Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Twenty: Azure Bay

Pokemon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokemon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Another badge collected! You're halfway through the collection, and, consequently, halfway through your Pokémon Gym Challenge. There's still plenty of places to go, though, including a side area you may have skipped previously...

Azure Bay

(Note: Azure Bay is, at this point in the game, entirely optional. You don't need to visit it to progress the game. But, hey, why wouldn't you give it a look? At the very least you'll save time later when it becomes important.)

- Head north of the western exit from Coumarine City, surfing through the water. Don't forget the Water Stone in the inlet to your left along the way.

- Shortly after hanging a left you'll run into a trainer.

Wild Pokemon - Azure Bay

Exeggcute (horde)
Slowpoke (horde)
Wingull (horde)

Wild Pokemon - Azure Bay, Surfing


Wild Pokemon - Azure Bay, Fishing


Swimmer Kieran

Remoraid, level 27

Skrelp, level 27

Wailmer, level 27

Reward: $432

A bit of a pushover. He has fairly weak pokemon.

- Continue onward and you'll see this girl spinning in place.

Swimmer Romy

Slowpoke, level 30

Reward: $480

Well, Slowpoke are durable...

- Onward, to the north. Straight ahead when the camera angle changes is a small island. An old man here will give you Ampharosite, and the fisherman will challenge you. There's also a photo spot on this island, and if you stand beside it you'll be challenged to a Sky Trainer battle.

Fisherman Ewan

Clauncher, level 28

Carvanha, level 29

Reward: $1,624

Simple. Unevolved pokemon can't take you on for long.

Sky Trainer Indra

Sigilyph, level 31

Reward: $3,100

Sigilyph is mean. It likes to paralyze your pokemon and then use Charge Beam to take advantage of the flying-type weakness to electric attacks. Try your best to kill it in one hit, or at least debilitate it.

-Surf to the east edge of the area, until you hit dark water. Surf straight north to find an island here you can find a Star Piece in a rock. Just southwest of here you'll find a larger island with grass full of wild pokemon, as well as a Big Pearl.

- Surf to the west end of the area and start making your way down. Along the edge is an island with a Dive Ball. Edge to the right a tad and you'll be challenged to a Sky Trainer battle.

Sky Trainer Elata

Fletchinder, level 28

Pelipper, level 29

Reward: $2,900

Fletchinder is more dangerous than it seems thanks to Acrobatics, though it's still very frail. Pelipper is decidedly more durable, but it can't hit as hard.

- Carry on south across the sandbar. You'll see a sign after some walking. There's a Heart Scale in the rock to the left of the breakable boulder. Come back later and you can find this Heart Scale again.

- Sweep back to the small island in the south where you received the Ampharosite. On the way you'll encounter a swimming trainer.

Swimmer Isla

Corsola, level 28

Lanturn, level 28

Reward: $448

Corsola is defensively potent but not that dangerous. Lanturn can be quite dangerous if you rely on electricity to kill water-types; use a ground- or grass-type alternative instead.

- Make your way to the south-western corner of the area. You can make your way onto a large plot of land with a substantial amount of grass. In the grass you'll find a Deep Sea Tooth, a Deep Sea Scale and, in the south, TM 81, X-Scissor. There's also a Hyper Potion hidden in the rock in the grass.

- Enough skimming. Head for the large island in the middle. You can find a Splash Plate at the rear of the island, behind the cave; otherwise, just step inside...

Sea Spirit's Den

- ... and find nothing at all! The cave is currently uninhabited. Come back at another time, though, and you'll almost certainly find something living here.

You're done with this area for now. Head back to Coumarine City. You're headed south, back towards Lumiose City - though a section of the city you've never visited before.

Return Trip

The Sea Spirit's Den is actually the resting place of one of the three legendary birds: Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. One of the three will appear after defeating the Champion and the Elite Four for the first time, depending on the starter you chose. Whichever pokemon appears will not start here, however - you'll have to wander the Routes of Kalos, hoping to get into battle with it. Once you do, it will immediately flee, as well as register in your Pokedex. You can then use the Pokedex to track its location.

Head to the Route indicated on your Pokedex. The bird will probably move, but with some work (not using Fly is a good idea - it's better to just move back and forth between Routes until it moves into your area) you can run it down. Keep doing this and, eventually, the bird will return to the Sea Spirit's Den, where you can fight and capture it. (I keep hearing the number twelve for how many times you have to encounter it, but I need to confirm this. Thanks to everyone in the comments who helped out on this.)

