"Pokémon X and Y" Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Nine: Route 16

Updated on March 3, 2020
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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Wild Pokémon - Route 16

Flower Colour
Foongus (horde)
Murkrow (horde)
Common to Rare (depending on size)

Wild Pokémon - Route 16, Surfing


Wild Pokémon - Route 16, Fishing

Good, Super
Good, Super

Maybe you like to buck trends. Maybe you like to go out of order. Maybe, just maybe, you like to explore everything. Either way, you've found your way onto Route 16, a nice little path that stretches between Lumiose City and Dendemille Town. It's not necessary for beating the game, but why WOULDN'T you have a look? Seriously, now.

(As you can guess, yes, this route is optional. You can also approach it from two different directions. This guide will approach it from the Dendemille side, as you can't get all the way through it from the Lumiose City side. Note, too, that there are two different divisions of wild Pokémon on this list; those you can only get on the Lumiose City side are in yellow flower patches.)

Route 16 - Melancolie Path

  • Head south from Route 15 and the Dendemill Town entrance. You'll need Strength to push the boulder into place and access the Route.
  • To your left is a set of ruins. Beyond the tall grass inside them are the stairs leading to the southern half of the Lost Hotel. For now, go up the stairs to the ruined second floor and check out the top-left floor tile for a hidden Max Revive.
  • There's a woman standing on a cliff to the south. Approach her and you'll get into a Sky Trainer battle.

Sky Trainer Clara

Emolga, level 38

Swellow, level 40

Reward: $4,000

Emolga remains a terrible nuisance and a great threat if you're using an actual Flying-type for the battle. Try to wipe it out quickly with a Rock-type move, if possible. Swellow can be rough, but it doesn't have much HP and is more straightforward than paralysis-happy Emolga.

  • Head west to a big patch of grass. Go through it to find a Cuttable tree. North is another patch of grass; you'll find a small clearing in the northeast corner where a Rare Candy is waiting.
  • Back to the main path. Wait for a second and a skater will zip by.

Roller Skater Jet

Delcatty, level 37

Swanna, level 39

Reward: $1,248

Delcatty is obnoxious if it gets the chance to use Attract. Otherwise, standard battle.

  • Wait a few more seconds and another trainer will roll by.

Roller Skater Olle

Manetric, level 40

Reward: $1,280

Not that bad. Manetric always runs the risk of paralyzing you, but otherwise . . .

  • Follow the path until it's paved with leaves. Go through the grass on the north side to find a small clearing. You can challenge a Sky Trainer here by standing in front of the sign.

Sky Trainer Gavin

Chimecho, level 37

Vibrava, level 37

Talonflame, 39

Reward: $3,900

A fairly straightforward fight. Strong enough enemies, but frail and lacking in tricks.

Return to the main path. After a curve to the south, you'll find a hidden trainer.

Pokémon Ranger Lee

Crawdaunt, level 39

Sandslash, level 39

Reward: $3,120

Pretty standard guys. Fighting or electric for one, water for the other.

  • Head south. Hiding in the tall grass to your left is another trainer.

Hex Maniac Osanna

Pumpkaboo, level 40

Reward: $1,280

Yeah, you haven't seen enough of them by now . . .

  • East of the Hex Maniac is a Lum Berry tree.
  • To the south is another big grass patch. Go through it to the east to find a Max Potion.
  • Follow the path west. Just beyond the grass patch is a lump of leaves; hidden under it is a Big Mushroom. There's also a hidden trainer in one of two leaf lumps on the corner to the west.

Pokémon Ranger Bjorn

Sliggo, level 41

Reward: $3,280

Strong to special attacks, weak to physical attacks. Engage it accordingly.

  • Down the stairs to the north. There are two trainers waiting.

Mysterious Sisters Achlys & Eos

Alakazam, level 40

Gardevoir, level 40

Reward: $2,560

This pair can be quite painful if you don't get the initiative. Put a fast Pokémon with a strong physical attack up first to outspeed Alakazam and bring it down. Dark-type is, of course, preferred. Gardevoir is much less dangerous on its own.

  • Push the boulder beyond into place with Strength. Past here the path splits; to the north, you'll find water to Surf, but nothing much else just yet. West is a trainer on patrol.

Fairy Tale Girl Alice

Klefki, level 37

Mawile, level 39

Reward: $1,248

Though they're Fairy-types, they're also both Steel-types. Target this weakness instead with either fire or ground for an easier time.

  • Head south, through the next flower field. Push the boulder beyond into place with Strength. Past here is a Fist Plate and, in the rock beside it, a Rare Candy.
  • Back to the path. At the side of the water is a shack. One of the fishermen inside will give you a Super Rod, and the other will give you Dive Balls if you manage to defeat his record of seven consecutive Pokémon catches via a fishing rod.
  • There are three trainers on the docks beside the shack. You can engage or ignore them, as they're too busy fishing to fight you automatically. Beside the guy in the middle, hidden on his left side, is a Repel.

Fisherman Wade

Poliwhirl, level 37

Poliwhirl, level 39

Reward: $2,184

Water-types. Gotta love 'em. Nothing difficult here.

Fisherman Seward

Whiscash, level 40

Reward: $2,240

An expert of stalling, here. Whiscash loves to use Rest, and can Snore while asleep to do damage. A Grass-type move is your best bet to beat the fight in a hurry. Don't bother with status effects other than putting Whiscash asleep. Rest will eliminate 'em all.

Fisherman Finn

Basculin, level 38

Basculin, level 38

Reward: $2,128

Crunch, Crunch. Don't deploy Ghost- or Psychic-types.

  • Check the strip of land beyond the dock to find a Dive Ball.

That's all for this route. Either enjoy the hospitality of Lumiose City or Fly back to Dendemill Town to continue your journey.

Return Trip

  • Come to this route between 8 and 9 PM after upgrading the Mega Ring. Look for the small area on the Dendemille side where two skaters are circling a rock formation. You'll find either Manectricite (X) or Houndoominite (Y).
  • On the Dendemille side is a waterfall you can climb with Waterfall. Follow the watery path east and north to return to Route 15; TM 97, Dark Pulse, is up here.


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  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Also found a Weepinbell here, seems relatively common.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Apparently, you can find a Super Large Pumpkaboo, but its very rare..had over 200 encounters and all i see are small, average and large...

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    Wheres dark pulse?

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    There are also Murkrow on this route, I'm playing X by the by, they also appear in hordes as well, the horde ones were level 18.

  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    6 years ago from Canada

    Cool. Thanks. I'll be heading through here tomorrow, so I'll edit the items in and give you credit.

    As for the level... uh... huh. Yeah. Yay for typos. IIIIIII'll assume it's level 38.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    South of the Hex Maniac Osanna in the leaf pile, there is a hidden Big Mushroom.

    Hidden Repel next to Fisherman Seward (just to his west).

    Also, random sidenote: neither Basculin is level 46 :-P


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