Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Ultra Beasts Location Guide

Updated on January 16, 2018
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Pokemon USUM: All Ultra Beast Locations
Pokemon USUM: All Ultra Beast Locations | Source

The "Gotta Catch 'Em All" dream is what all Pokémon trainers have in common. With the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it is clear that the dream to catch them all still persists.

Part of "catching 'em all" includes catching the newly discovered Ultra Beasts. This comprehensive guide was made for that purpose.

This guide lists all the locations of the Ultra Beasts in the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions of the game. There's a lot of work to do, so get moving and push your luck as you try to catch them all. Good luck!

All Ultra Beast Locations

Most of the Ultra Beasts can be encountered in the various worlds connected by the white wormholes in the Ultra Space. As for the rest, they can be obtained easily during the main story and epilogue of the game.

Nihilego (UB-01 Symbiont)

Type: Rock/Poison

Description: A Parasite Pokémon that hails from another world. No one knows if it is a sentient being or not. The only thing that is certain is that it appears to be a parasite that merges with other creatures, feeds on their life force, and makes them violent in the process.

Special Note: Nihilego can be found in the Ultra Deep Sea, a white wormhole cavern world submerged in darkness.

Buzzwole (UB-02 Absorption)

Type: Bug/Fighting

Description: A Swollen Pokémon that suddenly appeared from another world. What’s peculiar about it is that it always seems to like projecting its own body for everyone to see. It is not clear whether its body-showcasing act is meant for intimidation or just for boasting. However, its well-built body certainly is abnormally strong and very powerful.

Special Note: Buzzwole can be found in the Ultra Jungle, a white wormhole tropical world abundant with volcanoes and muscular trees.

Type: Bug/Fighting

Description: A Lissome Pokémon that is an alien from another world. Its body is known to be very thin and supple despite possessing so much power. Its movements are very graceful, speedy, and accurate. It is said that it dislikes touching anything that is unclean.

Special Note: Pheromosa can be found in the Ultra Desert, a white wormhole crystalline world filled with rocks and gemstones. You will have to use your Mudsdale and Machamp Ride Pokemon in order to traverse through the rocky impasses and push the heavy boulders before you reach Pheromosa.

Xurkitree (UB-03 Lightning)

Type: Electric

Description: A Glowing Pokémon that has its roots from another world. Its body possesses a tremendous amount of electrical energy. Studies show that this creature is capable of discharging millions of volts of electricity all at the same time. Once it runs out of energy, it takes root on the ground like a tree and starts to charge up for its next awakening.

Special Note: Xurkitree can be found in the Ultra Plant, a white wormhole thunderstorm-stricken world rained upon by an infinite amount of lightning bolts.

Celesteela (UB-04 Blaster)

Type: Steel/Flying

Description: A Launch Pokémon that is a denizen from another world. It is a highly dangerous creature that soars across the sky at an unimaginable speed. Many have seen it expel gas from its arms and leave forests burning until nothing is left. Its source of energy are its gigantic metal arms.

Special Note: Celesteela can be found in the Ultra Crater, a white wormhole eerie world permeated by a large number of gigantic craters.

Kartana (UB-04 Blade)

Type: Grass/Steel

Description: A Drawn Sword Pokémon that is a common organism in another world. Its body may be as thin as paper, but it is also as sharp as a well-made sword. It is said that it once sliced a gigantic steel tower into two with only one slash.

Special Note: Kartana can be found in the Ultra Forest, a white wormhole forest world dominated by ascetic warriors. You will have to battle with some ascetic warriors before you reach Kartana.

Guzzlord (UB-05 Glutton)

Type: Dark/Dragon

Description: A Junkivore Pokémon that is said to be a very dangerous creature from another world. It is one of the most gluttonous beings that was ever discovered. Its appetite knows no bounds. It can easily gobble up mountains and buildings as they were nothing.

Special Note: Guzzlord can be found in the Ultra Ruin, a white wormhole barren world left at the mercy of destruction and ruination.

Poipole (UB Adhesive)

Type: Poison

Description: A Poison Pin Pokémon that has its origin in another world. In its own world, it is a very popular creature that is usually taken as a first partner by many people. Its most favored attack is spraying poison from the deadly needles on its head. This Ultra Beast is known to evolve into a Naganadel.

Special Note: Poipole can be obtained from the Ultra Reckon Squad at the Ultra Megalopolis after you beat Ultra Necrozma in a decisive battle.

Naganadel (UB Stinger)

Type: Poison/Dragon

Description: A Poison Pin Pokémon that is known to be a very powerful being from another world. Its body serves as a reservoir for highly adhesive poison. In order to attack, it emits its own poison from its sharp needles and shower opponents until they are unable to fight. This Ultra Beast is known to be an evolutionary form of Poipole.

Special Note: Naganadel can be obtained by evolving Poipole. Note that in order to evolve Poipole into Naganadel, it needs to learn the move “Dragon Pulse” and trained until it levels up thereafter. One way to teach it the move “Dragon Pulse” is by making the Move Reminder in the Pokemon Center on Mount Lanakila remind it of the move.

Stakataka (UB Assembly)

Type: Rock/Steel

Description: A Rampart Pokémon that is said to be a creature from another world. Its body is composed of many square stone lifeforms that have been stacked together into one being. Each and every one of the lifeforms that are part of it has an eerie, blue, circular eyes that turn red when Stakataka is in an enraged state.

Special Note: Stakataka can only be caught in Ultra Moon. It can be found at the Poni Grove on Poni Island after you become the Champion of Alola.

Blacephalon (UB Burst)

Type: Fire/Ghost

Description: A Fireworks Pokémon that is an invader from another world. It is a creature that cannot be trusted at all costs. Once it makes its way towards people and Pokemon, it suddenly triggers the explosion of its own head without warning causing a dangerous ,fiery explosion.

Special Note: Stakataka can only be caught in Ultra Sun. It can be found at the Poni Grove on Poni Island after you become the Champion of Alola.

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    • Cheeky Kid profile imageAUTHOR

      Cheeky Kid 

      21 months ago from Milky Way

      @poop Nope. They're only present in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

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      21 months ago

      can you find ultra beasts in normal Pokémon sun and moon?


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