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Top 10 Largest Pokémon

Updated on January 19, 2017
Mega Charizard X and Y
Mega Charizard X and Y

Pokemon and Mega Evolutions

Who doesn't love collecting and battling Pokémon? These mystical creatures range from cute to creepy to fierce. Until recently, each Pokemon tree could have a maximum of three evolutions (with the exceptions of branching-evolutions, like Eevee).

Now, a new temporary form, a "Mega" evolution, has been unlocked for several of our favorite creatures. These mega forms affect the Pokemon's elemental type, their battle statistics, and definitely their height. Today, we'll explore the ten tallest monsters, including new Mega forms! Which one do you think is the biggest? Keep reading to find out!

Mega Gyarados
Mega Gyarados

10. Gyarados/ Mega Gyarados

Size (both): 21 feet, 4 inches / 6.5 meters
Type: Water/Flying, Water/Dark

Gyarados thrashes into tenth place. When it mega evolves, it discards its Flying element for the Dark type, gains a lot of power, and doesn't change in height; both are a little over 21 feet tall. You don't want to mess with these big guys; according to the PokeDex (an encyclopedia of all the creatures), Gyarados rampages often, and can destroy entire cities with its wrath.

And for some reason, the adults of the Pokemon world think it's safe to put these guys in the hands of new, 10-year old Trainers. Seems legit.

Hoopa Unbound
Hoopa Unbound

9. Hoopa Unbound

Size: 21 feet, 4 inches / 6.5 meters
Type: Psychic/Dark

Hoopa is one of the newer monsters in the series. In its base form, it's a Psychic/Ghost type that stands less than 2 feet tall. But if a Trainer obtains the Prison Bottle item, they can have their Hoopa turn into an alternate form for three days. T

his new transformation, Hoopa Unbound, trades the Ghost type for Dark, increases heavily in strength, and grows in height by about twelve times. Pretty impressive change, isn't it? Still, be wary around this ominous creature. The Pokedex tells us Hoopa may "send anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space."

Giratina (Origin form)
Giratina (Origin form)

8. Giratina

Size: 22 feet, 8 inches / 6.9 meters
Type: Ghost/Dragon

The mascot of Pokemon Platinum, Giratina, soars into eighth place. This legendary and mysterious Pokémon has two forms: Altered and Origin. The Origin form, pictured here, is a bit taller and more serpent-like.

I'd keep well away from this monster; it is said to have been banished from Earth for violent behavior. Now, it silently watches events from an alternate and distorted dimension. Giratina is definitely a large and eerie Pokémon, but we still have many more behemoths to explore!


7. Rayquaza

Size: 23 feet / 7 meters
Type: Dragon/Flying

Seventh place goes to the mascot of Pokémon Emerald, Rayquaza. Despite the fearsome appearance of this legendary monster, you don't have much to fear from it. It mostly keeps to itself, living in the sky, and descends to stop conflicts between the powerful Groudon and Kyogre.

Thus, it supposedly exists to help mankind.. but just to be safe, I wouldn't want to get in this giant dragon's way.


6. Onix

Size: 28 feet, 10 inches / 8.8 meters
Type: Rock/Ground

Early Pokémon fans have to remember this guy. Onix was the tallest original Pokémon, and anime protagonist Brock used one.

Onix towers over most others, measuring almost six feet taller than Rayquaza. He's noted for being able to travel over fifty miles per hour - while underground! However, as impressive as Onix is, he can turn into something even larger..


5. Steelix

Size: 30 feet, 2 inches / 9.2 meters
Type: Steel/Ground

Onix gained an evolution in Generation 2, where he could turn into the powerful Steelix. Shedding his Rock type for Steel, Steelix gains power and loses several elemental weaknesses.

The PokeDex tells us Onix changes into Steelix when it lives past the age of 100, and its rocks are tempered into diamonds. I could have sworn you just needed to trade one holding a Metal Coat.. ah, I must be crazy.

Primal Kyogre
Primal Kyogre

4. Primal Kyogre

Size: 32 feet, 1 inch / 9.8 meters
Type: Water

In the update to Pokemon Sapphire, Alpha Sapphire, the legendary Kyogre gained a new form: Primal Kyogre. This new mode allows for increased power and a larger design.