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BlocksNGuns profile image

BlocksNGuns 3 years ago from The Netherlands

Looks like a pretty cool game :o. Last one I played was Pearl, quite a big difference :P

Flaky 3 years ago

Azure bay, in the grassy area: Tauros (uncommon), Miltank (uncommon), Pinsir (Rare/uncommon) & Mareep (horde)

playing Pkmn X

Anya 3 years ago

Azure bay, surfing, Mantyke (rare/uncommon)

Raven 3 years ago

Found lapras while surfing

Rochelle 3 years ago

Also in the Azure Bay grass area, Inkay, Slowpoke (horde), Wingull (horde), Chatot.

TheEmsleyan 3 years ago

There's a hidden area the the far left of the bay with a fairly large patch of grass. It also contains the Deep Sea Tooth, Deep Sea Scale, and TM81.

dmoney 3 years ago

fishing with good rod: clamperl, remoraid, chinchou (so far)

mwalther 3 years ago

found lapras while surfing put under freakishly rare

mwalther 3 years ago

talk to the old man standing next to the fisherman and he will give you a mega stone for ampharos

LycanThrowup 3 years ago

[playing Y version]

I found a Heart Scale in a rock using the Dowsing Machine. It was on the island with the Advanced Trainer Tips.

(I get annoyed with fishing btw, so I didn't spend a lot of time on it)

Old Rod: Luvdisc.

Good Rod: Remoraid.

Super Rod: Octillery.

Surf: Tentacool, Mantyke, (they're worse than zubats. I want that Lapras)

Grassy Island Pokemon [this one isn't the one with the arrow]: Inkay, Slowpoke, and Chatot. (that was all I found.)

Using the dowsing machine on the Grassy island you can also find a Hyper Potion in a rock.

Also I have beat the Elite Four and that cave is still empty.


I even got the pokemon in terminus cave and the stones accompanying it. Still no Pokemon.

(ps Dowsing Machines are amazing)

Oh my god I am so sorry about this comment. It got away from me....

LycanThrowup 3 years ago

also you can find Dwebble or Binacle by smashing rocks on the Sea Spirits Den.

(I am thinking it is probably Kyogre cause of the whole Sea Spirit deal.)

also nothing in the den using my dowsing machine so it is a mystery

LycanThrowup 3 years ago

Okay, me again sorry.

Aaand Just to be Safe


One of the legendary birds start roaming and after you meet it a dozen times it goes to the den. This is after the elite four. I actually looked up what in the name Zapdos was doing and got a two answers.

If you haven't already found that out. I... um I will take my leave now. Sorry to uh hijack your thing. I kiinda wish it was Kyogre though.

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 3 years ago from Canada Author

No, no, no need to apologize. I'm glad to hear anything and everything people have found. I'll start incorporating all of this into the walkthrough once I beat the Elite Four and get into the post-game content in the next few days. Thanks, y'all!

Koganei 3 years ago

If you go all the way to the west from the island with the big pearl and keep going down, you'll reach a grassy area with a Deepsea Tooth, Deepsea Scale, TM 81-X-Scissor, and a hidden Hyper Potion on a rock.

Koganei 3 years ago

Ah, sorry, just saw someone else posted the same thing (hidden among LycanThrowup's helpful posts haha), so my apologies for redundant information :-)

abood 3 years ago

can anyone trade with me amaura v,v?

Rangii 3 years ago

After beating the E4, one of the legendary trio birds will begin to roam around. The legendary bird will be based on the starter you chose.

If you picked:

Chespin = Articuno

Fennekin = Zapdos

Froakie = Moltres

You must encounter them 12 times (maybe less or more); they will automatically flee straight away before you can do anything. After encountering them for 12 times, they will go to the Sea Spirit's Den where you can finally catch them.

zan 2 years ago

you missed the x-scissor where you to go to very west end and south. Once you get to a small opening beside rocks, its located further in amongst the hidden grassfield

KiraV 2 years ago

Just wanted to let you know that, while playing Y, I found a Lapras in the water (I guess is rare as hell?)

MattWritesStuff profile image

MattWritesStuff 2 years ago from Canada Author

Thanks, guys. Azure Bay is next on my list of places to revisit, so I'll pick up the TM and explore the place in its entirety. I love X-Scissor so I'm rather sad I missed it.

Thanks for that, Rangil. I'd read about the birds elsewhere, but no one's given me a concrete number on how many times you have to run into 'em before they go for Sea Spirit's Den. I'm keeping track of my Moltres' appearances and will put up a definite number when it finally retreats here.

Vajharas 2 years ago

The guy at the beginning of route 12 coming from shalour city gives a free lapras

Jacob 2 years ago

I can't beat elite four I've got to lvl up my pokemon.i found a random zapdos in front of power plant

JohnSmith32 2 years ago

Thank You! I used this to easily find the splash plate.

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