditions, fall asleep for 2 turns.
Some of Blastoise's best attacks.


Like the other Kanto starters, Blastoise learns little beyond Water moves while leveling. To utilize other elements, use TMs and breeding.

Since Blastoise's Attack and Special Attack are basically equal, it has plenty of options offensively. For Water moves, Hydro Pump, Scald, and Hydro Cannon work great. Rain Dance summons rain to power up these techniques and activate Rain Dish.

For other elements, you have Bug-type Signal Beam, Fighting-type Focus Blast, Ice-type Blizzard and Ice Beam, Rock-type Rock Slide, Steel-type Flash Cannon, and more.

If you're utilizing Blastoise as a tank, it can learn Toxic to badly poison foes, Rest to heal itself, Iron Defense to raise, well, Defense, and Protect to guard itself from one strike. Rapid Spin can also dispel the annoying Stealth Rock while dealing minor damage.

Mega Blastoise
Mega Blastoise

Mega Blastoise

Type: Water
Base Stat Total: 630

Ability: Mega Pulse: Boosts power of Aura and Pulse moves by 50%.

Mega Blastoise receives a boost to many stats, most notably Special Attack. It's new ability raises the power of Auras and Pulses, which are indirect, corresponding with the SA increase. Thus, if you plan to use this form, you'll want to have Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, or Aura Sphere ready.

Mega Blastoise has improved defenses and can dish out far more damage than its regular form. It'd be almost perfect if the moderate Attack boost it gets (largely useless thanks to superior Special Attack and Mega Pulse) went to one of its defenses or Speed instead.

Shiny Blastoise
Shiny Blastoise


Overall score: 8.5/10.

Blastoise's versatility give you many options to consider. Use it as a tank to poison and stall foes. Use it as a sturdy attacker (who can heal with Rain Dish) with a wide variety of moves. Mega Evolve it to decimate opponents with pulses; the choice is yours. There are admittedly better Water types in competitive battles, but Blastoise holds it own in any setting.

For more casual players, Squirtle works well in the early parts of Kanto, destroying Brock and getting you through Mt. Moon with little difficulty. You've got plenty of Water creatures to choose from, and this tiny turtle is one of the best.


  • Mega Blastoise has the highest Special Attack of any non-legendary Water Pokemon.
  • Blastoises purposefully gain weight to help them withstand recoil from their water cannons.
  • Believe it or not, Blastoise is shorter than me and likely you, standing at only 5'03''!

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Hopefully you now have a better idea of Blastoise's capabilities. Competitive or not, this Pokemon will always have a place in the hearts of many of us aging Trainers who were around at the release of Red and Blue.

Feel free to share your thoughts about it, and I'll see you when we cover the next Pokemon: Butterfree and Beedrill!

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