Pokemon X and Y: Postgame Walkthrough

Updated on October 17, 2016
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Pokemon X & Y Postgame Walkthrough
Pokemon X & Y Postgame Walkthrough | Source

30 Things To Do After Beating Pokemon X and Y

A big CONGRATULATIONS to you, champion of Kalos! After the grueling training and ardent catching of wild Pokemon, messing up the plans of the villainous Team Flare, saving the world from total destruction, and beating the Elite Four and Champion Diantha—what to do post-game besides celebrating victory?

Well, Pokemon X and Y has much more stuff to offer! They're all, or perhaps most, listed here for you to take as guides. Your journey hasn't ended just yet, it's just beginning! This is a post-game walkthrough, so without further ado, here are the thirty things to do after beating Pokemon X and Y!

Pokémon X
Pokémon X
A new adventure awaits in 3D as Pokémon X offers new Pokémon, new moves, new places, new mechanics, and the newest Mega Evolution innovation! Take a journey through Kalos and explore new sights!

Pokémon X & Y Postgame Guide and Walkthrough

1. Trade with Shauna

After you beat the Elite Four and start the game anew for the first time, your friend Shauna will meet you outside your house. As a congratulatory gift for your success and achievements, she’ll trade with you the unevolved form of the starter Pokémon she got. If you got Fennekin, she’ll give you Chespin. If you got Chespin, she’ll give you Froakie. If you got Froakie, she’ll give you Fennekin. Just trade her anything from your PC Box and you’ll get your second main-starter.

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2. Obtain the National Pokedex

If you go to Lumiose Station on North Boulevard, you’ll find Sina and Dexio. Speak to them and they’ll upgrade your Pokedex and turn it into a National Pokedex. Now you can register even more Pokemon on your Pokedex. It’s the last step in the game for finally being able to register and catch ‘em all!

Note: If you don’t know where Lumiose Station is, just “fly” towards Lumiose City and ride a “taxi” going directly to Lumiose Station.

3. Travel to Kiloude City

Also at Lumiose Station, you’ll find Professor Sycamore waiting for you. Speak to him and he’ll give you a TMV Pass. Go to the orange ticket machine next to the train and use the TMV Pass to board the train and ride to Kiloude City.

Adventure in Kiloude City
Adventure in Kiloude City | Source

4. Get the Vs. Recorder

Just outside of the Kiloude Station in Kiloude City, you’ll find an old guy with white hair. Speak to him and he’ll give you the Vs. Recorder.

The Vs. Recorder is an item that lets you record videos of your battles. When connected to the PSS, you can upload your videos online or search and watch videos of other players around the world.

5. Engage in Battles and Win Prizes at the Battle Maison

Just like the previous games, Pokemon X and Y has its own battle facility—the Battle Maison!

Found at Kiloude City, the Battle Maison is a mansion that lets you do battles with random trainers to try and get to the Battle Maison leader. You can battle with trainers through four different styles: Single, Double, Triple, and Rotation.

Instead of EXP (Experience), you get BP (Battle Points) as a reward. These Battle Points can then be traded for various kinds of Items and TMs at the shops of Battle Maison.

6. Battle with your “Rival” once again and get an Absolite

You can battle with your rival (Calem if you’re a girl, and Sarena if you’re a boy) once again at the northern part of Kiloude City. You can only trigger this event by participating once at the Battle Maison.

After you defeat your rival, he/she will give you an Absolite (the Mega Stone for Absol) and tell you that Professor Sycamore is looking for you.

Let's Battle!
Let's Battle! | Source

7. Upgrade your Mega Ring

After the battle with your rival at Kiloude City, he/she will tell you that Professor Sycamore is at Anistar City and is looking for you. Apparently, it’s about your Mega Ring and the mystery behind Mega Stones and Mega Evolution.

Fly to Anistar City, go to the Sundial, and speak to Professor Sycamore. After telling you all about what he knows about Mega Stones and Mega Evolution, he will ask you to touch the big, crystalline Sundial and…voila! Your Mega Ring has been upgraded! You can now search for Mega Stones scattered all over Kalos, but only during 8:00PM to 9:00PM.

8. Get all the Mega Stones and Mega Evolutions

Now that your Mega Ring is upgraded, you can now search for all the Mega Stones in the game. Some stones are given to you automatically as the game progresses (e.g. Charizardite and Lucarionite), some given by NPCs (e.g. Gengarite and Aerodactylite), and some you have to search yourself (Heracrossite and Houndoominite). The Mega Stones you can obtain by “searching” will appear as sparkles of light on the ground around Kalos during 8:00PM to 9:00PM. You simply won’t find these stones during the other times of the day.

