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"Pokémon X and Y" Walkthrough: Poké Ball Factory


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Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

Six badges! You're so close to the Pokémon Championship you can almost taste it. There are other concerns first, though, and one of them is touring Laverre City's Poké Ball Factory. Sounds like a fun, informative time—though only if certain fiery criminals aren't also involved...

Poké Ball Factory

  • After completing the Laverre City Gym and leaving you'll meet Shauna and Trevor. They'll tell you to follow them to the Poké Ball Factory. It's found in the north of the city.
  • Talk to Shauna to start a cut scene. This will gain you access to the Poké Ball Factory.
  • After your neighbour distracts the Team Flare Grunt, head up onto the walkways to find another one. Can't skip 'im.

Team Flare Grunt

Toxicroak, level 37

Reward: $1,480

You'll absolutely destroy this guy if you bring up a Psychic-type move. Otherwise, aim for a flying-type pokémon, as Toxicroak likes to use Mud Bomb.

  • The Grunt will block you. Use the bronze walkways up to the conveyor belt. They'll shuttle you left, to another Grunt.

Team Flare Grunt

Mightyena, level 36

Golbat, level 36

Confusion plays a big part in this battle, though if you can outspeed the enemy's pokémon you won't have a terrible time bringing them down.

Reward: $1,440

  • Follow the side of the conveyor belt to the north. At the end is a Quick Ball.
  • Backtrack to the conveyor belt and take it until you see another Grunt. You don't have to fight her here, but...

Team Flare Grunt

Scraggy, level 36

Mightyena, level 36

Reward: $1,440

Easy enough. Fighting-type moves work well.

  • Go right from the Grunt, between the conveyor belts. The camera will shift and reveal a Metal Coat you can grab.
  • Backtrack. Hop on the conveyor belt, and it will take you east and south. Once off, go north to find a Timer Ball.
  • Climb the stairs up to the walkways above the conveyor belts. In the top-right area, you can fight a Grunt.

Team Flare Grunt

Swalot, level 38

Reward: $1,480

Not that hard. It can be a little irritating if it uses Encore, but otherwise...

  • Run west of the Grunt. You'll find a small room full of scientists. A girl in here will allow you to rest.
  • Go south. You'll find a computer where you can reverse the direction of the conveyor belt. Hop on and debark only when you can see a Grunt to the north. Run up the stairs here to find an office—battle time.

Team Flare Admin

Scraggy, level 37

Houndoom, level 38

Reward: $3,040

Offensive lightweights. They hit hard, but these two can barely take any damage. So long as you don't use anything weak to their elements, particularly fire, you should be fine.

  • Not done yet. Now the scientists are up to bat, and so is your neighbour.

Team Flare Celosia and Team Flare Bryony

Manectric, level 41

Liepard, level 41

Reward: $11,480

What a sad little pair. Your neighbour's Mewostic will probably give you one turn to wipe out the Liepard with Fake Out; take advantage of this by hitting it with a Fighting-type move. Then gang up on the Manectric. Easy.

  • After the fight's over, the factory's owner will offer you one of two prizes: a Master Ball or a Big Nugget. The Big Nugget is worth a lot of money if sold, but, well, frankly, you're crazy if you don't take the Master Ball. It allows you to catch a pokémon without fail, including legendary pokémon. (You get both of them in the end anyway. Silly.)

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