Primal Kyogre is the heaviest and strongest Water Pokémon yet, and its own Pokémon ability boosts the power of its Water attacks, while automatically negating Fire techniques. Be sure to stay on the good side of this mighty behemoth.

Mega Steelix
Mega Steelix

3. Mega Steelix

Size: 34 feet, 5 inches / 10.5 meters
Type: Steel/Ground

When Steelix unleashes its Mega form, it doesn't gain a new element, but becomes even more powerful. Its physical defense stat is amazingly high, and the creature gains some mysterious markings across its body.

If you prefer gold over silver, catch a rare "shiny" Steelix to train a brighter version of this titan.

Mega Rayquaza
Mega Rayquaza

2. Mega Rayquaza

Size: 35 feet, 5 inches / 10.8 meters
Type: Dragon

As Rayquaza feeds on meteorites in our atmosphere, it slowly stores power, allowing it to eventually turn into the formidable Mega Rayquaza. This Pokemon discards its Flying type, becoming a pure Dragon, and ravages foes with high offensive power and speed (its defenses are a bit lower though).

Still, you know this monster is strong - in the anime, it defeated Mega Charizard X and Mega Metagross at the same time! As large and powerful as Mega Rayquaza is, one Pokémon is even taller. Would you believe it's not a Mega Pokemon?

Wailord (right) and prior evolution Wailmer (left)
Wailord (right) and prior evolution Wailmer (left)

1. Wailord

Size: 47 feet, 7 inches / 14.5 meters
Type: Water

Okay, whose been posting pictures of my ex-girlfriend?

Kidding aside, I mentioned earlier that Primal Kyogre is the heaviest Water type. That's certainly true, but it's not the biggest; that title goes to the whale-like Wailord. This creatures dwarfs all others, being a good 12 feet longer than even Mega Rayquaza. But for such a massive Pokémon, its weight seems oddly low: Wailord weighs less than 900 pounds. All that swimming keeps him trim, I suppose.

Compare that to real-life blue whales, who can weigh up to 200 tons, many times heavier than a Wailord. This is likely because Wailord's body is partially composed of air; it is afterall the "float whale" Pokémon. But despite its low weight, none can deny Wailord's awesome size. Hopefully, it'll receive a mega evolution someday - one that trumps even its current magnitude.

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Hopefully you've enjoyed reviewing some colossal creatures; I'm excited to see the behemoths Pokemon's future will produce.

For now, let me know which of today's gargantuans you prefer, and I'll see you at our next countdown!

Ignore the spelling error of Gyarados in the poll. I was a young, simple lad, naive to the many vowels of the ol' sea monster's name. Admit it, you didn't notice it either. Well maybe you did, but let's pretend to spare my feelings.


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    • Demietrius locherie 12 months ago

      cool! my fav is wailord cuz the biggest and 2. it really friendly and nice! oh yeah and btw nice web :)

    • Cameron Woods 9 months ago

      if you watched hoopa unbound you would see hoopa is bigger than primal kyogre and is probably the biggest pokemon ever and also wheres lugia in this page he is just as big as hoopa and is very powerfull and took hoopa head on in a fight despite hoopa having the advantage plus he is my favourite pokemon ever

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 9 months ago from Louisiana

      Cameron, if you're going by anime standards, that's a whole different ballgame. For example, in the show, Charizards tower over humans, each easily standing 7 feet or more, but in the games, they're less than six feet tall.

      This list was made using the official Pokedex entries.

    • Cheese 6 months ago

      I really thought that a pokemon like pelkia or from that kind of list would make it to top 10

    • Simon Poole 5 months ago

      What about Dragonite?

    • Wailordattack 4 months ago

      wailord is my love!!!!!

    • Annoying "Actually it's this" guy 2 months ago

      Technically P and h POKé are the largest at 80"3

    • Cohen Rice 2 months ago

      Technically this is false. The Biggest Pokémon is Alohan Exegutor being as big as 912 2

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 months ago from Louisiana

      Thanks for the tip, Cohen. You're right, but this was made before Alolan Pokemon. That's the thing with Pokemon lists, they're constantly changing!

    • daquan 4 weeks ago

      lmao here comes celesteela

    • CactusKing 2 weeks ago

      imagine a mega wailord!

    • yo boi 4 days ago

      you forget pidgey

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