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"Pokémon X and Y": Walkthrough: Santalune City Gym


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"Pokémon X and Y" owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

"Pokémon X and Y" owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

It had to happen eventually. Your little Pokémon trainer is almost a full-fledged force on the competitive circuit—he or she just needs to prove themselves by taking on the cream of the crop in trainers via the Santalune City Gym. Will you triumph and take home your first gym badge? Or will the trainers whup your butt? Time to find out.

(Note: If you do have trouble with this gym, I recommend checking out Detourner Way, to the right of the gym. It has some trainers to fight. I'll cover what's in store for you along this route in the next part of the walkthrough.)

  • Head inside the gym.
  • Talk to the guy by the entrance. He'll give you the most important piece of information: everyone here uses Bug-type Pokémon. Each Pokémon Gym in the game has its own type-specialty, and it pays to have something which will counter that type. In this case, Fire- and Flying-type moves will have the easiest time.
  • Slide down the pole by the man.
  • The gym consists of a large web which you'll have to walk along to reach the gym leader. You can only walk on the thickened parts of the web, turning this into a bit of a maze. Start by heading southeast, where you'll run into your first gym trainer. (You can also skip him by going north and along the edge of the web instead.)

Youngster David

Ledyba, level 10

Reward: $240

Though it's at a high level, Ledyba's a pushover. Your starter can handle it, regardless of typing.

  • Follow the web west, then north. You'll soon meet a second trainer. (You can skip him by not entering the center ring of the web.)

Youngster Zachary

Spewpa, level 10

Reward: $240

Tackle, Tackle, Tackle. Couldn't be more straightforward.

  • Carry on north, towards the platform with the gym leader. On the way, you'll be intercepted by another trainer.

Lass Charlotte

Kakuna, level 7

Combee, level 9

Reward: $216

I recommend using a super-effective attack on the Kakuna to kill it in one hit. It can poison your Pokémon, which can be a long-term pain if you don't have any Antidotes. Otherwise? Meh.

  • Your path is clear. Onward, to the gym leader!

Leader Viola

Surskit, level 10

Vivillon, level 12

Reward: $1,920, Bug Badge, TM 83

Ahh, your first big challenge. Viola isn't insanely powerful, but she is pretty tough. Surskit is a straightforward Water-type Pokémon; as long as you don't use a Fire-type you should be fine. Stick with Flying-type attacks or physical strikes that are anything but water.

Vivillon is another matter. Though its Tackle attack barely stings, this creature has two things going for it: durability, paired with a high HP, and the attack Infestation. It can easily wait out your Pokémon while they suffer from the effects of Infestation. It a Pokémon becomes infested, switch it out for something else and then back in. This will get rid of the sapping effect should it stick. Otherwise, bring it down with super-effective attacks.

Note that Viola can, and will, use Potions on her Pokémon. Try to get rid of these before Vivillon shows up.

Defeating Viola will earn you the Bug Badge, allowing you to control Pokémon up to level 30. She'll also hand over the TM for Infestation, a handy move if you've got any Bug-type Pokémon on your team.

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