Pokemon Review: Clefable and Wigglytuff

Updated on October 2, 2016
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable
Cleffa, Clefairy, and Clefable

History (Clefable)

Clefable has been with Pokemon fans since the original games, but sees little usage because of its rarity and the availability of "better" Normal-types (Snorlax anyone?). However, thanks to the new Fairy-type, more attention is being gathered by this elusive creature. Does Clefable have the power to battle competitively, or will it forever remain as a cute but forgotten relic of the past? Read on to find out!

Dragon (Immune)
This chart uses the updated Fairy type for Clefable.

Type and Stats

Type: Fairy (Previously Normal)
Base Stat Total: 483 (Previously 473)

Clefable's new Type definitely increases its defenses. Fairy Pokemon are resistant to three types, immune to one, and the two types that trump it aren't common offensive types.

The problem is the stats. For a third-stage Pokemon, Clefable's 483 won't allow it to compete with stronger Pokemon. Clefable allocates it stat points fairly evenly, slightly emphasizing Special Attack and Special Defense, but the total is just a bit too low and the distribution too even for anything to stand out.



1. Cute Charm: When stuck by a move that makes contact, 30% to infatuate the attacker.

Infatuation really messes with your opponent, making 50% of moves fail, but keep in mind that it can only work on foes of the opposite gender.

2. Magic Guard: Prevents indirect damage (such as poison and harmful weather).

An interesting ability that defends Clefable from several types of damage. Useful competitively.

3. Unaware: Ignores opponent's stat changes during damage calculation.

Another good ability that will disregard your adversary's stat changes, useful against foes who like to buff themselves.

Clefable has three great abilities to select from; the latter two will help more competitively while Cute Charm works well in the story mode.

Move/ Type
Power/ Accuracy
Moonblast/ Fairy
95/ 100
30% to lower foe's Special Attack.
Cosmic Power/ Psychic
Affects Self
Raises Defense and Special Defense
Stored Power/ Psychic
20/ 100
Increases power by 20 for each buff (to a maximum of 860!)
Some of Clefable's best attacks.


Like most Pokemon who evolve through exposure to a certain stone, Clefable learns almost no attacks by leveling up. Make sure your Clefairy learns all the moves you want before evolving it, then complete your arsenal through TMs.

Clefairy will learn few attacks besides Fairy and Normal moves; thankfully it also develops several potent non-damaging techniques to give it an edge. Moonblast is a good way to take advantage of your high Special Attack, Cosmic Power boosts defenses, and Stored Power becomes absolutely deadly when you accumulate enough buffs. All-in-all, a nice selection of moves to choose from.

Shiny Clefable
Shiny Clefable


Overall Score: 6/10

Clefable's good abilities and attacks help compensate for its lacking stats. However, having to keep it as Clefairy for so long to learn the best moves, and then watching it still lag behind others stat-wise once evolved keeps this Pokemon away from most competitive scenes.

Champion's Quiz: Clefable and Wigglytuff

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Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff
Igglybuff, Jigglypuff, and Wigglytuff

History (Wigglytuff)

Jigglypuff enters the spotlight more than Clefairy thanks to its prominent role in the original anime and its inclusion in Super Smash Brothers. But does it fare any better than its counterpart in battle? We'll examine just how mighty (or puny) Jigglypuff's evolution Wigglytuff can be!

Ghost (Immune)
Dragon (Immune)

Type and Stats

Type: Normal/Fairy
Base Stat Total: 435 (Previously 425)

Interestingly, Jigglypuff kept its Normal type while also gaining Fairy. This gives it immunity to both Ghost and Dragon moves, as well as two other resistances, while only being weak to Poison and Steel. Not bad!

But then we again arrive at a low stat total, this time a pathetic 435! This is especially low for a third-stage Pokemon; however, Wigglytuff does have an incredibly high Hit Point total (140), giving it some usage as a tank. Unfortunately, its Defense and Special Defense are so low that those Hit Points will be depleting fast.



1. Cute Charm: When stuck by a move that makes contact, 30% to infatuate the attacker.

Just like Clefable, Wigglytuff's Cute Charm greatly aids in disrupting foes.. if they're the opposite gender.

2. Competitive: When a stat of Wigglytuff's is lowered, raises Special Attack by two stages.

A great way to punish foes for debuffing you, Competitive makes them think twice before hampering Wigglytuff.

3. Frisk: Identifies the held items of all opposing foes.

Frisk deciphers what items your foes are holding. Useful, but the advantages of the other abilities likely outweigh any advantage you'll gain by knowing what your opponent's Pokemon have.

Move/ Type
Power/ Accuracy
Rest/ Psychic
Affects Self
Heals to full health and removes status conditions, then fall asleep for two turns.
Protect/ Normal
Affects Self
Guards against opponent's move. May fail if used repetitively.
Focus Blast/ Fighting
120/ 70
10% chance to lower foe's Special Defense.
Some of Wigglytuff's best attacks


Just like Clefable, Wigglytuff doesn't learn moves by leveling. Jigglypuff should acquire the attacks you want before evolving, and then utilize TMs to complete your set.

Unfortunately, Jigglypuff doesn't learn many types of attacks, and the ones it does use aren't the strongest. Still, you can use your high HP to get a Toxic/Rest combo going, then stall with Protect or Light Screen. Wigglytuff also has decent Special Attack that can be further boosted through the Competitive ability; under the right circumstances it can hit quite hard with moves like Focus Blast or Psychic.

Overall, not the worst movepool, but not the best either.

Shiny Wigglytuff
Shiny Wigglytuff


Overall Score: 5/10

Wigglytuff has a nice variety of abilities and a breathtaking amount of Hit Points. Unfortunately, its pathetic defenses won't allow those Hit Points to last long, low Speed prevents it from hitting first, and mediocre Special Attack allows for only moderate damage (unless Competitive triggers).

Wigglytuff seems torn between wanting to be a tank and seeking to excel as a Special Attacker; unfortunately, it falls somewhere in between, and there are better options for both to choose from.

Which classic Pokemon do you prefer?

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Hopefully you've learned the strengths and weaknesses of these two original Pokemon. I'm excited to see what powerful Fairy-types emerge in the future; for now, feel free to vote for your favorite of today's choices. I'll see you at our next Pokemon Review!


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    • CYong74 profile image


      3 years ago from Singapore

      I just caught Clefairy last night on GO. :)


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