Pokemon X and Y introduces, for the first time ever, the concept of “Mega Stones” and "Mega Evolution.” That is why it’s a big part of the game (especially postgame) to collect all these stones and witness the Mega Evolutions of certain Pokemon.

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9. Get your Pangoro Hat or Sundae Dress

If you’re a boy, you can get a Pangoro Hat. If you’re a girl, you can get a Sundae Dress.

You can get these special fashion items by talking to the orange-haired lady at the northern part of Kiloude City. She’ll ask you first to present yourself in front of her wearing a high-fashion, “colorful” outfit. Once you pull-off her “colorful” outfit request, she’ll give you either a Pangoro Hat or Sundae Dress depending if you’re a boy or a girl.

10. Visit the Friend Safari

Unlike the Safari Zones of previous games, the Friend Safari is but a small patch of land with grass but with a lot more Pokemon depending on the number of friends you have. Each Friend Safari you can visit correlates with one friend of yours. Up to three “set” Pokemon may appear in each Friend Safari, with the stakes and specialties differing depending if a particular friend is currently online or has already beat the Elite Four.

The Friend Safari is one way of collecting all the Pokemon from the current and previous games without the hassles of trading specifically or pushing your luck with Wonder Trade.

11. Hunt Shiny Pokemon with the Poke Radar

Not contented with just catching ‘em all? Now you want to show everyone your collection of shinies? Well, you can do that now with the Poke Radar! You can get this item in-game (after you finish it) with the following steps:

  1. Go to Lumiose City
  2. Visit Professor Sycamore’s Laboratory
  3. Proceed to the 2nd Floor
  4. Talk to the Scientist

The scientist will give you the Poke Radar. Now you can catch some shinies by “chaining” through patches of grass with the radar! Also, the scientist will give you random items by helping him in his research every day with the help of the radar.

Fact: The actual odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon in the wild (without a Poke Radar) is a measly one in four thousand ninety six (1/4096).

12. Hone your skills through Battle Tests at the Battle Institute

The Battle Institute can be found in North Boulevard of Lumiose City. Here, you cone hone your skills through Battle Tests (either Single or Double) by facing against five consecutive increasingly challenging trainers. You don’t just battle here; you get ranked based on your abilities and tactics! After the tests, you get awarded with BP and certain items.

13. Go All-Out at the Battle Chateau

The Battle Chateau is a solitary building that can be found along Route 7. Here, you can dish out all you battling skills against countless of trainers that change every day. Trainers sometimes give you items after you beat them.

The challenge here at this chateau is that you raise your personal rank to the highest title. You start at Baron/Baroness, then Viscount/Viscountess, then Earl/Countess, then Marquis/Marchioness, then Duke/Duchess, and finally Grand Duke/Duchess.

The higher the rank you get, the more the number of trainer challenges you get! The challenges include challenges from the various Gym Leaders and the Elite Four. Additionally, you can send out writs to add to the challenge.

The Battle Chateau
The Battle Chateau | Source

14. Visit the Chamber of Emptiness

As it turns out, the Chamber of Emptiness isn’t empty at all—that is until you empty it out yourself by collecting the items in it!

The Chamber of Emptiness can be found under Route 22. A Spooky Plate can be found within, as well as a Banettite (if you’ve already acquired the Upgraded Mega Ring).

15. Trade with Diantha

The previous Pokemon League Champion is now chilling at Café Soleil at South Lumiose City. Talk to her and she’ll be ready to trade a Ralts for any Pokémon you have. What’s so special about this Ralts is its holding a Mega Stone—a Gardevoirite.

16. Do the Looker Detective Agency Sidequest

This is actually the only sidequest, with a decent mini-storyline, available after you beat the game. The sidequest begins once you walk to Lumiose City and get a call on your Holo Caster from Looker. Looker is at Rouge Plaza and he wants you to assist him in his detective work.

17. Enter Sushi High Roller

One of the requisites of entering the Sushi High Roller, besides being stylish and having had beaten the Elite Four, is doing the Looker Sidequest. Located at Hibernal Avenue of Lumiose City, Sushi High Roller is a classy restaurant (yes, you also need a lot of money just to enter) that offers exquisite food and dining pokebattles, which in turn, gives a luxurious experience and lavish rewards.

