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Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Seven: Route 5

Updated on August 27, 2016
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

From the big city to the sticks. Yep, you never get to spend too much time in civilization as a Pokemon trainer. The pesky little varmints just don't like living in urban settings... unless, of course, they're already caught. You need 'em wild! Off to Route 5 with you!

Wild Pokemon - Route 5

Flower Colour
Gulpin (horde)
Scraggy (horde)

Route 5

  • Head to the Route 5 gate in Lumoise City. It's in the west end. You'll receive a message once there about a ton of pokemon on the route.
  • A man inside the gate will teach you about O-Bonding. Huh.
  • Small cut scene beyond. Double huh.
  • Hop into the skate park in the north. Check the middle square at the bottom of the main dip for a Paralyze Heal. Approach the left side of the grinding bar that leads over to the item ball and hop onto it while you're skating. You'll slide right over to the Super Potion.
  • Head straight west. You'll run into a pair of trainers beside the stairs.

Twins Faith & Joy

Minun, level 11

Plusle, level 11

Reward: $352

This pint-sized pair is more annoying than anything. Focus your attacks on one and they won't be able to use Helping Hands to support each other. Paralysis is a possibility, but not too much of one.

  • Head south through the grass. Approach Tierno and he'll challenge you to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Tierno

Corphish, level 12

Reward: $1,200

One Corphish? What is it with people only owning a single Corphish? At any rate, this is an easy battle, as he'll primarily attack with Vicegrip. Whittle the poor thing down.

  • Trevs will give you Honey after the battle. You can use Honey to attract hordes of Pokemon while standing in grass or in caves.
  • Continue past to find a trainer jogging around.

Rising Star Hamish

Kadabra, level 13

Reward: $780

Kadabra is a decent threat if it gets to go first, but it's a glass cannon that cannot withstand physical attacks, particularly bug-, ghost-, or dark-type moves. Outspeed it if you can and you shouldn't have much trouble.

  • Slide down the rail to the north to find a Super Potion.
  • Climb the hill nearby, then go all the way south until you see a grinding rail. Check the rock on the left for a Super Potion. Ride the rail down to find a tree that drops Oran Berries. Loop back to the hill again.
  • Go up the stairs at the top. There are two trainers skating around pylons who will battle you.

Roller Skater Winnie

Bunnelby, level 9

Skiddo, level 11

Reward: $352

Bunnelby is old news by now. Skiddo is newish, but it's not at all difficult with fire-, bug-, or flying-type moves.

Roller Skater Florin

Doduo, level 12

Reward: $384

Nothing special here. Beat it down.

  • Skate across the bar up north, drop into the field, and walk to the next bar on the next rise. Ride it south to find TM 01, Hone Claws. Note the yellow item ball as opposed to it being red.
  • Hop off the ledge. There's a trainer to your right to fight, if you wish. You can also find an X Attack at the bottom of the flower field to the south.

Rising Star Tyson

Bidoof, level 12

Oddish, level 13

Reward: $600

Both are slow, and not that problematic, though Oddish can be a pain if it starts to inflict status attacks. Kill it quickly.

  • Down the next flight of stairs is another trainer, pacing around.

Backpacker Heike

Sentret, level 12

Reward: $480

Ooo, a new face - but not a tough one. Straightforward normal-type Pokemon.

  • To the south is a field of flowers, and in it a pacing trainer.

Youngster Keita

Pansage, level 12

Reward: $280

Ohhh, that precious, precious quote. Old school. At any rate, he's a pushover.

Pass through this field, noting the bushes to Cut for later, and you'll discover the way to your next destination: Camphrier Town. Huzzah!

Return Trip

  • Cut through the north tree to find a Sharp Beak. Cut through the south tree to find a trainer.

Youngster Anthony

Carvanha, level 10

Pancham, level 10

Reward: $240

By the time you come back here with Cut capability, this guy is rather pathetic. Oh well, Carvanha's kinda neat.


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    • hi 3 years ago

      I just encountered a horde of scraggy

    • eps 3 years ago

      Scraggy can also be found here as a horde

    • Chris 3 years ago

      Furfrou is encountered here also and has an awesome ability which halves all physical attacks! Good EXP for them too!

    • Chris 3 years ago

      Also there is Minun and Plusle hoards there too!

    • Tyler 3 years ago

      I can confirm that furfrou is here I just found one

    • Jordan 3 years ago

      I ca

    • MattWritesStuff profile image

      Matt Bird 3 years ago from Canada

      Thanks, guys. List has been updated. I think this one is finalized, as I found no difference between night and day rates on this route.

    • Griffon 3 years ago

      Gulpin Hordes can be found in both kinds of grass

    • Aidan 3 years ago

      Tyson's oddish is actually level 10

    • Crow 3 years ago

      You can find Minun and Pusle in both versions but just in hordes, the number of Minuns or Pusles in the hordes change depending of the version.

    • wickid 3 years ago

      I caught plussle an minun on 5, even fought a horde with both, on pokemon x

    • kh 3 years ago

      yes. Minun is not exclusive to Y. It could be found in X in a Pulsle hoards.

    • Hi 3 years ago

      Also, pancham can be found on this route. I just found him in the purple flowers, but he could be elsewhere also.

    • amanda 3 years ago

      where are the locations of these trees when you return to cut? all it says is cut the north tree and cut the south tree.... can't find them!

    • amanda 3 years ago

      nvm ive spotted them!

    • Jaelynn profile image

      Jaelynn 3 years ago

      The second patch of grass--the first one being just across from the skate park--has a Great Ball. There's a short, thin trail on the right side of the grass patch. The Great Ball is at the end of it. The patch is just past the Plusle and Minun fight, but before you run into Trevor and Tierno.

    • Dragon2920 2 years ago

      I just encountered a Scraggy Horde in some tall grass.

    • Dragon2920 2 years ago

      Just encountered a Gulpin Horde in the tall grass as well.

    • 15 months ago

      I found a horde of Gulpin in the tall grass.

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