Pokémon X and Y Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Three: Lumiose City Gym

Updated on June 29, 2016
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.
Pokémon X and Y owned and copyrighted by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only.

You've visited Lumiose City in the past, and you may not have even known there was a Pokémon Gym here. Number five is most definitely here, though, and its boss is ready to take you on... assuming you have the smarts to get to him.

Lumiose City Gym

- Hop in the elevator at the base of Prism Tower. It will shuttle you up to the gym, where the gym leader's little sister is waiting. You have to answer her questions by choosing the correctly-numbered door to proceed. You can guess as many times as you want if you'd like to fight all of the trainers. These fights are all rather simple, as you only take on one pokémon at a time - just watch out for paralysis. Use special attacks.

First question: Who's that pokémon?

1.) Schoolboy Arno (wrong)

Pachirisu, level 34

Reward: $1,088

Simple battle.

2.) Schoolboy Sherlock (wrong)

Stunfisk, level 34

Reward: $1,088

Another easy one.

3.) Schoolboy Finnian (right)

Dedenne, level 34

Reward: $1,088


Second question: Who's that pokémon?

1.) Rising Star Estel (right)

Raichu, level 35

Reward: $2,100

Strong but frail. A swift attack with a decent power will take it down.

2.) Rising Star Nelly (wrong)

Magneton, level 35

Reward: $2,100

One of the harder ones. Fire is great, as is whatever pokémon you own which uses Surf. (So long as they go first, of course.)

3.) Rising Star Helen (wrong)

Manectric, level 35

Reward: $2,100

About the same as Raichu, though slower and more durable. Shrug.

Third question: Who's that pokémon?

1.) Ace Trainer Mathis (wrong)

Lanturn, level 36

Reward: $3,600

Slightly annoying thanks to its elemental mixture. A solid grass-type attack works.

2.) Ace Trainer Mathis (wrong)

Electrode, level 36

Reward: $3,600

Stupid Static. Don't let it blow up!

3.) Ace Trainer Rico (right)

Ampharos, level 36

Reward: $3,600

Slow, but quite durable. Ampharos likes to confuse you, and surprisingly, enjoys Power Gem more than electrical moves.

Fourth question: Which one is Vivillon?

1.) Poke Fan Abigail (wrong)

Minun, level 34

Reward: $2,720

Poor little Minun.

2.) Poke Fan Lydie (right)

Plusle, level 34

Reward: $2,720

Poor little Plusle.

3.) Poke Fan Tara (wrong)

Pikachu, level 34

Reward: $2,720

Poor little Pikachu.

Aaaaand that's that for the quiz. Up to the boss!

Leader Clemont

Emolga, level 35

Magneton, level 35

Heliolisk, level 37

Reward: $5,920, TM 24

A bit painful, but not horrible even if you don't have ground-type moves to rely on. Emolga is primarily a pain because it can inflict paralysis with Static, like so many things in this gym. Magneton is more of a pain because of its durability, but also because it can electrify the battlefield and up the power of its moves; fire is the preferred attack, though ground works since it doesn't have Levitate. Heliolisk is a bit of a surprise since it has Grass Knot to wipe out your ground- or rock-types, though it doesn't have much HP.

Beating Clemont will earn you the Voltage Badge, allowing you to control pokémon up to level 70. You'll also receive TM 24, Thunderbolt.

- Immediately after completing the gym you'll get a call from Sycamore. Head to the Lysandre Cafe in Magenta Plaza. After watching the cut scene you'll receive a King's Rock. Woo!

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        Elijah 3 years ago

        My lvl. 48 Delphox's Psyshock easily defeated Emolga.

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        Brie 4 years ago

        When I beat the Gym leader I kid you not I got over 11,000 bucks (er whatever)

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        Silver 4 years ago


        You need to go to the elevators,if it doesn't work then you game is bugged.........

        And thanks

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        Jake 4 years ago

        Your very helpful thanks!

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        bryce 4 years ago

        where do you go if you lossed to the gym leader she wasn't there when I went back to fight clement???? helpp

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        Ruth 4 years ago

        Just noticed that I think the Pokémon you battle in each level is a bit different depending on your version.