Pokemon Review: Pidgeot and Raticate

Updated on August 24, 2016
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In between Pokémon journeys, Jeremy enjoys working as a pharmaceutical chemist and campus manager.

Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot
Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot | Source

History (Pidgeot)

Fans of the anime's first season may remember Ash's Pidgeotto, which eventually evolved into the mighty Pidgeot. And anyone who has played through Kanto encountered many Pidgeys in the beginning areas of the game; many Trainers caught one and leveled it up to its final form.

So, is Pidgeot worth the effort, or was Ash right to ditch his feathered friend? We'll take a look at Pidgeot's abilities and potential, then do the same with fellow Kanto Pokemon Raticate!

Ground (Immune)
Ghost (Immune)

Type and Stats

Type: Normal/Flying
Base Stat Total: 469 (Raised to 479 in Gen 6)

There may be plenty of Normal/Flying Pokemon, but it's a pretty solid type. It only has three weakness, while having two resistances and two immunities. Not bad at all.

Stat-wise, Pidgeot is incredibly balanced, with Speed being the focus, and a slightly higher Attack than Special Attack. This grants it versatility, but prevents it from excelling in any area.



1. Keen Eye: Accuracy cannot be lowered. In Gen 6, also ignore changes to opponent's evasion.

A decent, though situational, ability that helps Pidgeot's attacks connect.

2. Tangled Feet: Moves used against Pidgeot have halved accuracy if Pidgeot is confused.

Another interesting ability. Being confused can be really annoying, and you normally want to avoid it, but you get a huge dodge chance with it if you have this ability.

3. Big Pecks: Defense and Special Defense cannot be lowered by opponent.

Pidgeot's third ability usually serves it best, since Defense-lowering attacks are pretty common.

Move/ Type
Power/ Accuracy
Hurricane/ Flying
110/ 70
30% chance to confuse foe.
Mirror Move/ Normal
?/ ?
Copies last attack opponent used.
Aerial Ace/ Flying
60/ -
Always hits (except special circumstances, like Protect)
Some of Pidgeot's best attacks.


As much as nostalgia biases me to Pidgeot's favor, I have to admit: it learns very few good attacks. Through leveling, you'll eventually get Hurricane and Mirror Move (though not til past Level 50), and Aerial Ace can be learned by TM. Beyond that, Pidgeot has a surprisingly low set of attacks, and has trouble developing a varied moveset to counter any type combination.

It'll get good Flying and Normal attacks, but when faced with something that resists those types (like a Steel type), there's surprisingly little Pidgeot can do. It'd really benefit from a good Fighting attack, like fellow Flying Pokemon Staraptor's Close Combat, but alas, there are none to be found.

Mega Pidgeot
Mega Pidgeot

Mega Pidgeot

Type: Normal/Flying
Base Stat Total: 579

Ability: No Guard: Both your and your opponent's attacks cannot miss.

Interestingly, though normal Pidgeot slightly favors Attack, Mega Pidgeot sees a huge increase in Special Attack. Speed and Defenses also increase a bit.

To be honest, I'm not a fan of this form. The Special Attack increase limits Pidgeot's offensive options even further- you either use one of the few Special Attacks Pidgeot learns (like Hurricane), or you have to use a much weaker physical attack. Plus, new ability No Guard ensures all attacks hit - including your opponent's. Except for Hurricane, Pidgeot's moves rarely miss the opponent, making No Guard a hindrance more than a help. Use your Mega slot on something more worthwhile.

Shiny Pidgeot
Shiny Pidgeot


Overall Score: 3/10.

Pidgeot has decent stats, but unfortunately doesn't excel anywhere. Combine that with a dreadful moveset and lackluster Mega form, and this birdbrain finds itself quickly outclassed.

Even worse, Shiny Pidgeot barely looks different from the original. Game Freak, you can be more creative than that.

Champion's Quiz: Pidgeot and Raticate

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Rattata and Raticate
Rattata and Raticate

History (Raticate)

Often belittled as a weak beginner's Pokemon, Rattata and evolution Raticate rarely maintain a spot in a Kanto Trainer's roster. Heck, even your rival ditched his after your battle on the S.S. Anne. But is it really as bad as people think, or does this rat have a few surprises in store? Read on to find out!

Ghost (Immune)

Type and Stats

Type: Normal
Base Stat Total: 413

As a simple Normal type, Raticate has one weakness and one immunity. Still, be careful when battling competitively, as Fighting is a common attack type.

413 isn't the best stat total, but it's higher than you might think, even surpassing some third stage Pokemon, like Butterfree and Beedrill. Raticate prioritizes Speed and Attack, it hits fast and hits hard. I really wish it had a third evolution - then it'd be an incredible glass cannon.

Rattata and Raticate
Rattata and Raticate


1. Run Away: Allows Raticate to escape any wild Pokemon.

Useless in competitive and Trainer battles, select one of the other abilities.

2. Guts: Boosts Attack by 50% when inflicted with a status condition.

Guts makes your opponents think twice before hampering Raticate. If they choose to do so, its physical attacks (which you should already be using) receive a great boost. Also, Guts prevents the Burn condition from lowering your attack, making this a great ability.

3. Hustle: Boosts physical attacks by 50% but lowers accuracy by 20%.:

If you want the Attack increase without having to wait for a condition, choose Hustle as your ability; it really strengthens Raticate. Just be aware you're gambling; its moves will miss more often.

Move/ Type
Power/ Accuracy
Super Fang/ Normal
?/ 90
Deals damage equal to half of target's current Hit Points.
Thief/ Dark
60/ 100
Steal the held item of target.
Wild Charge/ Electric
90/ 100
Receive 1/4 recoil damage.
Some of Raticate's best attacks.


Raticate learns only Normal and Dark moves by leveling. TMs give you access to another world of attacks, including elements such as Grass, Ice, Electric, Ground, and Ghost. Just be aware that you want to utilize Raticate's Attack rather than its low Special Attack, so I'd ignore special moves like Shadow Ball if I were you.

Overall, I'm surprised by the versatility available to Raticate. Almost makes me feel bad that I never used him on my team..

Shiny Raticate
Shiny Raticate


Overall Score: 4/10.

Raticate has some cool abilities and a surprising amount of varied techniques to learn. If only its stats were a little higher (and he had a cooler shiny version - ergh!), this vermin would fit in almost any team. As is, he's still a prime contender for lower tier tournaments, and shouldn't be overlooked.

Personally, I'm still hoping for that third evolution. Raticate could become RatiHannah or RatiStacy or something. Yea, sounds about right.

Be honest, am I too harsh on these shinies, or are they as disappointing to you as they are to me?

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Your Thoughts

Hopefully you've learned the capabilities of these two Normal types. Feel free to agree with me, er, I mean share your thoughts in the poll to the right, and I'll see you at the next review: Raichu and Arbok!


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    • CYong74 profile image


      3 years ago from Singapore

      Haiz. I just came back from a walk where I captured, 12 Pidgeys.


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