18. Collect all the Vivillons

Believe it or not, Vivillons actually come in all colors and styles. Depending on the region you set your Nintendo handheld (2DS or 3DS) in, you would get a region-specific Vivillon with a unique pattern. The only way you could collect all patterns is to do trades with different people in different regions around the world.

The various different patterns of Vivillon
The various different patterns of Vivillon | Source

19. Catch your Legendary Bird

You can catch your very own Legendary Bird, either Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres (depending on the main starter you chose), by encountering it randomly as you walk through patches of grass. Once you encounter a Legendary Bird, it gets registered so that you can track it later on. After several encounters and you still haven’t caught it, it finally settles at the Sea Spirit’s Den at the north end of Azure Bay.

20. Catch Zygarde

Zygarde is a Legendary Pokémon that can found at the darkest bottom level of Terminus Cave. It is said that this Dragon/Ground-type will unleash its secret power once it gets crazed by the wrongdoings of people who try to destroy the ecosystem.

21. Catch Mewtwo

Mewtwo is Legendary Pokémon that can be found at the Unknown Cave at the Pokémon Village adjacent of Snowbelle City. It is said that this Psychic-type was genetically engineered from the cells of Mew. Once caught, Mewtwo can Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X if it is holding a Mewtwonite X and Mega Mewtwo Y if it is holding a Mewtwonite Y.

Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y
Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y | Source

22. Get the Super-Special Magikarp

To get the Super-Special Magikarp named “Carpe Diem”, which is adamant and has at least two perfect IVs, find the Hiker in random hotels and talk to him every day until he trades you his Pokémon. To get it, you must have Gyarados ready to be traded for his Super-Special Magikarp.

23. Get the final O-Power

The final O-Power that Mr. Bonding will give you is—the Hatching Power! To get it, you need to max out your Lumiose Style and find Mr. Bonding at Café Introversion at South Boulevard of Lumiose City. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Hatching Power Lv. 1.

24. Unlock all the Furfrou Haircuts

To unlock all possible Furfrou Haircuts, simply max out your Lumiose Style by talking to everyone, entering all buildings, and participating in all activities in Lumiose City. Once done, your Fufrou will surely be overjoyed at all the haircut and trim choices it can get.

25. Collect all TMs

Technical Machines, or simply TMs, are machines that bestow moves upon Pokémon. Lots of moves can be taught and it’s fascinating to try and see all the moves available in-game. So, instead of just dilly-dallying around, why not try to collect all TMs and watch as every move gets spectacularly displayed right before your eyes. After all, have you ever seen and tried all the existing moves in this game?

26. Race to Level 100

Ever since Pokémon was created, it became a passion for everyone to level up their critters to level 100 after beating the game over and over again. Why? It’s just fun and fulfilling to do so! Ultimately, being the very best is dream of all trainers.

27. Tend to your Berry Farm

If you think there’s no farming in Pokémon X and Y, think again! As a matter of fact, there’s a Berry Field on Route 7 which you could tend and toil on. There are many kinds of berries and uses for them—all you just have to find out yourself! Start at the Berry Field and learn as much berry planting and harvesting skills you can. They say that after finishing the game once, planted berries can now cross-pollinate. This cross-pollination can yield random mutations to adjacent berry trees.

Tending the Berry Farm
Tending the Berry Farm | Source

28. Send out Wonderful Pokemon at Wonder Trade

Make Wonder Trade a wonderful place by sending out decent Pokémon. It can be unusual ones or rare ones. Just try to send out good ones from time to time because as it currently is, Wonder Trade is brimming with junk. Let’s all make it a wonderful place, deserving the name Wonder Trade, by sending out equally wonderful Pokémon.

29. Participate in Competitive Play – Battle Online!

Create your dream team, max out all EVs and IVs, breed the perfect Pokémon, and do competitive battles online! Show everyone who’s the boss and the best when it comes to battles. A little competitive spirit won’t hurt as long as everyone’s having fun!

30. Gotta catch 'em all!

This is the ultimate tagline of Pokémon! What better to do postgame than to catch and collect ‘em all? That would still be--to catch ‘em all! Now fill that Pokédex and show everyone the very best like no one ever was. Gotta catch ‘em al!

Pokémon Y
Pokémon Y
A new adventure awaits in 3D as Pokémon Y offers new Pokémon, new moves, new places, new mechanics, and the newest Mega Evolution innovation! Take a journey through Kalos and explore new sights!


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